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 +====== Isaac Von Grundermann ======
 +^ Gender: ​   | Male | 
 +^ Age:    | 35 |
 +^ Race:    | Human |  ​
 +^ Height: ​   | 6'​4"​ | 
 +^ Weight: ​   | 60 lbs | 
 +^ Belief: ​   | Atheism | 
 +^ Birth Date:    | 10th August |  ​
 +^ Sign:    | Leo |    ​
 +^ Occupation: ​   | Director of Grundermann Corp. Rune Branch |   
 +^ Skills: ​   | Accounting, Finances | 
 +^ Birth Place: ​   | Yuno, Schwarzvald Republic | 
 +**Personality and Description**\\ ​
 +Isaac is a man of science and finances; he is slim, tall and stands in quite a snobbish proud position. He has blonde hair and a little moustache, wearing a Republican Noble'​s suit to complete his aura of snob.
 +**Biography** \\
 +Born in Yuno, Isaac was a pretty his family branched out in the Republic around the time he was 10. This was the start of his decline, as he turned from a pretty upbeat boy to a sour, serious man.
 +He was very close to his brother, a figure he admired. He has kept such a stable good friendship until his brother decided to marry a non-noble woman, something Isaac did not like at first however he was secretly supportive to him. He has never heard of his brother again after the brother was disowned.
 +Much years later he now owns a branch from the family'​s company.
 +**Recent Development**\\
 +  * Discovered that his brother has a daughter, Rolante Lavandear, whom he's curious to know more...despite of his barrier of snobbish attitude.
 +  * As Rune was in conflict, Grundermann kept away as much as he could until stuff hit directly Geffen. He then aided the Rebellion by sending some of his private guards. After that, he now lives in his mansion...contemplating of moving to the Republic as a short, deserved vacation.
 +**Friends and Foes**\\
 +  * Mark and Anita Grundermann - Parents.  ​
 +  * [[world_setting:​characters:​nanalee_grundermann|Nanalee Grundermann]] - Beloved daughter. Thanks to Alesta, he now is closer to her more than ever.
 +  * [[world_setting:​characters:​bertha|Bertha]] - Family maid. She doesn'​t bear a speck of dust on the surface.
 +  * [[world_setting:​characters:​alesta|Alesta Mane]] - The gypsy that stole his deceased wife's music box, something he treasured dearly. They have grew to be friends and helped him out immensely so far, something he is grateful towards...