“I’m good out here.”

Full Name: Heathcliff Sorcraft
Gender: Male
Age: 200
Race: Cubi
Height: 6’4“
Belief: Formerly ??, currently Atroce
Birth Date: May 31st
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Vagrant Performer
Combat Skills: Lightning Magic, Battle Medic
Practical Skills: Electric Bass & Guitar, Sleeping, Screaming1)
Birth Place: Vahk’Sala
Languages: Elvish, Common
Theme - Crossroads
Voice - Hector
Singing Voice - 1, 2
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Heathcliff perpetuates the common aspects of his kind, statuesque and innate finesse, only to an abrupt surface-level. The rest is immediately unconventional, starting with the slouching - the incubi is very often plagued by fatigue, whether by habit or fault, and indifference to said patterns. Other cubi could pin this to lack of maintaining their diet without difficulty; Heath is the sort that only ‘gets by’, and doesn’t mind it that way.

His personality carries on this world-weariness, normally coming across as bitter and intimidating… but his first impressions are generally unsophisticated to begin with; beyond ‘stoic’ behavior, it’s more or less a result of dull awkwardness. At best he prefers an isolationist’s approach (rather, no approach at all) but doesn’t shy away from interacting with others, even those far more extroverted than him. His ‘friendliness’ can be expressed by clipped humor, brusque but laid-back, but given his lack of expression its usually hard to tell.

Despite being lax in every other way, Heathcliff still leans strongly into cubi fashion and flashiness - with emphasis on flashiness, even wearing all-black. It’s almost always the same heavy feather-lined overcoat, with a v-neck lined in several chrome-plated studs that look like they could be blinding in the right light. The sunglasses and pointed chrome helm are more permanent fixtures, as is his chronically frizzy hair, but he’ll hardly deviate and prefers to keep other markers of being an incubi aside from his horns out of sight. His eyes, when he rarely isn’t wearing sunglasses, are a slate grey - save a green limbal ring around his left iris.

Recent Developments

  • Not always one for taking on more than he should, but well, if he’s bringing a god back to Aurora’s mortal plane he might as well go all the way.

Friends and Foes


  • Alecto Della Corte - “Don’t talk much. Cousin does her thing in Quattor, I do mine.”

The Pack

  • Avi Poirot - “I’m not really sure what this means yet… but hell am I glad we’re not doing it alone.”
  • Danyal Atro - “Pretty sure I outlive you a good few decades but you still sort of feel like a stiff, gruntled uncle.”

Here & There

  • Jinan - “About time you bothered someone else.”
  • Zefi - “I think I liked being on a team with you. So we’ll spite-vomit our way to victory again sometime, yeah?
  • Teleris - “You deserve it. Even if it takes a while to figure out - but you do.”

The Heroes

  • Westley Faolan - “Should I be… concerned, about you?”
  • Rhydian Stahl - “I stopped being concerned about you the moment you took a bloodbath to the face.”
  • Pukla Puki - “Probably shouldn’t use you like a lightning rod… Good synergy though, isn’t it?”
  • Drognan Hammerson - “Old enough to my actual grandfather, and still showing us all up on the front-line.”
  • Yuno - “Don’t lose the other arm. You could probably handle it, anyway.”
  • Grog - “Another guitarist. Nice.”
  • Navara - “Never met a Harupi before, but something tells me it’s not suppose to sound like ‘harpy’ if I’m staying on your good side.”
  • Moonlight - “Where does the glitter even -come- from?”
  • Nouvein - “Never met a sort-of Harupi before… with a gun.”

—- Profile Art by paexie

1) With purpose.
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