Maeve Siobhan Miller

“Oh. I should care, shouldn't I?”

Gender: Female
Age: 29
Race: Human
Height: 5'4“
Weight: 118 lbs.
Belief: Herself
Birth Date: October 27
Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: RDF - Private 3rd Class
Peaceful Skills: musically inclined (violin and piano), archery, tennis, first aid
Combat Skills: stealth, precision, sniping
Birth Place: Yuno, Schwartzvald Republic
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Maeve leaves the impression of a woman unsure of her future, and even her present. She seems blank, as if she’s floating through life with no interests; a suspicion further emphasized by her quiet voice and consistently impassive face. Her behavior is occasionally reminiscent of depression, and that may or may not be the case – but who knows? Weird at best and cold at worst, Maeve’s feelings rarely match up with how she chooses to present herself.

Getting to know her is difficult, not because she shuns interaction, but because her words often seem rehearsed or superficial. It could be blamed on her ‘rich girl’ upbringing, but that does little to paint her in a positive light. She appreciates efficiency over empathy, sacrificing camaraderie to get things done, a problem she doesn’t realize.

Maeve has selfish, possessive, and sometimes jealous tendencies. They bleed through in little ways, but are more obvious to the ones who know her. “Me, myself, and I” is what she knows, and a habit so ingrained it would be hard to break.

She’s around average height for a human woman, and her figure is thin and delicate, which makes her chosen profession difficult to guess at a glance. She’s incredibly pale, with bright red hair and purple eyes. She embraces her femininity, preferring to dress cute and trendy when not working, and looks almost like a porcelain doll. She’s partial to the color pink.


Why is this important…?

Recent Development

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Friends and Foes


  • Blair Miller - “I have nothing to apologize for.” Maeve's younger brother, and the only family member she keeps in contact with. He wants her to make up with their parents, much to her annoyance, but doesn't push the matter too much.

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