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 +====== Khend ======
 +{{ image}}
 +^ Gender: ​   | Male | 
 +^ Age:    | 21 |
 +^ Race:    | Human |  ​
 +^ Height: ​   | 6'​4"​ | 
 +^ Hair:    | Blond |
 +^ Eyes:    | Blue/grey |
 +^ Weight: ​   | 150~ Lbs. | 
 +^ Belief: ​   |  | 
 +^ Birth Date:    | August 5th |  ​
 +^ Sign:    | Leo |    ​
 +^ Occupation: ​   | Arcane Engineer |   
 +^ Skills: ​   | Mad Science, Mechanics, Marksmanship (Minor) Magic (Decent) | 
 +^ Birth Place: ​   | Einbroch | 
 +^ Alignment: ​   | Chaotic Good | 
 +^ Quests Complete: | 8! |
 +**Personality and Description**\\ ​
 +Tall, thin, blond, and wearing an almost ever-present grin, Khend is probably the sanest mad scientist you will ever meet.
 +Luckily for most of the world, he doesn'​t really plan too much beyond the next week or so, so he probably doesn'​t have any world domination plans. Of his own, at any rate.
 +Khend is nice to a fault, but usually spends most of his time quietly listening instead of talking. Unless he's being snarky.
 +Being a mad scientist, the strange is a pretty common sight around him. Physics, you have been warned.
 +**Notable Posessions** \\
 +Light-medium firearms.
 +Heavily over-engineered white leather labcoat.
 +Compressed, portable engineering workstation.
 +Useless Compass (**//​__Always__//​** points down)
 +God only knows how many crappy maps.
 +Freeze Ray
 +Heavily modified decomissioned Rent-A-Cart
 +Steam powered coach
 +Magic amplifying gloves (Not quite stable or safe)<​del>​(Explode when exposed to lightning)</​del>​ THat's been mostly fixed. Probably.
 +3 Refined Elenium Ore
 +Less than tested stuff:
 +Various chemicals in little vials, as emergency consumables. Unknown effects.
 +Trinkets, toys, devices, some of which might work!
 +Forgotten, but probably still there somewhere:
 +-Brahad'​s frozen corpse, still waiting to be scienced upon.
 +**Biography** \\
 +**Recent Development**\\
 +  * **Episode 1:**
 +  * Got recruited to the Rune rebel force in Ba Jin.
 +  * Got lost.
 +  * Ran into the rebels again in Morroc.
 +  * Got lost on the way to Hiedelburg.
 +  * Wandered out of the ruins of Glastheim after a week or so.
 +  * Managed to completely miss the rest of the events in Rune. Presumably by getting lost again...
 +  * **Episode 2:**
 +  * Played the part of Sir NotAppearingInThisEpisode.
 +  * **Episode 3:**
 +  * Showed up in Rachel, and ended up following the group escorting the merchants. Got turned around on hte way to Veins, but eventually caught up.
 +  * Didn't get arrested with the rest of the escort group, possibly being mistaken for one of the merchants originally.
 +  * Wandered into the Bashir camp completely unhindered, followed the group to the Fire Shrine, and somehow dozed off halfway through the string of battles.
 +  * Upon the group'​s return, Khend ended up getting recruited to build siege weapons with Norah Monroe.
 +  * Spent the next couple weeks building siege weapons by day, and designing devices until he fell asleep. Explosions could frequently be heard from the siege camp up the hillside, shortly followed by small showers of metal and parts. ​
 +  * Along with Norah and several helpers, used siege weapons to slow the flow of lava toward Veins by blocking it's path with rocks.
 +  * Khend joined the assault on Rachel, got thrown into the city, and followed the rest of the group into the maze of corridors. Once reaching the gathering of priests, he and Norah peppered them with bullets for the duration of the fight. The priests Farooq and Brahad proved to be astoundingly bulletproof. After defeating Gloom Under Night, Khend quietly bagged Brahad'​s body to commit science on later.
 +  * Intermission:​
 +  * Travelled to Rune overland on a Steam-driven military-grade stagecoach, retrieving most of his posessions from Einbroch on the way by.
 +  * After crossing the Rune/​Republic border, He discovered he had an unexpected stowaway. When he ran out of food. The stowaway was a green haired girl, maybe ten or so, named Susan.
 +  * Susan was tightlipped on any details about her past, so Khend gave up worrying about it too much. Since he wasn't about to just ditch her there, and wasn't entirely sure where she got on, he opted to just take care of her for the time being. She seemed perfectly happy with the arrangement.
 +  * Arrived in Rune, spent some time socializing and running around. Ran into Norah again, and met Lukiv, a member of the Blacklane Company.
 +  * Arranged a deal for storage of his belongings in the Blacklane company by bartering services as an engineer.
 +  * Got dragged by Susan the evercheerful optimist to a cooking contest as a participant,​ much to Khend'​s horror. Proceeded to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, mostly because his opponents insisted on cooking horrors. (Or at least, that's how he sees it.)
 +  * Collected his contest reward, and soon ended up joining the Blacklane Company at Noori'​s insistence.
 +  * **Episode 4:**
 +  * Ran around with Norah, and then the Blacklane Company, helping with his third civil war thus far.
 +  * **Episode 5:**
 +  * There was an End of the World party, and Khend wasn't invited. He is still put out over this.
 +  * **Hidel Intermission:​ Ghostly Whispers**
 +  * Goes back to wandering, with the dissolution of Blacklane. Had to spend most of his savings to store stuff in local warehouses, due to '​hazardous materials'​.
 +  * Khend stumbled into hidel and aided with many of the spirits, though he was of little use for most of them.
 +  * **Episode 6:**
 +  * TBA
 +  * Norah Monroe - In the short time he's known her, Khend has pretty much come to trust Norah completely. Her mostly unedited opinions provide an endless supply of humor to him, especially when she's commenting on some new device he's probably about to blow up.
 +  * Aeden Damon - Met him in Ba Jin during the Rune rebellion events. Got along fairly well, and was introduced to some excellent Ba Jin dishes, guaranteeing absolute trust.
 +  * Susan - An accidental acquaintance,​ Khend seems to have pretty much adopted the cheerful little girl, much to her delight. He finds her silence regarding her past or relatives frustrating,​ though, as he has no idea whether they will cause him trouble later...
 +  * Eva Isolde Aurora - A recent acquaintance,​ he already likes her. Likely because she's approximately his equal in weirdness.
 +  * Shale Lynn - 
 +  * Maruth - 
 +  * 
 +  * More to be added...
 +  * Pretentious,​ Holier than Thou Nobles -  Nuff said.