Freya Leone

“Please, let me show you my heart!”

Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Light Elf
Belief: Spirituality
Birth Date: May 4th
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Songstress
Skills: Singing, Song Writing, Dancing
Birth Place: Geffenia
Character Sheet
Speaking Voice
Singing Voice

Personality and Description

Freya is a dedicated girl. Once she has an idea in her head there's a goal in her heart and the sky's the limit. She's a pacifist, rarely engaging in conflict and it's often a bad habit of hers to apologize for nothing. She knows she can be a bit naive but she uses each day to try to better herself and the world she lives in. Freya learned to sing at a young age. As a matter of fact, carrying out melodic tunes came more naturally to her than magic like most elves she grew up with. Somehow she was able to utilize both to enhance her musical performances to a more magical experience for those she sang for.

As she grew up she knew she wanted to inspire those around her but not on such a grand scale. Gradually she heard of the outside world of Aurora and grew sadder and sadder of the wars and violence that transpire throughout the years. Hating to feel powerless but wanting more than anything to help (also with the convincing of a friend and a sage) Freya decided to share her music with the world in hopes of reaching the hearts of everyone. There is no swaying of her mind or her heart, no matter what.

She is otherwise an optimistic girl, always trying to look on the bright side. She will be willing to exhaust every option she can think of before giving up. She is quite good at rallying a group, reminding someone of the wonderful things that are out there and staying grateful. She's very much like a train! Unless there's a huge magnitude of force, it's hard to knock her off her rails.

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( main art by Carla! )

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