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 +====== Sala Swiftarrow ======
 +^ Gender: ​   | Male| 
 +^ Age:    | 300s|
 +^ Race:    | Elf |  ​
 +^ Height: ​   | 5'​8"​ | 
 +^ Weight: ​   | 175 lbs. | 
 +^ Belief: ​   | Spiritual | 
 +^ Birth Date:    | Winter |  ​
 +^ Sign:    | Arrowhead |    ​
 +^ Occupation: ​   | Ranger Master |   
 +^ Skills: ​   | Archery, Survival, Tracking | 
 +^ Birth Place: ​   | Vahk'​Sala | 
 +**Personality and Description**\\ ​
 +Sala is introverted. His disciplined expression rarely breaks. The elf is blunt and does not waste words. He is not poetic, nor kind in tone.
 +Sala is plagued by self-doubt and a complete lack of self-worth. This translates in his brief manner of speaking and his general distaste for company. A terrible lonesome man, Sala complicatedly wishes he could be more amiable, but is repulsed by unwarranted friendliness. In short, Sala is hateful of himself and frightened of judging looks.
 +Due to the fact that he does not care for himself at all fuels the accuracy of his bow. He lacks any empathy, and merely does what he does as a distraction from his bleak thoughts. In the end, nothing he does makes himself happy.
 +He is physically fit, lean muscle toned very well. His hair and eyes are a deep emerald, and he stays clean despite his work.
 +**Biography** \\
 +Sala was born to a family of wardens, and suffered much grief for his weak body and lack of confidence. Cast off as a misanthrope and useless elf, Sala spent day after day by himself. Only an elven girl named Lily ever stood up for him, and he appreciated the rare moments of company she gave him.
 +Sala put his restless and frustrated energy into practicing with his weapon of choice: the bow. He became such a sure and quick shoot that he earned the moniker of "​Swiftarrow"​.
 +Finding distaste for hunting and guarding jungle pathways, Sala joined the Ebony Eye with Lily. During their service, the two married and had a child: a girl they named Rheata. Sadly, Lily was supposedly killed-in-action on a mission for the Ebony Eye.
 +Sala was already fed up with the dire ways the Ebony Eye handled criminals, no matter the severity of their crimes. The loss of Lily drove him to abandon Vahk'​Sala. Sala renamed himself Levan, and joined the Rangers of Rune.
 +There he spent learning new forests and perfecting his art with the bow. And each day spent there killed his heart bit by bit.
 +**Recent Development**\\
 +  * After several dozen years, Sala/Levan was contacted by Octavian Goldwing. The gilded Cubi offered a deal: spy on the interlopers,​ and your wife will be returned to you. Desperate at the idea that Lily was alive, Sala/Levan accepted the offer.
 +  * His spying went without issue, and Sala/Levan made constant reports to Octavian about the movements of the adventurers within Vahk'​Sala. He even went as far as helping trap the adventurers in deadly situations.
 +  * Octavian upheld his end of the deal, and Sala learned that his wife was deep in the Vahk'​Sala jungles. In the ruins of an ancient city. Sala/Levan used the unleashed Mayeths as a means to gain entry into the city. Upon reaching the city, which was Avidion, Sala/Levan discovered his wife whom had amnesia.
 +  * Crestfallen that all his efforts were for naught, Sala/Levan lashed out at Lily verbally. His vented frustrations deeply wounded Lily, and in a moment of reflection, Sala/Levan realized he was being what everyone called him during his youth: a misanthrope.
 +  * With poor apologies, Sala discarded his fake name once more and sunk back into the jungles. From there, he subtly directed the movements of Behemoths to effectively patrol the jungles around Avidion. He provides a very dangerous defense for the city, while thinking of how to say this to Lily without sounding like a lout.
 +  * With the Vahk'​Sala now in such a state, Sala remains near Avidion to herd the Behemoths. Occasionally,​ he enters the city to catch a glimpse of Lily (at least until the Golems force him to leave.) But he lacks the nerve to speak to her again.
 +  * Lily - //I gave you up before, and I cast you down after finding you again. I am complete, utter, failure of a man. Even my apologies are not worth giving. For I am that worthless.//​
 +  * Rheata - //Never grow up to be your father. Do that, and maybe my life will not have been an ugly blemish upon the world.//
 +  * None.