Lunaria Safina/Moonlight

“Let be me the shining star that you are looking for when all hope is lost!”

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Race: Human
Height: 5'4'
Weight: 115 lbs
Belief: Monotheism
Birth Date: March 25th
Arcana: The Sun
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Student of the Wizard's Guild
Skills: Artifice, Elemental Magic, Illusions
Birth Place: Geffen, Allied-States of Rune
Main Theme #1: Burning Bright - League of Legends
Main Theme #2: Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons
Silly Theme: LULU MIX - League of Legends
Moonlight's Theme: Fuka's Theme - Disgaea 4
Voice: Towa Herschel - Trails of Cold Steel II
Singing Voice: Laura Marano - Miraculous Ladybug
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Confident, sunny and filled with vigorous determination, Luna is a girl that won't stop when it comes to her goals. She's the kind of person that will do anything to accomplish any task bestowed upon her, whether it be easy or hard. If someone were to tell her that she couldn't do something, she'll work thrice as hard to prove them wrong. Diverting this girl's attention can be quite difficult, as she's constantly on the go and always wanting to go forward.

Luna sees herself as a self-proclaimed hero, thriving to be the best and looking out for the well-being of others. She has a bit of an eccentric side, as she gets easily excitable when things go her way or things turn out the way she wants them to be. Despite that though, she's truly thoughtful about other people, her close friends especially and will go to great lengths to make sure they're okay.

Her usual attire consists of a blue-garbed robe with a sparkly cloak with stars and moons adorned on them behind her back. She's not very tall, just about average, but she doesn't let her height bother her too much! Luna has fair skin and long, flowing, blonde hair that's tied in a fancy braid or ponytail at times! When she's not in school, she usually wears an elegant dress and a cute beret over her head.


A persona that Lunaria managed to create from her sheer imagination, in her own words herself, Moonlight is a self-proclaimed, crime-fighting superhero that aims to help others to the best of her abilities. Using very strong illusion magic to hide her true identity, she had to make something up to make Moonlight feel 'real'. This is how the story of Moonlight came to be (which is completely made-up entirely):

Moonlight came from another world, the last person of her kind, as her occupation was a Defender. She used her powers to defend against evil and protect the good. One day, however, her world became so devastated that each person she once knew, had died. At a last-ditch effort, Moonlight managed to escape and found herself on the world of Aurora. Being the last person remaining, she swore to use her powers for good and protect those that needed the most. And of course, to banish all evil entirely!

When Lunaria transforms into Moonlight, Moonlight's personality is everything she imagined a hero suppose to be - confident, heroic and fearless. However, she is still as eccentric as ever, being a lot more flamboyant than usual compared to her regular form. She's also a lot more noisy and constantly monologues to anyone she meets. Overall though, Moonlight's actions are always genuine and it's usually hard to keep her down, as she'll get right back up.

When under the guise of Moonlight, her noticeable appearance is that her hair is now blue, with the length going past her shoulders. Her wardrobe consists of a bright blue and white frilly dress, with a star emblem worn in the middle. She wears an eye mask to conceal her identity and a bright golden circlet worn into her hair. Last but not least, Moonlight constantly radiates a stream of sparkles and glitter from her presence.


Luna was born in Geffen, where at the time, where most of Rune's nobility lived within the city. There's not much to say or noteworthy to mention, as Luna lived a very fortunate life! She had everything provided to her, as her father was a very wealthy aristocrat, having the title of Baron, while her mother had very good connections as a sorceress, as she is a graduate of the Wizard's Guild.

If there were two things that Luna loved growing up, it was magic and heroes. A lover of tales, she had heard of great things of heroes of her day and age, impressed and intrigued by not only their bravery but the things they've done they accomplish to get where they are. Determined, Luna promised to herself that she too would become a great hero that people can look up to one day!

Years has gone by, and Luna is currently a student at the Wizard's Guild, which has since relocated to Al De Baran. Striving not only to give glory and recognition into the guild, but to become an established hero, Luna finds herself going over obstacles that she's determined to conquer!

Recent Development

  • Seeking an opportunity that Lunaria wouldn't even think about passing up, she heard rumors of a supposed Heroes' Guild. Wasting little time, she went and got herself recruited, going as Moonlight to join. Speaking with its mysterious guildmaster, Rhiannon, she was even more pleased that her best friend, Nouvein was going to join along with them. With the Trials ahead of them, there's no telling what they'll fast together..
  • Luna's first trial, along with the other Heroes, proved to be a lot more than she bargained for! Facing a tough statue enemy, the young hero found herself being pummeled to a pulp, barely surviving the encounter. Though, not all is lost, as she and the others were able to retrieve some pretty nifty spoils, including an interesting staff and some shiny gems to take along with them. Afterwards, once they returned to Lumina, Luna hides in a tent, reverting back to her regular form to recuperate from the injuries she suffered, while Nouvein comforts her and reminds her that she did a lot more than she realized. She is at least living her dream and hopes to become a great hero that she was destined to be!


  • Bernard Safina (Father) “Ah father, I will prove to you that one day I will become a hero I was destined to be! You'll see!”
  • Viola Safina (Mother) “Mother! I want to make you proud and become great like you someday!
  • Stella Safina (Older Sister) “Sister, mm.. Our paths stray but I'll become my own person!”


  • Nouvein Abelasan “Hehee, lighten up, Nouvein! There's a whole world ahead of us and you've a lot of unlocked potential within you!” Luna's dear best friend and someone she cares about and keeps thoughtful of. She's a summoner and admires the girl's admission of taking such a difficult task. She has nothing but high hopes for her!
  • Aoide Wallace “She has a lot of mystique around her, though why is it people are afraid to approach her? She seems very nice!” Her upperclassman and someone Luna respects despite their brief meetings! Her shy nature seems intriguing and wishes to help her come out of her shell more, just like Nouvein!

Heroes' Guild

  • Grog Whiskeyson “He's very strong and very hardy! A reliable ally for sure!”
  • Heathcliff “So very helpful - do you really sing like that? If so, do you do shows? Because sign me up!”
  • Lady Rhiannon “She has that mysterious allure about her. I'll make sure to stick to the rules though!”
  • Navara “Very blunt and stone cold, though she's very tactical! That's valuable enough in my book!”
  • Yuno “Her fake arm seems to pack quite a punch. Sorry though - I prefer to be not lifted, 'kay?”

Arts is © Muffin

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