“There is no excuse for sloppy performance.”

Gaelin Selmer

Gender: Male
Age: 339
Race: Elf
Height: 6’4
Weight: 145 lb
Belief: Spirituality
Birth Date: April 10
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Witch Doctor
Skills: voodoo, potions
Birth Place: Avicennia

Personality and Description

Gaelin is a smart and focused man. He works hard to earn everything he gains in his life and shows nothing but pride in his work and choices. This does not mean he never has doubts in himself, but a confident strong image is important. He has always been stubborn and a little cold, but the past few years of his life have pushed him even further into these habits which can make it hard for him to get along with people. His temper can be quick and he is a bit too honest most of the time, but control is something he tries to believe in. Despite his behavior that some might consider difficult, he is a good man deep down. He has a strong love for his family and those close to him and rarely turns his back on them.

The elf stands tall at 6’4 with a proud posture. His hair is a dark green and kept short and his eyes are an amber color. His clothes are always well kept like the rest of him. He takes pride in his appearance and he is known for usually wearing cloaks, keeping useful items hidden in them.


Gaelin was born and raised into a large family in Avicennia. Being the eldest of his siblings, he always stuck close to home and in order to help raise his brother and sisters. Like the rest of the Selmer family, Gael was raised into magic and became very skilled in voodoo and potions. In time, he even managed to make a life out of his practice by becoming a talented witchdoctor.

Once all of his siblings were old enough to take care of themselves, he felt comfortable focusing more on his work and opened up a shop where he provided various spells and potions for those in need. It was at his shop that he met an elven woman named Sarya whom he quickly fell in love with. Over time, Sarya decided to work alongside Gaelin and the two eventually married had two children together.

Unfortunately, in more recent years, Vahk’Sala went through quite a bit of struggle and during the fall of Geffenia, his home was destroyed and the lives of his beloved wife and children were taken from him. With nowhere to go, Gaelin turned his focus back onto his parents and siblings, helping them recover and keeping them safe.

Recent Development

  • As much as he wants to go back home, he's slowly been settling more and more into Juperos, if only to keep an eye on his wandering family. They'll eventually stay out of trouble so he can mediate less, right?…right?

Family, Friends, & Others


  • Zulae Selmer - Father “He has worked far too hard to hold respect in our family, it's only right to live up to his standards.”
  • Marissa Selmer - Mother “Her way of thinking will always confuse me some, but as proud and as hard working as father.”
  • Keya Selmer - Younger sister “She has her own lifestyle, but I try not to question it.”
  • Ester Selmer - Younger sister “There has been some strain between us, but she will always have my support.”
  • Aravae Selmer - Younger sister – “She pushes herself far too much. I'd rather return home, but it eases me staying near by. I would worry too much.”
  • Elora Selmer - Younger sister “…I try not to question anything any more.”
  • Vaeril Selmer - Younger brother “I don't necessarily agree with your decisions, but you've worked far too hard for me to argue. Just stay with your family.”
  • Sarya Selmer - Wife - “She was a wonderful woman…I’m sorry our time was cut short.“ (Deceased)
  • Leila Selmer - Daughter “You had so much potential…” (Deceased)
  • Tanyl Selmer - Son “I'm still so proud of you.” (Deceased)

And many, many more Selmers…

Loved Ones

  • Teleris Elondar - “You'll always have a place in our family. Please keep that in mind while you're dealing with things.”

Friends & Acquaintances

  • Xavier Crass“I’m not sure what to think of this one…Aravae seems fond of him so I’ll have to keep a close eye.”
  • Shale Lynn“She makes bold moves and lets off a lot of power. I’m alright with this one.”
  • Laira Helthorne - “I can't tell if I should be wary of her or FOR her with the amount of time she invests in my brother.”
  • Raksha - “I'm not sure what to think, but I have no reason not to trust her with Vaeril. Just don't get him killed.”

Dislike/ Unsure

  • Elliot Denali“I didn't have much confidence in you to begin with. Your priorities were poor.”
  • Chloe Lombardi“She’s rude and lacks control. She seeks pity, but she isn’t getting it from me.”
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