Lunette Gael

Gender: Female
Age: 54
Race: Elf
Height: 6' 3“
Weight: 178 lbs.
Belief: Atheism
Birth Date: September 19th
Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Field Worker of the Alberta Adventurer's Center
Skills: Elemental Magic; Swordplay; Sign Language
Birth Place: Vahk'Sala
Theme: -
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Lunette is a tall and imposing woman with a daunting physique and rippling lean muscle from her years of training with a sword. Her body has curves to it as well, with a fairly large chest and thick muscular thighs. She has long lavender hair usually tied back into a bun, ponytail, or loose braid, and milk-chocolate-brown skin. She has intense, bright violet eyes, though they seem to be slowly shifting to more of a gold color. Her ears are of moderate length, barely poking out of the sides of her hair, and her face shows a number of deliberately cut deep scars across the bridge of her nose, both of her cheeks, and over her right eye. Yet another cut lies across her throat, and hidden under her clothing is a garish burn scar across her chest.

She's often seen wearing all black clothing tailored to fit her body, almost a jumpsuit of sorts, with matching pieces of armor, seemingly made for stealth. She seems to have replaced her dull grey, tattered old scarf with a new purple and grey striped one. She often carries a mid-length blade with her, at her belt, and has two hidden sheathes for daggers. Because of her physique, she must bind when wearing her usual outfit - when relaxing she wears simpler clothing without binds.


Lunette is a stoic, fearless warrior who over the years has learned to keep her emotions bottled away so that the world will never see them. Her face is most often the complete picture of neutrality, and she will never, ever act on impulse. She does not seem to like talking very much, either. This gives her a bit of a cold, closed-off air.

She has a very, very quick temper, and does not tolerate foolishness very well, but instead of acting out in anger or rage she will do her best to keep it in check, and instead leave the offending party to their own devices.

She does not appear to have friends or anyone she likes to keep close for company, preferring to be by herself more than anything else. If she comes to trust someone, she will protect them with her life. She is a loyal and dedicated soldier to the very end, following orders to the letter.

Lately, she seems to be opening up just a little bit thanks to the efforts of her friend Irene. She still has trouble connecting with strangers and tends not to talk very much, but she is trying to put her best foot forward.


Lunette does not recall her early years. There is no one left in her family to remind her of them anyway, and as far as she is concerned she is alone in this world. No one has proven themselves worthy of her recalling even her less recent memories, and the past is something she does not care to speak of at all. Her face bears only a few of the many scars her previous 'employers' left, and she would prefer them to be the only relics of that era.

The basic story goes as such: She was taken in by a sinister underground organization and charged with the collection of someone very important. However, he would prove elusive every time. Every failure meant a new reminder was left behind by her 'trainer'. Soon enough, however, not only did she fail at bringing in the man her organization wanted, but she also led the authorities straight to her boss. His demise was something she would be forever thankful for, as it meant she would be free from the organization's grip and given a chance to set things right again.

Eventually, Lunette came to work at Entropy's cure after a tip from an acquaintance of hers. At the time she was broken and desperate, after a final confrontation with someone from her past. With no home and no one to turn to she followed their advice and sought work with Sanjiro Cyril. She's slowly building a firm platform to stand on within the EC, saving money and re-situating herself within her newfound freedom.


  • Jacqueline Gael - Mother (Deceased)
  • No other blood relations are known.


  • Irene - The only person Lunette seems to gravitate towards, and the only person whose antics she seems to tolerate completely. Irene is the only person Lunette's managed to make some sort of connection to since she gained her freedom. She is fiercely protective of her and loyal to a fault.


  • Aeden - Some kind of cook? A brawler too.
  • Bran and Emeraude - The guardians of the bear clan vault.
  • Chloe - A doctor? Seems to be a bit sensitive.
  • Erebus - Demon. Suggested teamwork. Proven to be kinder than he seems.
  • Kidd - Current 'boss'. Kind.
  • Nikita - One of the vault divers.
  • Rhydian - Some kind of swordsman.
  • Sanjiro - Previous 'boss'. Very… green.
  • Shale - One of the vault divers.
  • Many members of Entropy's Cure and the Alberta Adventurer's Center.


  • Strangers.


  • n/a

The Past That Haunts

  • Aravae - Connected to Elliot. Feels guilty toward her, for her past interactions with him. She fears the truth coming out to her.
  • Elliot - A past target. Hopefully they will never meet again.
  • 'Eight' - A 'savior' of sorts. Led her on the right path.
  • Raksha - Terror, personified.
  • Sathyre - A 'savior' of sorts. Led her on the right path.

Recent Developments

  • Her wishes for more work turn into a wish for LESS work as the AAC is inundated with requests. Being kept away from her pursuits in the Bear Clan vaults, she is forced to take a bit of a break until the stream lessens. Now that she has wrapped up everything she was assigned, she begins to pursue the Clan's aspect once more. With Erebus' help, she completes another of the Clan's challenges, and also catches severe pneumonia. Seems she won't be doing anything for a while!
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