Kaede Kudo

“Where did it all go wrong? I must've broken a mirror, or a house full of them.”

Gender: Female
Age: 21 (Adult)
Race: Splicer (Draconic)
Height: 5'7” / 1.7m
Weight: 158 lbs / 71.5 kg
Birth Date: Summer (July 7)
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Bad Luck Charm
Titles: None
Combat Skills: Kendo, Eastern & Western Martial Arts
Practical Skills: Cooking, Mechanics
Birth Place: Prontera
Theme: Uzu Sanageyama
Voice: Amy Adams

Personality and Description

Though she was nothing but gentle smiles two and a half years ago, Kaede now stands a five foot and seven inch ball of tired frustration. Her previously raw and un-toned muscle has firmed and tightened into the sort that might make the common woman jealous, though it hardly brings her any pride - This look of peak physical perfection is all thanks to an scientific 'gift', if it could be called that, from the Rekkenber Corporation.

Other wonderful symptoms (or more like scars) from that science experiment are a pair of unnaturally yellow eyes, a pair of similarly-colored horns, and glimmering scales that coat most of her neck and lower cheeks. Her fingertips have elongated into gleaming claws in the same way, acting as wonderful weapons but getting in the way most of the rest of the time.

Kaede has the scruffy look of someone who probably either lives in squalor or the woods, alongside the fed-up look of someone who clearly wants to be left alone most of the time. When engaged, however, she isn't all scowls and threats! In fact, this girl can carry a conversation… So long as you don't make the mistake of mentioning her many deformities. How hard could that be?

Personal Items

The True Word of Odin A scroll bathed in light, containing the words of Odin to the lesser races. The texts are untouched and therefore not twisted by man's desire. But what does it mean, now, even? Kaede's faith is all that keeps her human, she feels, and it is dwindling…


Kaede was born in the city of Prontera to Tokiko Kudo and Gregor Harman, both decidedly skilled in their chosen paths and both debatably in love.

Her mother was a martial artist from Ba Jin, not one with a considerable reputation beyond any but her peers, but skilled nonetheless. She departed from the eastern continent when she became fed up with the machinery taking hold there, choosing to lay down new roots in the much 'cleaner' country of Rune. It was there that she met Gregor…

Kaede's father was a monk within the monastery north and east of Prontera, practicing spiritual and physical strength until the dissolution of the Church of Odin. Though the two met while Gregor was still practicing within the monastery, they fell quickly in love and out come Kaede.

Both parents made their best attempt to nudge their daughter in certain directions, either toward a more eastern or western approach at combat, but what came out was a much more interesting product! Kaede showed interest in both styles at a young age, requesting teachings in both and in the end combining them into something unheard of and, realistically, less effective. Despite the knowledge of that, she pressed on with this strange fusion and developed what she calls two separate 'forms' or 'stances'.

Kaede was pulled in many directions by her unmarried parents, with her mother spouting horror stories about the airships and rifles of the east while her father tried to encourage her to seek spiritual guidance and harmony. In the end, she defied both of their wishes almost completely by drawing captive interest from her mother's horror stories and finding little peace or quiet in meditation.

As a result, Kaede pushed aside her training at around the age of sixteen and devoted time and what little money she had to learning about the machinery she'd been told about. Airships and rifles were far out of her grasp, but what she could find in Prontera's library as well as a lovely niche bookstore in town was enough to teach the girl several things… The first of which being that this art was particularly expensive to kickstart.

Without a lot of money left and barely any clue how to work with metal, she set out to make her own kit of necessary tools. The process was longer and more costly than her meager budget would have liked, but she was able to create a bag of what one book called 'the basics'. With those crudely crafted tools she got to work, doing what she could with her father's old equipment after claiming it from him. The result was… Awkward, if somehow effective.

Kaede devoted most of her time to machinery and tinkering in her later teenage years, all the way up to nineteen… Unfortunately, that is where things began to go very wrong for her. Caught up in a techno-prison with a small group of others, she found her own faith in crisis just in time for life to take a very poor turn.

In what could best be described as a freak accident, the girl found herself on the wrong end of a series of experimental injections and returned with a few… Strange new gifts. It has shaped her, very literally, into what she is today - A woman waging constant war with herself, or perhaps some primal spirit inside of her, to keep control and suppress a constantly mounting rage.

It's an uphill battle, but one that she keeps at a stalemate… Somehow.

Recent Development

  • Meeting with Rune's curious dragon 'tribe' and their… Folks… Proves a wise idea, and Kaede gains some insight into just what's going on inside of her. It's not exactly comforting, when the end result of her affliction is a disastrous unknown, but knowing is at least one percent of the battle.
  • Despite an offer for relief, the woman finds herself conflicted. A rock and a hard place comes to mind, and she delays her decision by staying just outside of the town of Karnorc… Until the anger grows insurmountable, at any rate.
  • … And when it does, she stays far away from people. Sometimes for weeks at a time, Kaede disappears to who-knows-where and returns a little bit bloodier than when she departed.

Friends and Foes


  • Gregor Harman :: “You don't deserve to see your daughter like this.” :: Kaede's father. They have had their disagreements in the past, but hers is a dilemma that supersedes that sort of thing.
  • Tokiko Kudo :: “May we never meet again.” :: Kaede's mother. Far more agreeable than her husband, and therefore even less deserving of the knowledge that her spawn is a science experiment.


  • Atlas :: “Thanks for letting me crash at your place. Sorry to intrude.” :: A friend from the aforementioned techno-prison. Fun to tease, but who isn't? Gets absorbed in her work, and is fine with quiet company. That's handy.
  • Cliff :: “Or is it your place? You pay the bills, like you won't stop saying.” :: Another friend from that hell. This one died, and hasn't seemed quite right since.
  • Gabrielle :: “I wish I still liked anything the way you like books.” :: The last friend from down below that she's willing to keep up with, on some vague level. Very studious. A good example.


  • Elaine Rekenber :: “I guess we both know Rekkenber's dirty secrets, now.” :: A woman Kaede met by very strange chance, a long time ago. No doubt she's forgotten, by now.
  • Raksha :: “One of the dragon 'tribe'. Or whatever.” :: This one's alright, if only for the timely rescue and offer for help. Very curious, in the… Friendly way.
  • Tissa :: “She had plenty to say about my condition. Even two ways to fix it.” :: Another with the dragons, though she seemed more like the other one's companion. Business-like.
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