Gabrielle Stefania DeAngelis


“Are you an idiot?”

Gender: Female
Age: 24
Race: Nos (Rook)
Height: 5'4“
Weight: 121 lbs.
Belief: Atheism
Birth Date: August 5
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Glastheim Scholar
Skills: Research, Artifice, Enchanting
Birth Place: Lighthalzen, Schwartzvald Republic
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Personality and Description

Gabrielle – known as “Gabi” or “Bri” to a select few – isn't the easiest person to get along with. She is an intellectual, considered a prodigy among her family, and over time her confidence has developed into a holier-than-thou attitude that rears its head at any given chance. Her determination to be the best that she can be has given her little time for friends; instead, she prefers solitude and books, sacrificing sleep and social skills for knowledge, and by extension, power. A fear of failure lingers in the back of her mind and motivates her further. Not meeting the standards she has set for herself is inexcusable, and she continues to push herself until she's satisfied – which won't be anytime soon.

She isn't easily intimidated, and she isn't easily impressed. Research, specifically centering around magic and relics, is one of her strongest points, and she goes after the information she seeks with a fierce determination. To this extent she is a very goal-oriented individual, and tends to only be interested in people or things if they will benefit her in some way. Lately, however, she's become interested in a few people because she can't quite figure them out…

Gabrielle has no concept of fun, and a poor (read: nonexistent) sense of humor. She is awkward, and even nervous, around things she deems “strange, immature, and childish.” She doesn't know how to open up, or how to genuinely communicate her feelings in a way that doesn't sound pure business. Being around people gives way to a constant internal struggle to not appear socially awkward – that is, if she cares about the people in question. Tuning them out is a lot easier than making effort, after all!

She is just below average in height, but what she lacks in stature she makes up for in confidence. She has long, rose blonde hair that is typically tied back with a ribbon of some sort, and vibrant red eyes. She favors clothing in yellows and blacks, and is never seen without a pair of gloves – she doesn't want to touch your germs, thank you very much!

Unfortunately for Gabrielle, she didn't leave the Tri-Optimum facility unscathed. A nasty scar has since formed on her torso, stretching from the upper right side of her stomach to the lower part of her chest in a jagged diagonal pattern. While other smaller scars have faded, this one stands out heavily against her skin, suggesting it will never heal more than it already has. She keeps it hidden beneath her clothing, and is tight-lipped about its origin.


Gabrielle hails from the Republic. She was born and raised in the city of Lighthalzen, and has been fortunate enough to never experience poverty. Her father was a magic researcher who originally hailed from Yuno, while her mother was a Lighthalzen-born businesswoman and workaholic. She was raised in an environment that valued success and intellect, and she met her parents' high expectations with ease. Even from a young age, Gabrielle refused to be what she thought of as a failure. In short, she was the golden child of the family.

She was accepted into the Sage's Academy when she was sixteen. She was thrilled by the idea of furthering her studies and acquiring more knowledge, and was one of the most studious, dedicated students. Unfortunately, with the trend of splicing on the rise, she was not the most skilled or even close to it, as more and more of the students subjected themselves to the supplement for more magical prowess. Gabrielle was furious, developing a strong dislike towards these “were-ones,” but their success only motivated her to work even harder to come out on top. Unfortunately, what social skills she had were sacrificed in the process, marking her as an extremely unfriendly individual…

… Not that she was that friendly to begin with!

Recent Development

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