Keiji Arai

“Fireworks? I think I have a flare for it!”

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Human
Height: 5'7
Weight: Healthy
Belief: Awakenism
Birth Date: March 19th (Spring)
Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Pyrotechnician
Skills: Pyrotechnics (fireworks), music
Birth Place: Amatsu
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Always donning a panda hat as a reminder of his roots, Keiji upholds a cheery, gentle disposition at the expense of being deemed vulnerable and easily manipulated— which admittedly, he is sometimes.

One could say Keiji is of the boy-next-door type: well-mannered, warm-hearted, and haplessly unrefined.

The Pyro Panda often takes advantage of underestimations. Like the minute peace before the bloom of a firework, Keiji has the burning drive to surprise others with his potential.


Keiji was born into a hardy family of pyrotechnicians, immediately becoming another set of hands in the laborious work of his kin. His household was filled to the brim with sons, daughters, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers. However, despite the familial closeness, Keiji never felt as if he fit in, the boisterous family dinners having turned into a chore rather than a daily blessing. His family noticed and deemed him unsuitable to participate in the performances and the creation of new products and instead, relegated him to selling the cheaper, toy-like firecrackers in the streets and around the world when needed.

Fortunately, this did not stop him from learning the skills of the trade. He really did enjoy being a pyrotechnician, although his position had dwindled from that. With the help of some amiable relatives and friends, he honed his ability to create and to use his own fireworks- something separate from the collective binds of his family.

Recent Development

  • After being shaken by the events of Unclouded, Keiji has withdrawn his idealized fantasies of adventuring. At least for the time being. For now, he continues selling firecrackers as he recuperates. He is still thankful for his dipped toes, but time will tell when he is able to muster the courage to venture forth again.

Friends and Foes


Admirable People

  • Rhydian Stahl - Keiji marvels at the Ba Jinian hero for his numerous exploits, and daring tales. The Pyro Panda aspires to have at least a fraction of the man's confidence.
  • Song Shin - As nobility, Lady Song's very presence commands reverence from Keiji. Although her treatment of Karasu worries him, he is humbled by her bravery and charity.
  • Song Suyin - As nobility, Lady Song's very presence commands reverence from Keiji. Although her treatment of Karasu worries him, he is in awe of her wit and ferocity.

Friends and Acquaintances

  • SOMEONE - …


  • SOMEONE - “…” -

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