Lisia Sunmourn

“All the power in the world doesn't mean much when you're all tied up..~”

Full Name: Lisianthus Jasmine Sunmourn
Gender: Female
Age: 60
Race: Light Elf
Height: 6'1
Weight: 122 lb
Belief: Materialism
Birth Date: May 19th
Arcana: The Fortune
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Part-Time Model / Perfume Shop Owner / Sorceress
Combat Skills: Fire Magic, Magma Magic, Dark Magic, Blood Magic
Peaceful Skills: Alchemy, Flute Playing, Modeling, Perfumes, Photography, Singing
Birth Place: Avicennia, Vahk'Sala
Theme: Romance - OCTOBER
Speaking Voice: Ann Takamaki - Persona 5
Singing Voice: Setsuna - White Album 2
Character Sheet

Personality and Description


Lisia has gone through several changes as of late. No longer trapped within a shell, Lisia is a lot more open and casual among other people and close friends. Certain experiences within her life has caused her to become more considerate, level-headed and more confident within herself.

While she still retains the qualities of an elf, that doesn't necessarily mean she follows the stereotypical archetype of one. She is quite tolerate around other races, humans in particular, able to understand and adapt to their presence. Hanging around them for quite some time has made more a lot more relaxed and more curious than ever, as she's one that is willing to learn about new things that are foreign to her.

Lisia is a lot more open-minded and doesn't share the animosity of anything technological, like her kin does. While she may find it strange and odd at first, she's slowly accepting the fact that things like these will eventually be convenient in the future. And while she's aware that elven customs are more content with what works for them, she does make an effort to encourage others to at least give it a try.

However she isn't entirely perfect, as the elf has her own share of faults. Lisia is a bit of a hothead, often at times becoming rather reckless and downright unpredictable. She is known to have a quick tongue and sharp wit and at times, say things without thinking. Her prideful nature can sometimes turn off people, as she isn't one to disappoint, always wanting to one-up or even show that's more superior.

Overall, however, Lisia still retains a portion of her cheerfulness and politeness among others. She's a caring individual when placed on her good side, and she cares very deeply for her friends and their feelings. She is willing to give advice or listen to people's problems should they want or need it from her.


Lisia's overall figure is fragile, delicate, lithe as most elves are, with lovely curves across her frame. Her hair is silver-colored and it's usually about shoulder-length. She has ivory-colored fair skin and has topaz eyes. However, she occasionally dyes her hair, pink and blonde being her notable favourite colors.

Her attire can vary, as she's someone that loves to wear all kinds of different clothes and dresses. Her usual and main attire would have to be a blouse shirt with fingerless gloves worn upon her hands and a comfortable cloak worn over her shoulders. She also wears a skirt around her waist, with shorts underneath and knee-high boots. Lastly, she'd fond of hats, particularly the pointed ones that a mage would typically wear. Most of her clothing are worn in pink - since that's her absolute favourite color in the entire world.


Much of Lisia's early life and childhood is of the past now as she has moved on from the demons that once plagued her. To put it shortly - Lisianthus was born formally into a noble family that was once famous for its skill in magics, particularly in the art of fire. Considered to be the best in pryomancy, Lisia enjoyed and pleasures of nobility. Though, all was not quite pleasant for the elf, as she slowly grown bored and rather agitated with the life of being a noble.

She was taught everything that was needed - etiquette, manners, studies, her magical talents. Lisia never really had the leisure of having any time for herself or alone, almost bounded to her will of her family. She tolerated it for several years, until one day.


