"You need something?"

Lydia Sokolov

“Never a dull moment, north of the border.”

Gender: Female
Age: 38
Race: Human
Height: 5'9“
Weight: 156 lbs
Belief: Atheism
Birth Date: February 22nd
Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Sergeant Major of the Republic Defense Force
Combat Skills: Ranged (Firearms), Close Quarters Combat
Practical Skills: Flexibility, Lockpicking, Tech
Birth Place: Lighthalzen
Theme (Calm)
Theme (Intense)
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Personality & Appearance

Lydia's stance and near-constant expression suggest that she's not the kind of person who has time to stop and chat. The tiny frown that often comes with stress is almost always pulling her lips down, and slightly sunken eyes with (usually) well-covered bags under them further accentuate that. It can make her difficult to approach, but she's often almost thankful for that given how valuable the time in her days is… She is the Republic Defense Force's Sergeant Major, after all.

She has fair skin, almost ivory when it's not tanned, and similarly light blonde hair that's almost always pulled into a messy bun to go with that. It makes her steely blue eyes that much more striking; a natural target to draw in others' eyes when looking at her. Lydia's frame is slim but extremely fit and toned, a necessity when working within the RDF. Most of what she wears doesn't reveal very much more than her arms and neck, leaving a lot of her shape otherwise to the imagination.

Lydia can and will come off as cold and callous to the casual observer, and possibly even to people who would call her a friend at times. It varies from day-to-day, a result of constant stress, but she does have more good days than bad ones… At least. Very few have seen whatever she's like underneath the stone face required of the Sergeant Major, and fewer likely will until long after she's retired from the position.

Some small assumptions can be made by her choice of off-duty attire, however! Lydia does what she can to not look like herself when she's mingling with the public, generally putting her hair into a ponytail or just letting it fall free about her shoulders in these cases. She usually wears one of four identical pairs of slim blue jeans and either a leather jacket or a windbreaker over a thin (but not revealing) top. While off work, she also wears a solid black choker that usually signifies (to her closest friends) that she's 'available' for chatter.


Lydia and her twin sister Marie were born minutes apart in the city of Lighthalzen in the year 2980. She was first, and still holds that over her sister to this day (in a playful way). They were born to a well-off family who kept them shielded from the darker side of town for much of their childhood, and were allowed to flourish thanks to a large supply of money and familial connections to get them the resources and experiences they needed. This wasn't entirely uncommon on the wealthier side of the Republic.

While her sister pursued the sciences, Lydia took an interest in the military thanks to her father - who was in active service at the time. He indulged her interest by putting the girl into junior programs as well as his own drills and exercises from 14 years old, and continued doing so as her interest grew… Lydia enlisted on her 18th birthday in 2998, as soon as she was legally able to, and was placed at the rank of Corporal thanks to a combination of her junior training and nepotism. Over the next seventeen years, she worked her way up to Master Sergeant with a specialization in homeland security and (later) black operations. The former primarily concerned mutants and the very occasional domestic terrorist situation.

In the year 3012, Lydia's twin sister - who was a part of a still classified mission for the Republic Defense Force - suddenly went missing. The woman had only vaguely been made aware of what her sister had been offered and accepted, and knew enough that it involved the now-infamous Rekkenber Corporation… This was grim news, even with as little as the Republic Defense Force knew of Rekkenber's shady dealings back then, and she initially considered her sibling dead from the moment that the news arrived. Something gnawed at her though, but it wouldn't be realized for many years to come…

Though she participated in the Rune-Republic War, Lydia never left her home country (to her own confusion) and was assigned to defend the Republic's borders from within instead. It was still a hard-fought battle, thanks to the combined efforts of the other front, however. The reason why she was 'held back' wouldn't become clear until the war ended and then-Sergeant Major Hanson was declared KIA. In 3016, at the age of 36, Lydia was offered the promotion to Sergeant Major in order to 'usher in a new age for the Republic'. It was obvious then that she had been picked before the war ever started, just in case, and she accepted after a lengthy (and unfortunately lonely) deliberation.

It wasn't Lydia's primary reason for accepting, but the knowledge that she would gain access to classified information regarding her sister was enough to push her off of the fence and into a favorable response. As of 3016, Lydia is still the Sergeant Major in the Republic Defense Force and has an acceptable approval rating of 74.8% within the City of Lighthalzen as well as 68.4% with the Republic at large.



  • Louis Sokolov :: Lydia's father, deceased as of 3008. He's a man that she still respects and idolizes. Hopefully, one day, she can be as great as he was.
  • Catarina Sokolov :: Lydia's mother, currently living in the city of Lighthalzen. Though they don't see each other as often as either would like, Lydia still loves her immensely.
  • Marie Sokolov :: Lydia's sister and, previously, closest friend. She's been missing for the better part of six years, but Lydia still hasn't given up the hunt.

Trusted Soldiers

  • Aishe :: A dedicated soldier who is moving up the ranks nearly as quickly as Lydia herself did. She has her eye on Aishe, in a positive light. Lydia would call her a friend.
  • Dominic Rockwell :: One of Lydia's closest friends even outside of the military. It's likely that she'd be romantically involved with him right now, if he were attracted to women.
  • Mori Matokai :: A spectacular soldier, and the most successful in the 'new wave' of black operatives following the Rune-Republic War. Lydia wishes her all the best with her current project.
  • Viloce :: Their history is confusing, in part thanks to memory loss on Viloce's end, but Lydia is almost certain she's back for good now. An excellent sniper and a good friend.


  • Karn :: A confusing man… What she's heard convinced Lydia that he never really had his heart in the military, likely due to his perplexing enlistment by previous Sergeant Major Hanson.
  • Reeve :: Employed by the LZPD, but she saw a soldier-to-be in him during a recent operation that's still under wraps. Reeve performed very admirably, especially for a (technical) civilian.
  • Jerry Lounsbury :: Previously Lydia's significant other and head of Engineering; no longer after the formation of VULCAN. She still wishes him luck in his business endeavors, despite that.
  • Priscilla del Sol :: Current President of the Republic. Lydia's less than favorable opinion of her is well-known throughout the country, no doubt thanks in part to the insane budget cuts that were placed upon the military as her first act in office.
  • Zefirous & Raziel :: A surprisingly effective combat medic, and the sole reason that Lydia has pumped what little funding the RDF can spare into a Summoning Unit. She'd also call her a friend…
  • Zhang Mei-Zhu :: Previously the head of the RDF's Arcane Sciences Division, now the co-CEO of TAU Laboratories. Lydia was disappointed to see her go, but understands that the RDF was looking like a stagnant pool after funding was cut.

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