Melody “Mel” Ellery

“No matter how bad things get, you're going to eventually be okay–the same way you'll eventually not be okay again. Nothing stays the same forever.”

Gender: Female
Age: 32
Race: Human
Height: 5’6
Weight: Below Average
Belief: Polytheism
Birth Date: November 24
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Dancer, Assistant Teacher
Skills: Dancing, Illusions, Sewing, Crafts, etc.
Birth Place: Hugel
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Mel is a woman who walks a fine line between remaining humble and keeping up with appearance. She likes to look good for the public and have a very competent air about her, but she also thinks it’s important to value what you have and at the end of the day, it’s more important to be kind than have an image. And she rarely lets “keeping an image” get in the way of trying new things she’s genuinely excited about. She’s very smart and tries hard to brainstorm everything out while keeping a confidence about it. However, while her confidence and pride is genuine, she can have a temper and it’s sometimes obvious she has a heavy layer of doubt and anxiety beneath it. Even so, she tries her best to just be content with who she is.

Being a dancer, she has a slender, but muscular build. She looks very healthy and always tries to appear presentable. Her eyes are a soft shade of maroon and her hair is a soft blue that she takes great pride in and always tries to keep tidy. Her style would be considered classy, but casual for the most part; she likes dressing up, but even when she’s just in a sweater and pants, they’re high end looking sweaters and pants. And she’s fond of wearing jewelry and things in her hair.


Mel was born into a small, but happy and eccentric family in Hugel with a mother and a father, an older sister, and a twin brother. She got along well with her siblings, but always tended to follow her sister, Autumn as a role-model while trying to force her brother, Poe to follow her lead. She had varying interests as most children do, but took to dancing almost immediately while still minding her studies in magic to appease her parents. No matter what, she considered dancing to be her main focus, but around her early teens her abilities in magic did begin to form into an actual passion rather than just some obligation as she found common ground with her brother’s abilities. She began learning more about Elemental and Illusionary magics and found ways to work them into her dancing and other personal hobbies. At the same time, she began working on small projects with Poe and even got a small job at the library, working with children. She gave this job as much attention as she could until her later-teen years when dancing became far more serious and she began finding opportunities to perform in places outside of Hugel.

Her abilities and notoriety only grew more and more until she managed to catch the eye of a scout who had traveled from Comodo to meet her and welcome her to join a traveling group of some of the most pristine performers in the world. Her decision was not hard to make. However, not long before she planned on traveling out to start this new chapter of her life, she received a message from her brother who was now living in Rune; his husband had been found dead. She immediately traveled out to be with Poe and mourn for her brother-in-law whom she had been very close to over the years and it did not take long for her recognized the helpless depression Poe had been left in. She held off on her plans of leaving for Comodo for as long as she could until it was clear that her twin was not going to be able to function on his own. Making the hard decision (and without Poe knowing), she humbly declined the job opportunity and remained with Poe, eventually talking him into returning to the Republic with her where she could properly aid him. Years passed and while she had lost the chance to travel and make a real name for herself, she did manage to continue dancing while also returning to her magic roots and began assistant teaching in Hugel. Only more recently has she really begun to travel out again, hoping to still maybe have a chance at something before her body can no longer progress.

Recent Development

  • Melody has spent the last month in Comodo, dancing at one of the local theaters. While it isn’t something that has been really getting her name out there, it’s been satisfying and helping her still feel confident in thriving.
  • After spending a decent amount of time in Glastheim, she's managed to fit into her own social group as well as find new hobbies. Along with snooping around into other people's business, she's been offering various dance lessons on the side, mostly out of fun. She's been a bit torn about whether or not she plans on returning to the Republic…


  • Abigail Ellery - Mother “I really appreciate how she always seems to have our backs.”
  • Byron Ellery - Father “You're such a worry-wart! But it can be kind of nice.”
  • Autumn Ellery - Older sister “Just keep believing in me, okay? I've got this!”
  • Poet Ellery - Twin brother “You really turned things around, I'm proud of you…but don't get an ego about it. And I'm definitely the cuter twin.”
  • Anja Leitner - Niece “You're the most wonderful gift that could have come to us after such a huge loss. It means everything to me that you can call us your family.”

Friends & Acquaintances

  • Rurik Yorenguard - “He's certainly…interesting to say the least. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it to some extent though.”
  • Westel Vitale - “You make Poe happy and are openly intimidated by me so we're good…But really, thank you for all you've done.”
  • Rudie - “Strange…But also kind of cute? I have no clue what they are, but they're interesting.”
  • Richter Callahan - “He's Poe's student, but I kind of love when he comes to me for guidance. He's such a cute kid.”
  • Shale Lynn - “She's such a little sweetie. I'm sure part of it comes from how much sugar she puts in her body, but still.”
  • Alexandra Fairweather - “She's still trying to figure out her way around the city too, it's nice to have someone in the same boat as me.”
  • Oliver Chance - “He's not nearly as subtle as he thinks about the puppy dog eyes he makes at Poe, but it's kind of adorable. I don't mind his company.”
  • Elliot Denali - “He…has a lot of shit he needs to work out, but he's kind. I think he just needs a little support here and there and he'll make it.”
  • Laira Helthorne - “She's kind of cute like a porcelain doll! Nice to talk to also–She has an obese cat…good luck with that diet thing.”
  • Calypso Clarke - “What happened to leave you so skittish, I wonder?”
  • Keriana Kingsley - “For the last time, I'm not Poe!!…Ugh, at least I'm the 'better' Poe.”


  • Ezekiel Birchwood - “I have absolutely no time for such a disrespectful brat.”
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