“What a sad state of affairs.”

Gender: Female
Age: 1000+++
Race: Nephilim
Height: 6'4”
Weight: 195 lbs
Belief: Spirituality
Birth Date: Autumn
Occupation: Wanderer
Combat Skills: Many
Birth Place: ???
Character Sheet

Personality & Appearance

Hrist is highly ambitious, goal orientated, and calculating - to a fault. She shows little hesitation in doing ‘what needs to be done’, even when the path forward may be an unsavoury one. However, that isn’t to say she doesn’t think her actions through! Every step and interaction is a measured one, with positives weighed against negatives… But there are few negative consequences that will keep her from moving forward. In that vein, she may seem somewhat ruthless.

In casual encounters she is pleasant, keeping an air of courteousness and amiability about her. She can be opinionated, mischievous, and seems to note ways to get ‘under the skin’ of her companions - despite these teasing pleasantries, however, there is often a hint of nearly undetectable disdain hidden beneath the surface. Her true mood may just always be hidden beneath a carefully collected set of postures and expressions, making attempts at truly ‘reading’ her difficult. When and if her temper flares however, Hrist becomes passionate, fiery and far less prone to being amiable!

Tall, toned and with a rather intimidating neutral face, Hrist looks at the peak of physical health… And perhaps faintly statuesque. Flexibility is a must in her day-to-day wear, and she prefers to stick to tight fitting outfits that allow for a wide range of maneuverability.


“Fly away, little bird~.” The past is not something she shares.

Recent Goals

  • Although the Era of the Nephilim is long over, Hrist finds herself and a handful of others ‘lost in time’. She has no plans to seek any other Nephilim out, but does desire a purpose…
  • ‘Roughing it’ in the wilderness and searching for… Something! Seeking a particular mythical relic is irritating when you’re Wanted in all of Rune.



  • Lykke - “There're so few of us left, I have no choice but to tolerate you.”
  • Ramil - “Chromatic feathers are so pretty~. Grow up strong, little one.”


  • Rudie - “Nos are always sooo…”


  • Aja - “One of the “Bear”. Tolerable..”
  • Aravae - “She was competent, when I knew her.”
  • Irene - “Humans are so fragile.. Your strength lies in your magic, hmm?”


  • Valentine - “I’d call her more a thorn in my boot than a serious affair, but she does set my temper off so well.~”
  • The Alchemist - “What a fool.”

Art © Muffin!

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