“I can fit through there. Because I'm little.”

Nicknames: Blueberry
Gender: -
Age: Appears to be in early 20's
Race: Human(?)
Height: 5’3
Weight: Average
Belief: N/A
Birth Date: January 12th
Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Glastheim City Guard
Skills: Hand to hand combat, blades, acrobats, knife throwing, juggling
Languages: Common, Ba Jin, Elvish, Quattori, Sybirian, Schwarzen, etc…
Birth Place: “Classified”
Character Sheet

Personality and Description
Kuhn has a complicated kindness. They're involved, friendly, and love helping out, but sometimes it's hard to tell if their behavior is genuine or not, making some less comfortable confiding in them. But whether or not Kuhn's acting from the heart, they're playful and love people and listening to others' stories and what they’re all about. They have a blunt honesty, but try to mind their manners when sharing thoughts as best as they can, always backing their opinions up with more questions. At times they can go a bit quiet, leaving an awkward silence, but only to take everything in. Whether or not Kuhn feels a genuine passion for what they hear, they try to value every word spoken for them. They may be quiet and keep a lot to themselves, but they are thoughtful and intelligent and hold no modesty toward those qualities.

Though petite with soft features, it's safe to say Kuhn comes off as androgynous more than anything else. If you pay close mind to their appearance, they appear to be somewhere in their early twenties. Their hair is kept short and shaggy and they have little curves or figure to show. They aren't homely, but when looking at them, you could really refer to them as “pretty” or “handsome” and they're fine with taking either compliment, feeling secure with their appearance. They have a gender-fluid style they hold onto, more often dressing in loose clothes that make no attempt to show off any kind of figure, while other times they seem perfectly comfortable dressing up in skirts and feminine clothing. More recently, they're always seen wearing matching, metallic cuffs on both ears. Kuhn's features seem to naturally fall into a relaxed state and their mouth naturally arches up a bit, causing them to almost always come off as calm and collected even when tense, though they makes no effort to try and hide their emotions. Thankfully, they have sharp, alert eyes to help counter their relaxed expression a bit.


Recent Development

  • Finally moved in, Kuhn has been slowly…very slowly filling their new “house” one item at a time while they and Shale help Apollo along in their new body. They've also taken on a new project!
  • Anything but idle, Kuhn found themself crossing paths with a kindred spirit, Mori and has been dedicating a great deal of their free time to working alongside her as both a close friend and a business partner while teaming up for personal projects!
  • They dedicated the last month or so to preparing for the Death Pitt in hopes of making some money while helping out their friends with some investigating. While the outcome did not turn out so well for them personally, as they did not manage to survive the battle, the group managed to come back to the surface with more than just a little information on an automaton.

Family, Friends, & Others


  • Aravae Selmer - Aunt(?) “I'm not mad that you needed your space, but I'm glad you accept me now.”


  • Sparkles - “I let her hide in my hoodie while I'm wearing it. You can still see her. She's big.”


  • Aja Rahal - “She is my favorite and makes me happy. I like everything about her even when I can't see her.”
  • Zefi Ledge - “She makes me feel happy and at ease. I'm glad she still wants to stay close to me even if she is not always that close.”
  • Mori Matokai - “We take good care of each other. She works really hard and I'm proud of her.”

Friends & Acquaintances

  • Shale Lynn - “She is very nice to me and gives good hugs.”
  • Rush - “You're much louder than you used to be, but I am glad that you like yourself.”
  • Will Warlow - “You drink a lot. It does not make you sick?”
  • Aishe Rashid - “She is pleasing to look at and let's me touch her ears. I enjoy her.”
  • Reeve Ambrose - “I think he is figuring things out. I enjoy his company.”
  • Tal Cato - “How do you bake food you can't swallow?”
  • Colton West - “He is much bigger than me and shields me when I'm in danger. I enjoy him.”
  • Reb - “She thinks she scares people, but I think she's nice. I like her hat. She says I have good bones, but she's never seen my bones.”
  • Teleris Elondar - “She smells nice and makes me feel good about myself. I feel the strangest need to make her and Calder proud when they are watching me.”
  • Calder Manarial - “I like working with him. I work extra hard when we're on shift together even if it's boring.”
  • Meriel - “I like her company and she holds my hand a lot. I enjoy that, but she needs her hands to talk so it makes it hard to communicate sometimes.”
  • Alecto Della Corte - “She helps me when I'm researching things and keeps me company. I like the shape of her eyes.”
  • Calliope - “She's nice and said she doesn't mind if I come visit her. I'll make sure to bring more gum.”
  • Westel Vitale - “He's pleasing to look at and nice to me. I don't like his partner, but I said I would be polite. I want to keep trading things.”
  • Rurik Yorenguard - “He isn't as bad as I expected. He's a good team player.”
  • Viktor Dmitriyev - “He is very tall and loud, but also nice. He said he would help me with my house.”
  • Glynth - “He's Rurik's friend. I'm not sure what I think of him.”
  • Karn Warborn - “It's hard to picture him being a king, but he looks like he's doing a good job. I'm glad he's happier than the last time I saw him.”
  • Rhydian Stahl - “He shows off too much, but I still think he is good. He was still a good team player.”
  • Heathcliff - “I like his sunglasses and his guitar and how he talks. The shape of his ears are nice too.”
  • Irene Landevale - “She's one of my favorite people in Glastheim and gives me good enchantments. She's very very smart and nice.”
  • Hraedon - “He underestimated me because of my size, but I still like him. I'll try to find a bigger juicebox for him to drink next time.”

Foes/ Unsure

  • Vela Liloris - “She's a self-righteous monster. I hope she doesn't come back. She's bad.”
  • Caedoch - “Also a monster. The world was better before you came into it. You're bad too.”

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