Isaac Hamilton

“I swear, it wasn't my fau– Whoops, did I do that?”

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Human
Height: 5'6
Weight: 131 lb
Belief: Monotheism
Birth Date: August 11th
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Knight / Novelist
Skills: Melee Combat, Swordsmanship, Spears
Birth Place: Al De Baran, Allied-States of Rune
Theme: Ys III Wanderers - The Boy's Got Wings
Character Sheet

Personality and Description


While generally well-meaning and kind, Isaac is a bumbling buffoon, often getting into situations that either cause inconveniences not just for himself but for others as well. He tends to stutter often, but he aims to improve it and get rid of it with time, as his words seem to usually slur and taking occasional pauses whenever he tries to open his mouth. Overall, he's quite the clumsy individual.

Despite these flaws, Isaac is actually a very good-natured person at heart. He tends to try and be kind to others around him, always lending a helping hand or offering a listen towards other people. He will also stand up for himself, albeit rarely, should someone try and struck a nerve within him somehow.

As a writer, Isaac is fairly good at writing prose and description. So far his talent comes from the fact that the characters and relationships in his stories are well-written. However, he suffers from occasional accounts of no muse and writer's block, thinking that he lacks originality when it comes to his books.


Appearance-wise, Isaac has an average build, with some muscle within his body. He has jet black hair which is usually cut short but takes the time to have it combed and well-maintained. He has fair skin, sapphire blue eyes, with a pair of black thick-rimmed glasses worn upon his face. His vision is severely lacking, so he's never seen without them on.

The attires he wears often is a black jacket, with a white shirt worn underneath it, along with a black tie worn around his neck. Whenever the occasion for battle arises, he will wear a suit of padded armor over his body.


Born to a noble family that has a lineage to knighthood, Isaac was considered the black sheep of the family. As the youngest of three siblings, having an older brother and an older sister, his family members never really had high hopes for the boy. Isaac was usually relegated to doing the worst of tasks and chores that the other family members didn't feel obligating on doing. To make matters worse, knighthood wasn't something he was really interested in at all, but he was too scared to wanting to change careers into becoming a writer instead.

Over the years, Isaac eventually was goaded and pressured into becoming a knight by his family, earning the title of squire at the age of seventeen. However, his tasks were never really noteworthy, almost usually tending to the pecos or doing mundane chores for the Prontera Chivalry. Finally, as the boy wanted to take matters into his own hands, he finally admitted that knighthood wasn't for him towards his own family and wanted to follow his dream to becoming a novelist. Unfortunately, his family did not support his decision and told him that he is now left to his own devices.

Left to fend for himself, Isaac took what he could with him and decided to make his life his own and hoping to achieve his dreams and goals. Until now, he manages to get a publisher, Laurent Books, for his writings, provided on the assumption that he'd make more books for them in the future.

Recent Development

  • After the war has ended, Isaac has decided to take into his family's footsteps and continue the lineage of knighthood. Though, he was at least allowed to keep his career as a writer, but that will be a side-thing for the time being.


  • Isaac is currently getting used to his new duties and position, but still pines and yearns to write more books and adventure like he always wanted to. Just like the ones he had read through tall tales.

Friends and Foes


  • Christopher Hamilton (Father) “I'll prove to you that I'll be great someday! … Someday!” Isaac's father who's serious with a no-nonsense attitude. Him and Isaac never saw eye-to-eye with another, due to conflicting ideals with each other. Isaac yearns one day to make him proud and be acknowledged by his father.
  • Karin Hamilton (Mother) “You encouraged me and told me to choose the path that I wanted.” Isaac's doting soft-spoken mother who always supported Isaac whenever she could. Her kind nature sort of rubbed onto him, which is a trait he is thankful for to have.
  • Lloyd Hamilton (Older Brother) “Mm.. happily married, I suppose? He was always better and stronger than me in many ways.” His older brother, who's next in line and heir to his noble house. A bit pompous and arrogant, his skill over swordsmanship alike towers over Isaac's own, which is something Isaac hopes to overcome one day. Isaac has harbored envy towards Lloyd for being favored.
  • Jessica Hamilton (Older Sister) “Ah, dear sister! I promise to always write back, I will!” The person he is close to, Jessica seems very supportive of his younger brother, especially thrilled knowing he was able to get a book published. While apart nowadays, they tend to write letters to stay in touch.



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