Francisco "Franz" Willmore

Gender: Male
Age: Older than you?
Race: Os?
Height: Tall?
Weight: Average?
Belief: Entertainment?
Birth Date: 1st April
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Entertainer/Os King
Skills: Magic and Fun
Birth Place: Unknown

Personality and Description

Always hanging his head around in other people's business, making everyone laugh and amused with his entertainment, Franz lives his life solely to entertain others. Though his jokes and methods have been known to be insensitive at times. Franz usually gives the impression that he doesn't care about anything, but still does care behind that mask, to a degree.


Not much is known about Franz, other than he's one of the oldest of Nos, and was King and ruler (and despite his fall to Bishop, still is) to the city of Carnivale. Somewhere down the line, he lost his King rank to Baphomet, along with most of his powers charged within his staff's crystal at the time, and has been walking the world trying to find the crystal fragment.

Episode I

Following Javari and Hefnir out of pure interest and boredom, Franz ended up joining the Squirrel Rebellion and overthrowing Henry's reign.

Episode II

Not present.

Episode III

Not present.

Episode IV

Not present.

Episode V

Taken to Clemont with other non-believers of the church, Franz was forced to devour the soul and take the body of a guard to survive, later assisting in the group reaching Turris Memoria, but unfortunately almost jeoperdizing some of the missions taking place in the past to undo Amdis' work.

Intermission I

Assisted Baphomet in taking out corrupt beasts of Mjolnir, then returned to the underworld in time to repel an attack against Carnivale from other hostile states.

Episode VI

Arriving in Geffenia, Franz investigated the Goldwing's plot to rule over Geffenia, and rescued Rand and Maraveah in the progress. After the loss of companions in missions he undertook despite his experiences, and failure to complete these missions due to his indecisiveness, Franz briefly fell into self-defeat when he reteated to Niflheim, where Alisha's words gave him the resolve to protect all those around him again.

Episode VII

Not present, however, Franz was able to find Irafet off the coast of Izlude and persuaded him to return to Baphomet, as well as seeing Baphomet off to defend Yalla against the looming threat of the hostile Nos cities.

Episode VIII

Not present.

Episode IX

Realizing the threat of Lusarus, Franz once again dives into the heated war between the Nos Kingdoms. Realizing people will die if he remains indecisive, Franz promptly consumed Irafet's scythe and restoring his power as the King of Carnivale. Apprehending the enraged Henry Kristelle once more in the latter's attempt to kidnap void Nos Judecca, and reclaiming the city of Niflheim after its assault. In the end, Franz was once again recognized as a king, and witnessed the sacrifice of a good friend as time began to move forward in Nosgard once more.

Recent Development

Friends and Foes

The Os:

  • Alisha Tufur - Sister, will always look up to, the one to call family in Franz's life.
  • Varcan Berzebub - “Boss”, Your orders, through both lives, past or present, between both worlds, wherever you are, to keep the worlds safe, forever.
  • Vah'ad Zulah - Zulah, wishes she could stop pretending he doesn't exist.
  • Jaquess - Agent, always trusts and would look out for.
  • Baphomet - Baph, the hate wore out about a hundred years later, now they share tea and peaceful respite in the forests, and the scythe and staff on the battlefields.
  • Aldebaran - “Al”, “Fen”, largely ignored by, but nevertheless tries to poke fun of, respected as a true tactician.
  • Maraveah - Mara, the jewel of two realms, one of the most noble soul to have lived. A promise to protect and cherish both worlds, forever.
  • Beldos - Bel, a trusted ally and King of Yalla.
  • Odin - Odin, an old ally and trusted companion, better at common now.
  • Sif - Medea, an old ally, a noble and fair soul.
  • Lundor - Lun, king of Lusarus, mutual respect despite different sides.
  • Elessar - El, king of Shar'ajad, does not appreciate presence, more tolerable now.
  • Tael - Rat, made a fool of him during the Squirrel Rebellion, threw a Tetra Vortex at him during the second War of Amdis, has no idea where he ran off.

The Mortals:

  • Marla Chevalier - Marla, Tried to pull his mask off #1, failed, princess that has potential to be a great magician.
  • Voice Kristelle - Voice, The witch, tries not to scare and annoy, also tried to pull his mask off #2.
  • Tahni Mayor - Tahni, quite the sensitive one to not rush in, thinks things through better than Franz does, helped in dealing with Henry's threat.
  • Marchias Goldwing - “Boss”, Your orders, through both lives, past or present, between both worlds, wherever you are, to keep the worlds safe, forever.
  • Raksha - “Gab”,“Raksha”, the burden is gone, lighten up.
  • Shale Lynn - Shale, the resolve to become king again stems from her.
  • Elliot Denali - Elliot, promising fellow, if his aim and tact when using spells is a little more refined…
  • Norah Monroe - Norah,Girl seems to never run out of ammo or liveliness, her time in El Quattor has made them distant.
  • Javari - Javari, Used to be often in hand when performing magic in battles, the initiative that started Franz's ties with the folks that save Aurora. Hasn't not met in forever.
  • Hefnir Sverre - Hefnir, Back to life now, the initiative that started Franz's ties with the folks that save Aurora. Hasn't met in forever.

The villains:

  • Amdis - “Other Sister”,Does not appreciate his entertainment, does not appreciate his jokes and magic, does not like for trying to destroy world twice. (Finished)
  • Gautier D'Anjou - “That Heretic”,The kid that struck him with holy bolts, he has paid dearly before and after death. (Finished)
  • Henry Kristelle - “Henny”, finally ended Henry's threat once and for all in a heated battle that ended with a landslide victory. (Finished)
  • Vah'duk - “Ducky”, ego-maniac and self-claimed king of all Nosgard and all worlds, consumed by his own powers. (Finished)
  • Brunhilda - “Hilda”, does not like, the dream queen can't take a single joke. (Finished)
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