“Get lost.”

Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Monstrous Starborn
Belief: Kill or Be Killed
Birth Date: ???
Sign: ???
Occupation: BGSF Officer
Skills: Killing, Fighting, Intimidation, Engineering,
Birth Place: Dorado
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

What always matters to someone– or rather, something like Jethro, is survival. In order to survive in the world he’s learned to live in, one always must be able to protect himself, to take a beating, to stand tall above the rest. To be *feared*, to scare your hunter before he could he could slit your throat. Instilling fright in others has always been second nature to the fiend. After being hunted for so long, it was the only way he could protect himself and others he held dear. Over time it’s become who he is as an individual. Watching a smaller look at him and tremble even if he doesn’t try to come across as intimidating has just become a part of his relationship with others. He has a physical presence that can shake someone if they aren’t strong willed enough which *has* made living with humans quite difficult.

To mostly everyone who deals with him on a day to day basis, he puts on an air of someone who absolutely hates to be bothered - and to be fair, he usually does, but to colleagues who know him, he can be very standoffish, impatient and wants to get to the point. Any attempt at joking or flirting with him tends to go in one ear and out the other. Whether or not something like that actually gets through to him depends on the face he makes.

He has little patience for those who like to dance around things and can be quick to anger if he knows someone is trying to toy with him. Commonly, dramatic people or anyone who likes to draw out reactions are usually on the top of the list of those who piss him off. Jethro is blunt in his speech and never finds reason to speak with anything but honesty and he expects that of those he associates with as well.

With his comrades in the forces or with anyone who works with or has worked with him, Jethro shows promise as a good leader. Surprise, right? For someone who hates humans, he works surprisingly well with them when he has to. He is loyal, respectful and takes initiative when need be. He never has issue taking the brunt of responsibility and carry his team through, with the intent of protecting everyone.

Recent Development

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  • Nova - “She’s a good girl. Didn’t deserve what those fucks did to her. ” A young mimic fiend he’s looked after since before fiends were accepted into society. A group of hunters made an attempt to capture her and managed to blind her permanently with a flash grenade before Jethro stepped in to “take care” of the problem. One of hunters somehow got away but Nova refuses to get vengeance, much to his displeasure. She has always been his voice of reason when he his first instinct is to hunt and kill and always supports him, bringing up alternate ways to his usual animalistic nature. Though they’re not blood related, Nova always says they’re family.


  • Milena Croquette - “Bumpkin. I don’t know why she joined the team. She’s much more suited for other jobs. Like scaring away crows.” A new recruit who joined his team recently. She’s a bit too… spirited for his tastes. Admittedly, he’s impressed by how many chili dogs she can put down.
  • Guadalupe Paz de Miller - “….” TBA


  • Quinn - “She was a fun time. Kinda sad to have seen her go but all power to her.” A woman he served in the Royal Navy with and had gotten to know before fate led them down different paths. Their relationship was mostly fun and very……… physical in nature. Despite her teasings and jokings, he actually ended up caring for her quite a bit. Maybe more than he was willing to admit.

( Main art by Flora! )

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