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 +====== Lorelei Frost ======
 +{{ :​world_setting:​characters:​lore.png?​285|}}
 +^ Gender: ​   | Female |
 +^ Age:    | 19 |
 +^ Race:    | Elf |
 +^ Birth Date:    | June 23rd |
 +^ Arcana: | Star |
 +^ Sign:    | Cancer |
 +^ Occupation: ​   | Nurse |
 +^ Skills: | Drinking, hunting, fighting, patching up booboo'​s,​ not giving a shit |
 +^ Birth Place: ​   | ??? |
 +^ Extra: ​   | [[http://​25.media.tumblr.com/​tumblr_mbv2tpn4z51qgxoaqo1_500.png|Full body image]] |
 +**Personality and Description:​**\\
 +  * Big sister sort of gal.
 +  * Not afraid to speak her mind. Especially if it's to stand up for other people who are too afraid to stand up for themselves.
 +  * Down to earth but knows how to have a good time.
 +  * Despite her seemingly rough exterior she has a soft side to her. Was considered the mama bird to the Brigade.
 +  * A bit of a loud mouth but she tries not to get into //too// much trouble with it.
 +    * Abandoned in the slums of Lighthalzen she was taken in by the Earl family though adopted the last name Frost to keep some sort of identity for herself.
 +    * Grew up with her adoptive sister Penelope and some neighbohood boys (Oliver, Nicholas and Apollo). They formed a group called the Hero Brigade to search for Oliver'​s long lost friend Lucas Albright while also helping the people of their community.
 +    * Learned about medicine thanks to the Earl's generosity and was able to help with the Brigade'​s troubles whenever things got too heated (mostly Oliver getting into fights). She was able to study under a family friend of the Earl'​s,​ a doctor who worked at a hospital in Lighthalzen.
 +    * Was informed of Oliver'​s inevitable snap. Having lost their leader, she and the rest of the Brigade question whether or not they have the ability to go on without him. They all eventually decide on disbanding until they can find Oliver and give him the help he and his family desperately need.
 +    * Left the slums and the city of Lighthalzen itself to start her search with nothing but a crossbow and a few valuables on her.
 +**Recent Development**\\
 +  * Currently wandering around, looking for clues about Oliver.
 +**Friends and Foes**\\
 +**( Family & Special )**
 +  * **Oliver Chance** -  Best friend, former leader of the Hero Brigade and old crush. He disappeared with his sisters after murdering his mother. She worries about his mental state and hopes to find him.
 +  * **Nicholas //'​Nico'//​ Scott** -  Childhood friend that works as a reporter for Lighthalzen'​s newspaper since their group disbanded. She till keeps in touch.
 +  * **Penelope '​Penny'​ Earl** -  Another childhood friend and her adoptive sister, now a talented and... unique alchemist living in Aldebaran after the mutual breaking up of the Brigade.
 +  * **Apollo Hunt** -  Once Oliver'​s right hand man and brother figure along with her confused fling. They had mixed feelings for each other but eventually agreed to stay friends. He worries about Oliver just as much as she does.
 +  * **Lucas Albright** -  The reason the Hero Brigade was formed in the first place. She didn't know him very well but was envious of how much affection Oliver showed him, even while missing. Now over her jealousy she still wishes to find him for Oliver'​s sake and closure for the Brigade.
 +**( Good Lads & Lasses )**
 +  * **Ivan Tsarevich** -  ♥ Bella, pretty boy. Amusing lad she enjoys teasing though he could do with taking that stick out of his ass. Wants to help him loosen up. Will get him to smile some day!
 +  * **Norah Monroe** -  Her boss and very pretty lady. She feels comfortable with her and respects her both as an employer and friend. Fun to drink with too!
 +  * **Karn Everglace** - Cutie #1! Introduced her to the basics of Alberta. Has the attitude of a teenage boy but the might of a warrior.
 +  * **Shale Lynn** - Cutie #2! Her upbeat, adventurous attitude reminds her a lot of Oliver but she can definitely see the two are different in their own ways. Gave her a flower tiara!
 +  * **Adrian Martin** - An odd man that offered to give her a massage. She doesn'​t think she'll be taking him up on that offer again, but he's nice overall.
 +  * **William Alistaire** - A boy she's oddly fond of. She wants him him to be happy with himself & his life whether it be with her or elsewhere!
 +----  ​
 +  * Speaks in an accent similar to an Irish accent.
 +  * Has a nice body but doesn'​t flaunt her figure.
 +  * //​Looooves//​ to drink.
 +  * Doesn'​t get along with doctors who don't take her seriously just because she's a nurse.
 +  * Can cook a mean stew.
 +  * Can swing both ways.
 +  * A good shot - both with an arrow and a gun.
 +  * Due to her upbringing in the slums, she doesn'​t really have a graceful air about her.
 +  * Loves wearing ribbons.
 +  * Knows how to play the guitar.
 +  * Favorite treat is chocolate covered strawberries.
 +  * Although she doesn'​t know anything about her past, she's not in any hurry to know about it.