Notable Achievements

White Witch Slayer Glast Participating in the downfall of Frig the White Paragon, she has been recognized by Glastheim as a hero! While she isn't a witch herself, her name has sure gained a couple of notches not just among the witches, but also folks in Heidelberg. The Paragons are also grateful for her aid, and she is a considered a friend and an ally among the witchfolks.
Restoring the Links Rune, Niflheim, Vahk'Sala She assisted the former matron of the House of Reason, Nephilia Lacroix, in her quest in restoring both the Holy and Dark Links. Traveling to the great tree within Vahk'Sala, she and her companions were able to link the powers of the Holy Link to the tree itself.
Medea's Restoration Glast, Niflheim, Vahk'Sala She participated in the journey of restoring Medea, one of the Paragons that leads the Covens within Heidelberg. Her task required gathering certain people and items from several places, in order for her restoration to work. It was deemed a success, as Medea was able to be restored. Lisia's help further cemented her allegiance with the witches.
The Doctor's Fall Glast, Rune While considered a low-priority threat, Dr. Bennit, aka Father, was not to be taken lightly. Kidnapping a close friend, she has managed to rescue her companion along with others, from a terrible fate and defeated the madman once and for all.
War Veteran Rune, Republic Lisia enlisted herself in the frontlines, serving her time on the fields of battle for several months within the war. Thanks to her efforts, she is now seen as a seasoned veteran and hero for her involvement, just adding more to her already established list of accolades.
Kidnapping Savior Heidelberg After taking a sabbatical, Lisia involves herself into a job that involved a kidnapping. She and others managed to succesfully rescue the hostage, and she's branded a hero once again, despite her reluctance in accepting such gratitude. However, she won't complain.


Combat Skills
Fire Magic Lisia has mastered the element of Fire, fully capable of unleashing its potential. It is considered her primary choice of magic when in combat.
Magma Magic Lisia has learned to conjure the element of Magma. It is a much more powerful version of Fire, but considered dangerous. She only uses this on dire occasions or in particular situations.
Dark Magic Lisia was granted the ability to use Dark Magic, thanks to the powers of the Dark Crystal within Niflheim. Her secondary choice of magic, she has taken the time to master the craft of the darkness, unleashing shadows on whim.
Blood Magic Recently learned from Glastheim's restricted library, Lisia is delving into a once long-forgotten art of magic, a craft meant to empower one's spells and abilities at the cost of one's life. Certaintly a controversial magic in itself.
Peaceful Skills
Alchemy Under Tahni's brief tutelage, she's able to create and make basic potions. While she no longer practices the craft as much as before, her knowledge is still retained.
Flute Playing Lisia knows how to play the flute, a copper colored cylinder-shaped instrument that she plays whenever she has the desire to play music.
Perfumes Along with her knowledge of alchemy, Lisia has learned to create perfumes, items that are used to make one smell good and have an alluring aroma upon them.
Photography Lisia is a practicing photographer, still learning it and trying to understand its concept. She's fond of taking pictures of people and sceneries, but the elf requires more work on her angling and positioning.
Singing Lisia doesn't sing very often, but she has a pleasant voice, often fond of singing songs of Elvish origins. Though, she can be shy about it.

Recent Development

  • Her adventuring days behind her, Lisia continues to expand and balance the life of being a mother and working two jobs at once. Needless to say, she's a lot happier and hopes it will stay that way for a long while.
  • With preparations for a fashion show on the horizon, Lisia's life has turned for the better when Aeden finally popped the question! While she half-heartedly requested that maybe they can have their wedding in Vahk'Sala, she couldn't be any more happier than being married to a person that she can love and love infinitely.

The Things That Matter (Here and Now)

  • Alanna Whispermoon “I'm glad she's alive.. but she has changed. I know she's well-meaning but does she have to be harsh and cruel?” Mother. *An elegant and graceful woman but rather blunt and apathetic. They are at odds with one another still, due to her mother's distrustful view of pretty much anyone. Though, she still loves and respects her and attempts to tolerate her poor behavior.
  • Aeden Damon “It was you all along.. I never thought about it until now but.. I'm very happy. Let me be the one to protect you sometimes, okay?” Fiance. A muscled man that's actually a real softie despite his rather intimidating physique. She enjoys talking just about anything with the man, and will go to great lengths to be at his side. Recently though, it turns out that they will have a child together and she's excited what the future will hold for them.
  • Gale Sunmourn “My precious lil' bumpkin.. I'll protect you always. Always.” Son. Her newborn baby son that Lisia loves to death, constantly doting on him whenever the opportunity rises. Which is mostly all the time. Gale has his mother's hair color, but has his father's eyes.
  • Olivia Dawson “I tend to forget that she's not actually real.. but she's been a big help nonetheless. Thank you so much.” Housemaid. A robot maid, designed to look like an elf. While her imitations of emotions and personalities are almost perfected to a tee, Lisia sees her almost like a sister maybe, even though she's ultimately still a machine. She's a huge help to have around regardless, being able to do tasks to the workload at ease for her.

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