No longer quite so small! –>

Gender: Male
Age: 9 Months
Race: Red Dragon
Height: 4' 6“ / 1.4m
Weight: 613 lbs / 278 kg
Belief: Mama
Birth Date: Summer (July 28)
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Fierce Dragon?
Titles: Gil
Combat Skills: Fire Breath, Flight
Practical Skills: Fishing, Hunting
Birth Place: Heidelberg
Theme: Gadget March

Personality and Description

Gil has grown into something of a little monster! Or maybe just an actual monster… It's proof of how quickly dragons mature physically, at least. Standing at about four and a half feet when on all fours and weighing over five hundred pounds, he's liable to crush the bones of any hapless adventurer he chooses to tackle and sit on. It's a good thing his mother has told him explicitly not to do that! She hasn't quelled his playful side completely, however…

On all fours he rises to four and a half feet, as mentioned before, and one no longer needs to lean down in order to reach his head. Golden-red scales that seem diamond-hard line his body and shimmer in direct light as well as darkness. His tail is longer than his body is and sports a fairly deadly looking set of spiked scales along the top – This thing looks like it could crush ribs and lungs with a single swipe. Gil's large maw is full of razor-sharp teeth, to boot, that could easily remove a limb!

Still ever-curious and precocious, Gil seems playful with most everyone and surprisingly trusting of those that he doesn't know. He knows well enough not to tackle or bite those who can't take it, but he can still get a little too rough when he's carried away. Whoopsie!


Gil was the intended son of a red dragon who fell unfortunate victim to poachers, and his egg was later recovered by a small group sent by the city of Karnorc to investigate. With no home to be transferred into, his egg was entrusted to Shale Lynn by the Golden Dragon Chip. It hatched on July 28th of 3014, and she has been raising the precocious little thing since then…

Though initially a timid and nervous little hatchling, Gil has grown into an adventurous (if still quick to run back to his mother's side at the sight of danger) sort of creature. He still loves and respects his mother to the point that he'd not leave her side if she requested it, but is also a whole lot more autonomous lately!

When not lounging who-knows-where, Gil can often be found wandering Heidelberg - He's a fairly regular sight for residents, now, but still surprises and shocks most adventurers who pass through town. Fortunately, enough of the folk are locals to keep adventurers' blades in their sheathes.

Recent Development

  • Spending more time on the mountain of Mjolnir with his mother, Gil is learning to hunt and fish for himself - And quickly, too! He's finally taken a decent shining to Redoran, as well, despite their language barrier.
  • Gil lounges about Shale and Redoran's secret garden, now installed with a 'chimney' through which he can escape, and seems to be building his first hoard… Silverware is his treasure of choice, and many neighbors to the Lynn-Carmac residence will find theirs are going missing.

Friends and Foes


  • Shale :: No one better! Gil's Mama. :: The one to whom he is imprinted, and an amazing lady even without that driving instinctual force to back her up. In Gil's eyes, she can do no wrong!
  • Redoran :: On mostly steady ground, now. Gil's Papa? :: Shale spends enough time with him for Gil to consider him 'okay', by now. He's got to be, if she likes him so very much!


  • Aravae :: A woman he hasn't seen in some time. Still a nice one that can pet him..
  • Calder :: Gil's babysitter. Much easier to escape now that he can fly.
  • Chloe :: Another one he hasn't seen in a while. She can definitely pet him!
  • Raksha :: A nice woman who gave him his first gemstone. It's still kept in his small hoard, precious and safe.

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