Laira Helthorne

“Do not trust all that you see. Even salt looks like sugar.”

Gender Female
Age 65
Race Cubi
Height 5ft 3in - 160cm
Weight 95lbs - 43kg
Belief Cats and her Shoe Collection
Birth Date November 11
Sign Scorpio
Occupation Assistant Physician to the Glastheim Kingdom and House of Reason Proxy Missionary
Other Names Lady, Thorne, Guardian Assistant
Practical Skills Triage, Sewing, Ballet, Alchemy
Combat Skills Healing Magic, Wind Magic
Birth Place Geffenia, Vahk'Sala
Battle Sheet
Theme One Theme Two

Personality and Description

Laira would easily be interpreted as gold, a cold-soft metal used to strengthen other ores. Showing no visible wear or tarnish, yet the years are not always so kind. Shaped and influenced by the stronger personalities around her. She carries herself with a confident and dignified presence, her mannerisms are a work of art. Each habit an elegant and flowing movement that subtly captures the attention of others. If not for a frost-like caress of her hands, you’d be no wiser of her touch.

Physically Laira is petite with pale skin and slightly sunken cheeks compliment her weary gaze, a lengthy lifestyle of unhealthy choices giving her a strong aura of frailty. Concealing her prominent cubi features, she is blessed not to stand out as boldly as her kin.

While Laira is an honest woman, she is able to spin lies from thing air without a single fret. Her blunt nature puts her at odds with others combined with her dry sense of humor. Restrained emotions and noblewoman's refined demeanor further add to the gap she creates between herself and others. It would be wise not to mistake her abrasive personality as a token that she lacks kindness. The two come hand in hand for her.

Key Items
House of Reason Missionary Diploma A framed diploma signed by Augustine DeMarco and Cassius Sisenna, the Matriarch and Patriarch of the House of Reason at time of issuing. It declares that Laira has completed Missionary training, and also counts as a license to perform magical healing in Rune.


A Helthorne, her father, second son in the main branch of the clan. A clan whose name does not stand out in most circles but echoed in whispers at dark corners, a family whose name dates back to the budding sprout dates of Yggdrasil. Though who places all their belief in such things anymore? Laira herself, like her father a second born, coming after Primrose - a studious daughter Primrose was. Though intelligent, elegant, and beautiful - she broke every mold and chain placed on her. She was never one to accept the labels or titles, she denied everything her father groomed her to be. Beneath Laira was her younger brother, Ashli, still so young and so jaded to the world a view tempered in darkness and youthful sadness. Longing for a love that would always be one-sided.

The wives of Laira’s father were a blur, one for money, one for the show, and one for love who died first of all. Her mother was was the show pony, the pretty doll, ageless and filled with divinity next to the man shadowed in dark secrets. She had groomed Laira to be like her, to fall in place. Fit the mold and do as she was told. It was easy for Laira, she never had the drive for the world around her neither melancholy or merry her world was painted gray.

A student of magic, then a ballerina, lessons to be a lady of grace. Trained to be bartered by her father in the name of Helthorne. Never once did she question her place until she met Gabriel Valentine, what a strange and quirky elven woman. She was a flame in her small grayscale world. Like a flame, it was snuffed abruptly with her disappearance. While Laira wanted to search, the Ebony Eye was narrowing down upon her father's secret deals, the dark whispers of his intentions slowly coming to light of day. Never once had Laira thought to tell a lie, till she told one to the ebony eye. On this day where she watched a little lie blossom and grow - becoming so grand did she discover her first real love.

Her years passed quietly as she grew older - the ballet was easy as breathing despite her weak body. It was painful, but she ignored it. Tedious but she lied to herself. Filled with empty performances that stalled her career, with no burning passion what dance company would want her. Unable to fit the frame her parents so precisely weaved for her, Laira rebelled for the first time, seeking out Gabriel.

From there she spent the next many years searching, finding and following in her footsteps. The two friends became entangled in the Church of Odin’s affairs. This story was filled with many dark times, painful memories, and difficult choices. A place for a succubus in the blood-stained walls of lies and hallowed faith was difficult to find.

Moving to current times, Laira moved to Heidelberg in the kingdom of the Living dead. Disowned from her family and a simple waitress and student to one Shale Lynn. A life of simplicity, each day the same as the previous her fate never changing. Slowly she stops questioning her place, fitting into the mold made for her lifestyle now.

