Heather Camille MacDowell

“There's still work to be done. Why stop now?”

Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Human
Height: 5'3'
Weight: 121 lbs
Belief: Atheist
Birth Date: January 2nd
Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Police Officer
Skills: Firearms, Politics, Mediating
Birth Place: Lighthalzen, Schwartzvald Republic
Theme: Zero no Kiseki - Daybreak ~ Grand Finale
Voice: Altina - Trails of Cold Steel II
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Heather is best described as someone that's responsible and determined with a no-nonsense attitude upon her demeanor. She prefers to approach things on a more calculating method, not wanting to do things that would be considered outright reckless. Coming from a background that involved politics and law, she prefers to mediate problems with words rather than violence, wanting to avoid the latter as much as possible.

She prefers to be on the go and doing things as much as she can, not wanting to stay idle and stay put for very long. This could be considered as a detriment, as she piles more work than she should, where as she could be resting and taking a breather instead. Even during her free time, she'd try to come to work on her day offs and still look over paperwork. Overall, she's a bonafide workaholic that doesn't know the meaning of 'rest' apparently.

When it comes to her social life, it's rather non-existent. She is able to talk to people but for some reason, she prefers to keep it to a professional standard. And while she isn't exactly antisocial, she doesn't seem to know how to divide work and personal life from one another, which can be somewhat difficult for others.

Heather stands at five foot and three inches, with a rather lithe and delicate frame upon her person. Her light blonde hair is styled into twin braids, with a pair of half-rimmed glasses worn atop of baby blue eyes. Lastly, her usual attire is her police uniform, which is colored navy blue.


Heather was born in Lighthalzen, fortunately within the richer side of the city. Her family consisted of her father, who is a bureaucrat working within city hall, while her mother is an accomplished lawyer. Both of her parents wasted no time in enlisting their daughter into the highest quality of education, having her enrolled in the most expensive academy. She was basically home-brewed to become the 'perfect' child, hoping she would someday follow in their footsteps.

Heather didn't seem to mind, already having a knack and grasping things quickly than other children wouldn't be able to. However, this caused her to caused a rift in trying to being social with others, preferring to gain more knowledge and better herself for the long-term.

This continued until she reached into adulthood, enrolling into law and politics as her parents has instructed and wished for her to do. Though, things went well until one day, she decided that this wasn't for her, wanting some much more significance within her life. To her parent's dismay, she requested if she could try her hand at law enforcement, something that her family greatly disapproved initially. With some reluctance, Heather was able to convince them to change their minds and after spending some time within the Police Academy at a young age, she was able to graduate.

Recent Development

  • Still freshly a rookie, Heather is undeterred and is prepared to get things going as a new recruit with the LZPD. Knowing that she has a lot on her plate when it comes to the Republic, she looks to find what issues she can solve. Without her parent's help or influence, she is eager to forge a path of her own.


  • James MacDowell (Father) “Sorry, but standing behind a desk is not for me. Please understand.” Heather's father, who is a politician in the Republic government. Very stern and serious, he was greatly disappointed in Heather's sudden career change as he had high expectations for her. Nevertheless, he worries for Heather greatly, knowing that the work of a police officer is a dangerous job.
  • Emma MacDowell (Mother) “I feel that my knowledge is better used elsewhere.” Heather's mother, a defense attorney in the Republic. Highly respected and yet somewhat underestimated, Heather admires her mother for her hard work ethic and her vigilance, hoping to someday become like her one day.


  • Airlea Parker “She's very endearing. I believe her loud and blunt persona is unusual, but it's still rather welcoming.”
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