Kosmenos Argent


Gender: Male
Age: 50
Race: Cubi
Height: 5’ 7“
Weight: 116 lbs.
Belief: Atheism
Birth Date: October 31st
Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: (Former?) Gloomhaven House Student at the Orion Academy, Sybir
Skills: Magic, Stealth, Golemcraft
Birth Place: Dorado, El Quattor
Theme: n/a
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Kosmenos, at first glance, appears to be a lanky, dark-skinned man at early adulthood with shoulder-length glossy black hair and ruby red eyes. He’s not very tall, and that’s just the start of the list of physical traits he’s displeased with. His head is topped with a pair of small ivory horns that grow in a tight curlicue pattern, and his face, ears, shoulders, arms, and legs are covered in dark spots and freckles. His ears are somewhat long and sharply pointed. Though completely hidden by his usual attire, he has a pair of deep puncture scars, one on each side of his torso under his ribcage, that look like they were left by a small yet sharp knife.

He tends to wear an ensemble of dark clothing at all times, helped along by his membership in Gloomhaven house. While on campus grounds he wears the typical uniform of an Orion Academy student with accent colors of purple, and a patch depicting a crest of a crow perched atop a skull. His casual clothing follows a darker palette, as well as his belongings. Aside from the uniform Academy Cane, he keeps a dark black orb that shimmers in certain lighting. He is also often accompanied by what appears to be a large tarantula made of crystal, with catalytic gems embedded on its back.


Kosmenos doesn’t seem to be very bright or cheery, electing instead to remain cynical and doubtful of most people and of his surroundings. He has a hard time opening up to other people, and tends to push them away first and foremost. Many people write him off as a lazy delinquent as he has a bad habit of loitering in hallways, cutting classes, and staying up far too late at night. He hates the outdoors and being in large crowds of people, and much prefers being sequestered in his own little corner where he can daydream and procrastinate as much as he pleases. Though it seems like he could care little and less by the day about his grades or his classmates, behind the scenes, he actually does put in a lot of effort to stay on top of things, as he also suffers from the inability to manage his work and time efficiently during normal hours of the day.


Kosmenos is an only child, born to a rather neglectful elven mother; his father was completely absent from the start, abandoning them before his mother even found out she was pregnant. Though his mother was born and raised a noble of Geffenia, she quickly became an outcast. In order to save face, her family shipped her off to El Quattor to quietly live out the rest of her life.

Growing up in the city of Dorado, Kosmenos lived through the turbulence of El Quattor’s recent history and as a result picked up a few unsavory skills in his lifetime. He was also required to practically raise himself, as his mother barely lifted a finger to do so at all. As soon as she could, in fact, she got rid of him - once he was old enough to enroll in the Orion Academy of Sorcery and Science, his mother shipped him off without even a goodbye.

Being so independent, Kos found it very hard to connect with anyone in this suddenly new environment, and decided to keep to himself for the most part. However, two others would soon end up ‘attached’ to him, and as much as he hated to admit it, he’d become attached to them, too.


  • ’Mother’ - ”I’d rather have literally anyone else be my parent.” Kos’ mother was neglectful and extremely absent for his entire life. He doesn’t even bother to remember her name.


  • Cassiopeia Caelus - “You’re way too loud.” A fellow Cubi that befriended him when he first enrolled. She’s stuck to him like glue, and he’d never admit out loud that he enjoys her company. At least, not under normal circumstances.
  • Annette Collins - “Be careful climbing down off that high horse of yours.” An elf from a homeland he’s never even seen before, Annette tends to stick around even though most people have gone. He hasn’t figured out why, either.


  • Kyoko - ”Guess you’re stuck with us.” A member of Drakemire House. It turned out her mysterious absence was caused by an assault that broke both her legs. She’s just as stuck as they are right now.
  • Sera - ”Did you save him?” Their ‘instructor’ in Elysian Geomancy. She’s probably never made a joke in her entire life. Kos doesn’t know if she’s still alive…
  • Joplin - ”Did you make it?” Sera’s ‘associate,’ and the one who called him up on stage first during his big presentation. He’s an endearing man, and the former Dean of the Orion Academy. Kos doesn’t know if he’s still alive…
  • Tetra - “Don't shoot!!” One of the two owners of that boat Kos and his friends dropped in on. She seems rather trigger-happy.
  • Dodger - “Please keep her from killing us.” One of the two owners of that boat Kos and his friends dropped in on. At least she's nice?


  • Jinan - ”Could you…. Shut up? A little? Forever?” Apparently an old friend of Cassie’s, Jinan up and made himself comfortable with them at the soonest opportunity. Kos hates his Million Taro Smile.


  • n/a

Recent Developments

  • When performing his Gloomhaven House duty of night watch, Kosmenos is ambushed by three other students - a human, a dwarf, and a sapha. The three break his arm, disarm him, and drag him into a hidden room in the hallway where they proceed to interrogate him on his classes and instruction with Sera and Joplin. Since he refuses to give up anything they want, they stab him twice before he manages to worm himself loose and escape them. Thankfully, Annette and Cassie find him, and the three escape from the halls into the woods, where they end up hiding out overnight. Sera seems a bit sad that she might have been the cause of the assault, and heals Kos’ injuries for him. She also tells him that their absent classmate was attacked in a similar manner to Kos.
  • The next day, the students gather together in the clearing one last time, and Sera tells them that today will be their last test before she teaches them everything she can via a strange relic called a Way-Mirror. The test itself isn’t terribly hard, once the four figure it out, and they all eventually accomplish their goal of finding Sera and Joplin within the labyrinth. However, in the middle of their accelerated learning, they’re interrupted by the same masked stranger from their first lesson, holding a gun and an odd contraption. Joplin ends up shot, and Sera kills the stranger, but the contraption they hold bursts open, revealing an unsettling creature with six white wings and an otherworldly voice. Sera, showing actual fear and horror for the first time since they’ve met, rips open a hole in the void and urges them to run. The ‘hole’ transports them out of Sybir, across the heavens, and into a boat with two strangers. Thankfully, the two strangers reveal they are nice… eventually… and take them back to a camp in international waters. Kos is not pleased to be back in El Quattor, but for the time being, he’s stuck…

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