Milena Jujubee Croquette

Age 22
Race Psionic Fiendish Human Vampire Siren
Height 5’3” - 160cm
Weigh 112lbs - 50kg
Belief Polytheism
Birth Date 10.28.2997
Sign Scorpio
Occupation Barony Guard Special Forces Soldier1), Treasure Hunter2), SAS Part Time Researcher
Krag Kongress Gr3ml1n
Combat Skills Hand to Hand Combat, Shadow Magic, Technical Skills, Subterfuge
Non-combat Skills Programming, Emergency Medicine, Swimming, Partying, Pet Names
Birth Place Aquitaine, El Quattor
Themes Hold Everything Black Brave New World Playlist
Voice Cinder Fall
Milena Jujubee Croquette

Personality and Description

Weaving between hot and cold leaving an observer with whiplash, Croquette always manages the delicate act of balancing sarcasm and quaint charms. Never one to question herself, consequences are of her own making and the rewards are hers for the reaping. This cheeky lass, with sharp wit it’s bound to leave a mark. Though ideally, Croquette prefers to leave little impression on others. Working discretely from the shadows yet contrasts with her bold look and personality. Honesty is a word of thin definition for this magi technician, finding the truth to be a matter of results more than of integrity. The lies she would weave are often innocuous, so long as it would benefit her.


Being the eldest sibling of seven, left a great deal of responsibility on Croquette’s shoulders. All of her siblings being brothers left her feeling out of touch with her feminity, the rough and tumble lifestyle, scraping to get by and making sure all nine mouths were fed was a whole other story. Her father was a soldier for the military and while it paid well enough to support them, there was little to spread evenly for trinkets and joys.

As a young teen, Croquette worked int he scrap yard salvaging parts for her own devices and creations. Her father missing during duty forced Croquette into the position of working to support her family, so her mother could care for the boys. The fastest route to employment was the military route, dutiful work and a steady paycheck left her little room for creation.

She was lucky that her talents were spotted by chance and she was moved to the special forces. Adapting swiftly the pay increased, but so did the time away from home and risks of the job. Not one to complain, she owned her choices. Keeping her family safe and serving her country brought pride to the girl.

Recent Development

  • Currently on a mission.. Too bad it turned into a horror show!






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1) Bloodhound Unit
2) Seventh Division
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