Irene Landevale

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

Gender Female
Age 23
Race Human
Height 5'4“ - 163cm
Weight 120lbs - 54kg
Belief Resolve and Dreams
Birth Date March 15th
Sign Pisces ♓
Occupation Royal Enchanter; Theoretician; Hedge Witch
Non-Battle Skills Persistence, Enchanting, Studying
Battle Skills Faux-Wizardry, Displacement, Witchcraft
Birth Place Heidelberg, Kingdom of Glastheim
Battle Sheet
Theme One Theme Two

Personality and Description

Irene has her head in the clouds, living in a world of theory, trial and error. Driven by her feelings, passion, anger, sorrow, and fear - most of which she feels strongly for others, rather than herself. She is more likely to stand up for another's cause over her own. Irene has a naive-innocence to her, guided by her unique moral compass. She strives to be fair and understanding - finding justice if she can.

Irene is an average looking girl in her words, her stand-alone features would be her ashen skin and heterochromatic eyes. Right blue and the left green. She has long plum hair, with a curvaceous athletic figure. Irene sports modest clothing, shy about showing off her body or skin - even with the compliments she has gained the girl is usually uncomfortable in her skin. Always wearing her emotions and intentions on her face. Irene has a most difficult time lying to others, not that she minds, somehow she sees honesty as the best policy.

Irene tends to be very modest and virtuous, she has not always made the best decisions in life, taking a lesson from each experience. Even in her darkest hours, Irene will pick herself up in time - and keep pushing forward. Though sometimes considered a loner, Irene has a habit of shying away from her friends. Constantly throwing herself into an adventure, work, projects, helping someone - anything she can grab her hands on. Perhaps it is not so selfless, her strong desire to help others.


Irene was raised in Harborberg by her Grandfather, she took it upon herself to learn magic at an early age - which has always been a tough topic for her. Being a cornbread-hearty farm girl, she always looked up to the travelers who came through town. Borrowing what knowledge she could from them, she never received proper training in magic. Despite her fascination with magic, Irene had always wanted to be the capable knight like her father, or so she was told he was, and despite the rumors. Remembering little of her parents, it seems more like they just vanished out of her life one day and it never really hit her. Though in her late teens, she had a strong affinity for learning magic and became an adventurer to further her abilities. The discovery of her mother being a witch brought about a lot of changes and questions into her past.. maybe one day she will have the answers.

Recent Development

  • Who needs a fortune when an adventure is only a journey away - well Irene can always make more coin later. With a map and key in hand, she makes her way into the desert for unknown treasures!
  • Desperate for a change, Irene pushes herself to the very edge of her knowledge - on the breaking point of trial and error. She has no idea where it will take her, but it has to go somewhere.
  • Finding out she has a sister was probably the most shocking part of her summer, finding out her parents had died was the most devastating. Still, Irene works to make her new family functional.
Roleplay Hooks
Fame Has It's Price Irene has done more in her young life than she herself can recall - for better or worse. She has fought in a few wars, though her contributions were more technical or tactical than worthy of conquest.
Invetious Attitude She is always creating something, and her creations have caught the eye of outsiders. Maybe she can make something for you too?
Mentee of Many One as studious as Irene can never draw from one single source, she is always looking for a new teacher to show her more of this world.

Family is Everything

  • Avourel TinderskyI hope the years with mother were peaceful.
  • Mounia LandevaleYou left me much to learn from.
  • Casper LandevaleI know how to give a helping hand properly now.
  • Io LandevaleI wonder if I can be a good older sister to you?

The Lights in my Darkness

  • Ion Sheridan Find your song again.
  • Noah Harper There are so many conditions with unconditional love.

Wherever my journey takes me…

  • Aren TensardYou taught me what it meant to be a knight, more than being a hero.
  • Jeffery StanfordI think you'd be proud of me - or maybe worried.
  • Kaede KudoJust with one minnocent meeting, you set my world upside down.
  • RakshaRest now, you had a long journey.
  • SarronathPassion can be quite treacherous as I am learning.
  • TerraWe have an adventure to go on.
  • Qing Xu/CharobanYour memory bound me to my fate - watch me grow strong.

Stars in my Sky

  • ErebusI don't think I could do what you do.
  • Freya LeoneFollow your dreams, don't give up just because it doesn't go right.
  • Lucifer HarperIt cannot be easy having Noah as a brother.
  • Shale Lynn CarmacThe best sorceress in our era!
  • Zefirous Camilla LedgeSorry, I can't help it! Your tail is so soft.

Tell a Tale with Me

  • Aeden Leo DamonStop looking at me like I'm weak, gosh!
  • Aishe Lazuli RashidI got some tricks to show you, when we meet up again!
  • Aja RahalAjar! Did you get more muscle? You look FIT.
  • Alexandra FairweatherI suppose we have the same goal, don't we?
  • Aslan YazdiWhere did the time go, we spent too much time talking about our work.
  • BranFarmer Joe looks -really- lonely without his best friend ya know!
  • Calder ManarialStill the prettiest of princes!
  • EmeraudeWhat will become of the tea shop without you and Bran?
  • Fayvel VandirI wonder.. if you still wanted that infinity elemental arrow quiver…?
  • Gabrielle Stefania DeAngelisYou are a genius in our field, do you ever sleep?
  • GlynthUhm.. er.. Was that meant to be a joke?
  • HristMaybe next time we meet, I can be more help.
  • Karn WarbornI don't think you ever envisioned being King, did you?
  • KuhnI can't tell if that was sarcasm or you being serious!
  • Lisia SunmournMotherhood suits you!
  • Lunette GaelLulu is good at many things, mysterious things.
  • Dean LykkeYou are like really big!
  • NeptuneI always wanted to meet a mermaid.
  • Norah MonroeThanks for saving my life… sorry I squandered the blessing.
  • Poet Vitale-ElleryI don't see why Rurik is so scared of you.
  • Redoran Lynn CarmacYou have a keen sense for a great deal.
  • Rhydian StahlI wonder if I'll ever be strong like you.
  • Rurik YorenguardI think you are the incarnation of trouble.
  • Teleris ElondarI wish I could garden half as well as you, maybe even one tenth!
  • Vaeril SelmerIf I can help with something, let me know!

Clouds that cover my Sky



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