Recent Development

  • Laira could hardly believe what she saw with her companions, though she knew what they could face. With their mission complete - Laira tends to those who were afflicted with a particularly unique curse. Combined with the return of her dear friend Lucious and the ceremonial completion of her Missionary training. Laira takes a moment of respite while she begins to plot the new move she will make.
Roleplay Hooks
Luxury Lifestyle The Helthorne family has a fair bit of notability in Vah'Salka's main cities. For the good they do, and the shady rumors that never make it to the light of day. While Laira herself was not the most known of the clan, her name might draw your interest.
Of the Ballet Her many years of a ballerina have garnered her some fame, though it is almost ancient history now; Her sudden retirement has many rumors circling it - though she's hardly mentioned it to anyone.
Proxy Missionary Though Laira served for over two decades within the hallowed halls of the Church, she left shortly after it's reform. The rumors about her departure are many and the less than warm welcome she received when returning caused a small fraction of strife - still she worked for some time dedicating herself to her training, now an honored Missionary.
In need of a doctor? One of the physicians in Glastheim, Laira is always up to using her skills. Though not famed for her bedside manner, she does feel she is adept in a variety of healing arts.
Local Cat Mom The rotund voluptuous feline Baeril is often seen with Laira. It's a well-known fact through sight and rumor that the cubi woman spoils her feline child thoroughly… Rumor has it she finally had found her new child…!

Familal Relations

  • Thenares HelthorneAs ever the charmer. Perhaps you finally got what you sacrificed so much for.
  • Wisteria AutumnaleShe can not look too close, she will not get her claws into them.
  • Primrose HelthorneIt seems you have spread the name further and in various ways.
  • Ermir HelthorneYour hands are filthy in these matters.
  • Ashli HelthornePoetry is not the only thing you should hold onto.

Precious Children

  • BaerilMy dearest Bear, even if you have to lose your fluff, I still adore you.
  • MelonIt seems your father's pillow is now yours.
  • SootYou will grow big and strong just like your siblings.

Pillars of Civility

  • Gabriel 'Gabs' ValentineI miss your company, but I do not wish to leave the life I have. A shame I found happiness with you so far away.
  • Lucius DecarteI see a future in you, one you must live to see.
  • Shale Lynn CarmacYou embody the vibrancy of life.
  • Vaeril Selmer Matters of the heart. Follow your passion.

Mentors and Collegues

  • Augustine DeMarcoI do not think I would take offense to rigorous teaching.
  • Cassius SisennaMayhaps this will show you my true colors.
  • HarmanI will never quite look at fishing the same way.
  • RudiePlaying a game of lies and truth with you would be unfair.
  • Rurik YorenguardThat is not tea.


  • RavennaeA mother's worry is never a burden.
  • RyzznA life without knowing war…?

Adventurous Comrades

  • Aeden Leo DamonWhat a show.
  • Alexandra FairweatherDo make an effort for yourself.
  • Aslan YazdiGrowing more jaded, or is it perhaps the wisdom of this world?
  • Ezekiel BirchwoodThe confection is pretty, but not for my palet.
  • Keeling SeabreezeSo young and precious, too much for words. How Envious.

Polite Relations

  • Amaranth FirefallYour taste in fashion is vile but your company is exihlirating.
  • Avi PoirotIt seems difficult, to see that is.
  • Evelyn CarmacIt is hard to word, how appreciative I am for the opportunity you gave me.
  • Gaelin SelmerBaeril is fond of you, but you are not fond of me are you?
  • Harley CooperOnly the winning side smiles in the end.
  • Karn, WarbornKing or not, you've friends who worried for you.
  • Keriana KingsleyHald-dead looking yet more stimulating.
  • Lisia SunmournHow fanciful your life must be now.
  • Noah HarperYou’ve become quite the flamboyant man.
  • Nor JinanFlatter me, but I know you've a game in mind.
  • Poet Vitale-ElleryI like this dark side of you.
  • RazielYou are pushy.
  • Redoran Lynn CarmacEver the most clever, a charming balance to Shale.
  • Rhydian StahlBoisterous, you seem earnestly trying to help others.
  • Sydney SummersDid you ever find what you wanted?
  • Teleris ElondarIt’s like speaking to the flora you care for.
  • Vela LilorisI wonder what was going through your mind… Still, there is a reason for everything.
  • Westel Vitale-ElleryHow truly devoted you must be.
  • Winryss GoldbranchIt was nice to work with you, whilst it lasted.
  • Zefirous Camilla LedgeYou've skills that extend exponentilly beyond ordinary healing magic.



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