Forvenel Shyr

“O-kay, but picture this: explosions. Big ones. How about it?”

Gender: Female
Age: 46
Race: Elf
Height: 5'9“
Weight: 123 lbs.
Belief: x
Birth Date: July 14
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: x
Peaceful (?) Skills: Tinkering, gadgetry, weaponcraft and repair, needless explosions
Combat Skills: Hitting things…?
Birth Place: Avicennia, Vahk'Sala
Voice - Kurapika
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Don't let the pretty face fool you – Forvenel is feisty and hot-tempered, with a daredevil streak that usually leaves people wondering how she hasn't killed herself yet. She is a girl who does things of her own accord, and despises being told what she will or won't do – which usually results in her doing said something to prove that she can and will. She has no qualms with using her fists if mouthing off doesn't work, and it's behavior like this that gets her quite a few scrapes and bruises. She has been known to pick fights that she can't win.

Despite this, Forvenel doesn't grump around unless she has reason to. She finds humor in some of the silliest things, and knows how to have fun. She is usually laughing at something, be it a comment of her own, or something going on around her. She is sarcastic, but in a playful way, as long as her buttons remain unpushed. She makes an effort to keep her language decent, but slip-ups happen often.

The elf is also a fairly fast learner. She is fascinated by technology and weird gadgets that she deems “cool.” She isn't afraid to get greasy and dirty, and loves taking things apart just to see how they work. She has a huge respect for Goblins and Dwarves.

Forvenel was born with natural red hair that lightened to her curent pink. It's long, and usually kept in a pony tail or half-pony, and she's always pushing her much shorter bangs out of her face. Her eyes are blue, and it isn't uncommon to find stains or bruises decorating her pale skin. She wears whatever feels comfortable, but loves purples and greens.



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