Karn, Warborn

“What're they gonna think, back home? I just wish I had a way to tell them, heh.”

Gender: Male
Age: 31 (Adult)
Race: Mutant (Splicer - Hyena)
Height: 5'10” / 1.7m
Weight: 163 lbs / 73 kg
Belief: Monotheism
Birth Date: January 10th
Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Rekkenber Researcher, Tensard's Lion & Republic Military Contractor
Combat Skills: Spear & Rifleman, Holy Magic
Practical Skills: Navigation (Land & Sea)
Birth Place: Morroc
Theme - He Woke Me Up Again
Voice - Yosuke (P4)
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Karn's a man of many words and many positive feelings with a toothy grin that often seems infectious. It's hard to catch him on a bad day and even harder to have that taken out on you. He seems almost constantly in a good mood, even if it means making good of a bad situation, and for that reason he can be very comforting in times of need. This constant happiness is one born in the face of struggle and hardship, and for that reason it seems all the more genuine.

Though previously obsessed with becoming stronger to protect the ones he cared about, Karn has come to realize that the people he wanted to protect can now easily protect themselves. It was a frightening thought, at first, but now he's happy to support them and their aspirations… After all, that's his dream fulfilled in its own way. Karn still chooses to protect those who clearly need it, whether it means acting as their shield or teaching them to take up the blade. His quest for infinite power has stopped, and he now wishes to find his own limits.

Physically, the man looks as though he's been through quite a lot. He has a swimmer's physique, clearly muscled and yet lithe despite it, but how well he takes care of his body could be called into question. Several scars and pock marks cover him, the remnants of wounds from older battles, though he carries them proudly as badges of honor. His hair is a sandy brown and un-obscured eye emerald green.

Personal Items

The Skullspear An obsidian spear covered in blades that spiral out in every direction. The spear's broad tip extends from an obsidian skull attached to the top of the shaft's gaping mouth.
Warborn Dragon Gun A modern-looking rifle created in Juperos and commissioned specifically by him. It's crafted of legendary materials and carries enchantments and other improvements to match their rarity.
Gem Bracelet A gift from the Queen of Glastheim's ghost, it hangs from his belt rather than around his wrist. A bittersweet reminder that joy can somehow bloom from death!
Fragment of Peace A necklace that dangles from his belt like a charm. It has a shining jewel in its center and radiates a feeling that usually puts him at ease.
Aldir's Headband A leather strap wrapped thrice around the stock of the Dragon Gun. Before that, it was a reminder that everyone deserves a second chance.


  • Born in Morroc, although he moved to Prontera at a very young age.
  • Grew up wanting to join both the church and the chivalry, and pursued training in both for that reason.
  • Learned a reasonable amount of holy magic as well as swordplay before deciding that he wanted to join neither.
  • Lived life as a freelance mercenary from the age of 18 - 22, then decided to return to Morroc and learn more about where he came from.
  • Returning to Morroc was a poor decision, and he was abducted from his inn's room to be sold off as human property.
  • Bought by a fairly wealthy woman intent on keeping him as a servant; he spent 22 - 24 as her personal slave among other things!
  • Finally found a window of escape at the age of 24, and spent the next year fleeing pursuers and rebuilding what he could.
  • Now 25, he joined a crew of vigilantes in the El Quattor Grande who were going after pirates and other lawless types.
  • Spent 25 - 26 doing that, and only quit because most of the rest of his crew was unfortunately killed when they tangled with the wrong pirate.
  • The last four years have been spent fighting, struggling, wrestling, and kicking his way to fame and power. Though he achieved more of the latter than the former, Karn is happy where he sits.

Notable Achievements

  • Anyone's free to know about these, new character or not.
  • Karn participated and claimed victory in Rune's tournament to decide the new Knight-Captain, though he competed as a Gladiator for fame and money instead. Two others were on his team, Shale Lynn and a mysterious masked man!
  • Karn was a member of the party that decimated the city of Geffenia in an all-out attack to dethrone Octavian Goldwing.
  • Karn is an Orcish Hero, wielding a weapon meant for such, and his amassed fortune of zeny was used by them to buy the town of Geffen. They've dubbed the new city 'Karnorc' in his name.
  • Karn brought four friends along to bring down and free the orc King Hraedon, doing so a grand total of three times and claiming victory. Though one attempt came with high costs, he successfully freed the spirit and brought Hraedon back into this world.
  • Karn was injured severely in an undisclosed but life-threatening way, and placed in Rekkenber's hospital in Alberta for the period of three to four months in recovery. Newspapers and the general rumor mill suggest that he should not have survived this endeavor, but was somehow able…
  • Karn is employed by the Rekkenber Corporation, based in the Republic, and has relocated to the northern country for the time being. What business he has up there is questionable, and he has not come home for the war.

