Keriana Kingsley

Art by BritishMuffin on tumblr! “Within each of us is a skeleton just waiting to be raised. Inspiring, isn't it…?”

Gender: Female
Age: ??
Race: Human(?)
Height: 5'1“
Weight: 90 lbs
Belief: ??
Birth Date: January 13th
Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Necromancer & Student
Combat skills: Dark magic, Necromancy
Peaceful skills: Studying, Trivia
Birth Place: Yuno
Theme 1, Theme 2
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

An oddball that appears to be unaware of her own oddness. From her wide eyed stare and the frail look about her, to her strangely serene smiles, Miss Kinglsey is easily described as unnerving. She's an unfortunately honest sort – too blunt for her own good and prone to speaking her mind without any filter. It can be difficult to tell if she's being rude on purpose or merely prone to speaking without thinking – or maybe caring…

Whatever the case may be, her outlook on life and sense of humor are decidedly unusual. Keriana takes interest in wild theories and adventures completely out of her league, seemingly without a care in the world for her own health (so long as she doesn't die!). Her attitude toward her studies (and anything she finds worthwhile) is similar - she'll go at it until she's satisfied, with little care for any consequences. She can be idly obstinate as well, preferring her own methods until they're proven to be completely fruitless.

Keri is a short and pale looking waif of a girl, with dark bags under her eyes and a generally unhealthy appearance. She looks delicate, as though a hit too hard might snap her right in half… Don't test this theory! Or do.

Personal Items

Parasol: A deep blue old-fashion styled parasol. She uses it to keep the sun out of her eyes and often times as a walking cane. It's very sturdy!


Born into a wealthy business family in the Republic. Keri never showed interest in anything 'traditional' to her family growing up. She opted to collect pinned butterflies instead of dolls, and showed aptitude with magic over money. Despite her failing health she quickly became absorbed with the idea of going to the Sage's Academy to study – and so she went! And studied, studied, studied.

Recent Development

  • Keriana hasn't exactly begun a daring life of escapades and adventures, but she's made… Friends? Maybe? Sort of?! Glastheim is an okay city.
  • “I'm going to learn sooo-o many curses…”

Friends and Foes


  • Mother, Father, Brother. They're in Yuno, and it's not very fair! She'd like to be back in Yuno, too. Sigh…

Uniquely Captivating

  • Gabrielle - “One day I'll be as skilled as you..” Schoolmates! Keriana idolizes her a little too much, and bases her studies on 'How Would Gabrielle Do It' - usually that means foregoing sleep and eating.
  • Rudie [Fawn] - “I went aaall the way to Yalla.. Sshhbmglh..” Her Best Goat! She likes sharing with them, and telling them about her dreams, and watching them sleep, and, and, and…
  • Vela [Polo] - “Which of us will die, if we 'adventure'?” Her lovely assistant, but who knows for what! One of few people Keri doesn't wholly mind touching her or actively invading her space. They have a tendency to get up to Stupidty together.

Rapt Attention

  • Rurik [Doctor] - “Warmth, pleasee.” He has an impressive glare, but his magic is decidedly more so! The Doctor gets up to a lot, and Keri likes to listen - and leech warmth off him.

Ooh, How Interesting!

  • Alexandra [Miss Wizard] - “Witches and wizards don't get alooong..” Keriana's opinion on the Wizard's Guild is hardly as sour as some Sage Academy Attendees, but she still might not take it fully seriously. Show her your lightning!!
  • Gaius [Zombie] - Definitely dead…” He doesn't seem to mind her odd sense of humor, or the fact that she calls him a zombie – though he does return the favour.
  • Kuhn - “They call me Reb and don't make a fuss about it..” She likes Kuhn's hair and eyes. They probably have very strong bones.
  • Laira [Thorne] - “Thorns are prettier than roses, you know.” Sharing is caring, and Laira shares all sorts of delightful herbal concoctions with Keri. She insists on trying them all, and finds her company pleasant to boot.


  • Aja - “You'll have to carry me..” Strong.
  • Fiain [Wolf] - “Your scales are the prettiest.” Not a Splicer, but a 'Starborn'. Her wolven form is beautiful. What sort of bones does it have?
  • Glynth [Mask] - “Is there another mask under your skin?” She prefers him mask on and tends to go cross eyed at him when it's off.
  • Luca - “Or are your scales the prettiest?” A very, very pretty splicer - the oddity of her mutations makes up for the fact that she is a splicer. Delightful!!
  • Melody [Poet] - “I like this side of you, better.” The Real Poet.
  • Poet [Poet 2] - “Maybe you're not a book whisperer, at all…” She's not entirely certain he's anything but a Book Ghost.


  • Bysmiel - “Why won't you accept my apology…”

Art © Muffin

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