Hey there, babe.

Harley Cooper

“Roll the dice, 'cos life's no fun without a gamble.”

Gender: Female
Age: 235
Race: Succubus
Height: 5'10“
Weight: 130 lbs
Belief: Spirituality & Fortune
Birth Date: April 5th
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Gambler & Thief
Nicknames: Coop, Cooper
Combat Skills: Stealth, dark magic
Practical Skills: Sleight of hand, alcohol tolerance
Birth Place: Avicenna
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Fortune, risk, thrills! These are the things Harley Cooper lives for. There's nothing she won't do for the electrifying feeling of the odds bent against her. She throws caution to the wind when she has something to gain, and often has ulterior motives in everything she does. In a casual setting she's much more laid back, coming across as a lazy-type that takes life in stride. It takes certain things to really get under her skin, and even then… Probably not her problem.

On top of that she's an outgoing flirt, pleased to use her beauty as a succubus to her advantage where ever she can. Always looking for company, but never on the long term – Harley's opinion of romance is a low one despite her need for (and enjoyment of) affection. She can be rather aggressive, as she is with most things, with her attentions… If she likes you, you'll know. Alcohol and dice, however, make a fine companion should she be lacking in arm-candy.

This succubus is, unsurprisingly, very easy on the eyes. From her hour-glass shape to her pouty lips, she's happy to garner attention when she does. Sports a pair of curled alabaster horns that starkly contrast the fiery red of her hair.


Born in Avicennia, moved to Geffenia while she was still young. She's spent two hundred years causing trouble, getting into trouble, and moving place to place before her face becomes too familiar with local law enforcement.

… 'Harley' is probably a fake name, isn't it?

Recent Development

  • Place to place, but now she's lingering within the kingdom of Glastheim for some reason or another. Staying put is making her antsy, though. Really antsy.
  • Being in the wrong place at the wrong time leads Harley to an act of heroism! The succubus has saved a witch, Phyrral Moonglow, from assault and battery - though the guy got away with the goods, at least she's alive. That's likely not all there is to the story, but it's the version she's telling…
  • A strange invitation left behind by Landion Syrel takes Harley to a small Inn between Prontera and Karnorc… She's netted herself some employment! Teleris would be so disappointed.

Friends and Foes


  • Liliwen [Lili] - “I'm a bad influence on her, but she doesn't mind.” Little sister. They get up to a lot of mischief together, and possibly one of the only people Harley really trusts.

Close Enough

  • Teleris [Tel] - “Anyone messes with you, let me know. Got it?” One of her best pals, though Harley holds her at arms length. She picks on her and teases her, though never too harshly, and she loves her deep down anyways.
  • Calder [Prince] - “Still a cop, huh?” A good friend, though she bullies him notoriously in various ways… But she doesn't tolerate anyone else doing similarly. Hmm.



  • Aravae [Ara] - “You're a little too persistent for my taste.” One of her many exes. She remembers their time together as fond, but not much more than that..
  • Laira - “Practice makes perfect, darlin'.” An attractive succubus that really knows how to rock the heels she wears. Friendly rivals as far as gambling goes. Somehow Laira almost always wins…
  • Lisia [Lis] - “Let's bet big, next time.” Cute elf, though her dancing style's a little odd. Still! Fun to hang around and gamble with.


  • Redoran [Red] - “Hey, you're as stuck up as I remember. Neat!” An old best pal. One that's come into money. Lots of money. But he's still as much as a dick as he was 'back in the day', or maybe that's her bias talking – either way. Blehhhh.
  • Syrel - “All the men in my life have been smug, scum, or psycho. You managed to hit all three!” An old face from another name and another life. Her attitude towards him is virulent, to say the least!

The Rat's Nest

  • [King] - “You dig the thrills, too, huh?” A cheeky and interesting member of 'The Nest', she's growing accustomed to working with him and looks forward to more!

Art is © Arla

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