Recent Development

  • Karn elects to remain in the Republic, once the war has begun, on a strange invitation(?) from the President himself. He moves to Einbech, with two train tickets he was kindly given, and is happy to see Zefi following… Despite family back home.
  • After meeting a few new faces in Einbech, he enlists them (in his own way) to help him with the investigation of a train with a phantom passenger. Things go wrong, then right, and then all funky…
  • … And Karn joins the Republic Military, though as a contractor. He's tasked with discovering the source of a strange ailment and putting a stop to it, which is something that he would have done anyway. For the moment, strangely, he can't complain.

Friends and Foes


  • Derek :: “I never thought I'd be moving up to your domain, right? I'll have to visit, soon.” :: Karn's brother and kind of a dick. They hit a bit of a rough patch over the last year, but have since made up. Though they remained at a distance for a time, fate's pushed them closer together than ever… Perhaps there's time to make up.
  • Shale :: “More than a best friend - I'd call her family without hesitation. I guess we're on two sides of the border, now, but…” :: The girl who Karn spent most of his better years adventuring with. It troubles him to know that they're likely on opposite sides, in this war, but he has no intention of fighting in the first place. Somehow, he's pretty sure that she feels much the same.

Traveling Companions

  • Zefi :: “I won't say I'm surprised you're still here, but… I will thank you, heh. I'd probably die, otherwise.” :: Karn's colleague and a girl that he frequently holds hands with. While he used to be her bodyguard, their current employment in Rekkenber is… A little up in the air. They work well together regardless, and he'd be happy to stay with her for a very long time.
  • Hilde :: “My gryphon and a good pal. She might not be quite as fast as a train, but I still prefer the open sky over those squeaky rails.” :: Finally doings hands-on work again, Hilde is seeing more action! She seems willing and even eager, apparently enjoying the laid-back and boring lifestyle about as little as he did.


  • Aldir :: “It's been a long time since we've talked, but I just know that you're doing fine. Shale would wallop you if you weren't, anyway.” :: An ex-assassin who Karn convinced to leave the company of the Lucid Souls. He turned out to be Shale's uncle, which came as some surprise, and made sparing him all the better.
  • Aren :: “I'm still a Lion - Call on me whenever you need, and I'll drop what I'm doing to fly back over the border.” A good friend. The Lions have been kind to Karn, though he's at a distance for the moment, and he still feels fellowship among them - Especially Aren.
  • Carmac :: “Shale's husband, now, actually. I never thought that she'd wind up married before me, but… Here we are. Life's pretty funny, sometimes.” :: A friend mostly by proxy, given he's the partner of Shale. Though Karn approved of his sudden bravery in the past, he seems to have amassed more wealth and power than most people would before deciding they have a limit… For that reason, he's a little wary.
  • Chloe :: “I haven't heard from Chloe in a while. I think she was pregnant, but by now she's probably had the kid… I should pay her a visit, maybe.” :: Karn's first and only student of the blade, and one who turned into a fine adventurer in her own right. She seems to be settling down, but then so is he - There's no room to judge.


  • Raksha :: Shale seems to like her a lot, and that's good enough for him. When he last saw her she seemed awkward and reserved, but people can change…
  • September :: She seems to panic easily, but everyone's got a brave heart in them somewhere… If she decides to stick around, Karn knows that she'll find her courage. At least, he hopes so.
  • Tal Cato :: A lady from the North who seems kind, if a little quirky. Those are the sorts of people Karn likes best, however! The fact that she made good use of the Dragon Gun is only icing on the cake – He's hopeful they'll become friends.

Respected Orcs

  • Hraedon :: He wouldn't die… Not in a surprise attack, and not in the war after it. Even if he did, he'd go with honor.
  • Muk :: No doubt cleaving swathes in the Republic's army, not that Karn would do the same… But for an orc, that's all one could want.
  • Netrads :: What does he think of this war? No doubt more than his more brutish comrades, but could he even stop them? The question is a difficult one.
  • Solar :: Would he come back to Karnorc to help defend it? Something tells Karn no, but there remains the chance.
  • Tug :: Still looking for the one that did this to him. Things have… Changed, but that doesn't mean the path is any different.

I Don't Know…

  • Sergeant Hanson :: The woman who fired on Tug Skullspear… After he charged her. The landscape has changed, and it seems she's guilty of far less than he imagined - Even after the same people that he is. Fate deals a funny hand, doesn't it?
  • Strange Succubus :: Deceased, apparently… She was one of Rekkenber's experiments, it seems, and a highly illegal one.


  • The Everglace Family :: Though they've been apart for five years, a recent reminder has brought these snakes back into the light. It's very difficult to get Karn angry, but they've somehow managed. Now that he's on their turf, things could get ugly.
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