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Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Human
Height: 6'2“
Weight: 175 lbs
Belief: Believes in the Glynth who believes in him.
Birth Date: November 8th
Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Fool, Entertainer
Skills: Acting, Makeup, Traveling
Birth Place: Alberta
Theme - Mushroom Hunting

Personality and Description

Tall, lanky, built almost like a scarecrow. Glynth usually adorns himself in bright colors, ridiculous masks, strange coats, facepaint, or any other form of discordant outfits. It is almost as if he wants to make fashionable people wince, or attract ridiculous amounts of attention. His eyes have an eccentric golden tinge to them that suggest non-typical human parentage. (Succubus in this case) When not wearing a mask, it's quite typical to see his face worn into a smile that seems to be a mask in and of itself. His build is that of a gymnast, not particularly powerful, but quite good at making use of his body for movement or breaking and entering.

Ah, do I have your attention here? Ah, wonderful! Loud, obnoxious, colorful, vibrant… In most cases and ways, Glynth is everything your parents told you is wrong with society. People seem to misunderstand him, but aside from a few, he's not too inclined to correct them. He has simple goals such as: “Eat” or “Get paid” and most things in his life can revolve around either amusement or money. Truth be told, Glynth is in most things for the experience… Or because he's being paid (Sometimes both!). If it's something he hasn't done or something he hasn't tried, he is likely to be the first in line.

Card carrying member of the “Questionably Moral Breakfast Club”.


“Ah but that's a story best left for another time.” What he has said about it:

  • Born in Alberta
  • Studied Medicine
  • Didn't have enough money to continue studies
  • Became a traveling entertainer
  • If you want to know more, get to know him and ask.

Recent Development

  • Survived the Orcish Bludd Pitt - Pain - unharmed.
  • Hunted down some Pumpkin Spice monsters for last year's harvest, made friends with a giant snake and slipped through the jungle after snatching a backpack full of potions.
  • Was awarded the right to read through all the records of loss and death within the Bludd Pitt.
  • Hired by Rurik to help with a certain Raydric problem… Because governments have deep pockets and the “paid” part didn't come with the attached “probably”.
  • Joined the group seeking to solve Flora's problem… mostly because he's been jonesing to hunt the “Crowbar Mangler” and there was that suggestion of “paid”… “Probably”…

Friends and Foes

  • Oliver Chance - “I'm sure glad I asked your permission to have a different sense of what's important… Otherwise we might not get along! … I don't like this man. Obviously.”
  • Poet Ellery - “I really don't know you, but apparently, you're not too fond of me~”
  • Rurik Yorenguard - “Why does he keep bandying that word… 'Probably' about… Well, he hired me. His problem!”
  • Vela Liloris - “Now how did such a delightful being come to be? A person I enjoy the company of immensely!”
  • Keriane Kingsley - “Marco! You're amusing! You also have the -best- of little demonoid friends!”
  • Freya Leone - “I told you I would help you and your boyfriend make the world a better place. I agreed. Not all must take up the sword… I hope you realize you are far closer to achieving the goals you want without one.”
  • Elijah “Rush” Callahan - “Job's a job. I told you I'd help out. If nothing else, this works out until the road calls my name.”
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