Kotobuki Sunako

Feed a dog for three days, and the dog will remember for three years.”

Battle Sheet
Gender Female
Age 20
Race Human Splicer ( Feline )
Height 5' 2“ - 157 cm
Weight 115 lbs - 52 kg
Belief Ditheism / Spirituality
Birth Date January 1
Sign Capricorn
Occupation Graduate of Yuno Sage Academy - Caretaker
Non-Combat Skills Household Duties
Skills Arcane Arts
Birth Place Ayothaya, Ba Jin

Personality and Description

Kotobuki gravitates towards the flow of things, with a sharp ability to read the atmosphere. The sort of person who tries to avoid conflict if possible, usually a peacekeeper this can come off as dismissive in the wrong situation. Recognized as a very warm, lively individual who thinks about everything positively, though she is objective enough to see flaws and virtues, others can find it a challenge to upset her or unnerve her. One who is empathetic in general, friendly to those she meets, showing great judgment and being rarely moved by emotion.

Descendent from the common-folk of Bajin, she does not reign in the porcelain doll-like features that seem more popular among Bajinian enthusiasts. With thicked wavy black hair ending past her shoulders, framed by large feline ears matches with a narrow long tail. Within the dark silhouette lay intense green eyes that seem to reflect light in dim situations.


RP Hooks
Yuno Academy Graduate Though only within the recent year has Kotobuki graduated, she was a well-liked among her peers. Having a positive and pleasant presence. Though she had spells of misfortune on almost a regular basis.

Recent Development

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Kotobuki Household

  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Auntie
  • Uncle
  • Cousin A
  • Cousin B

Homestay Household

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Daughter
  • Son


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