Fiain Sotelier-Wallace

When nothing goes right - go left!

Gender Female
Age 20's
Race Fiend - Monstrous Starborn
Height 5'6“ - 170cm
Weight 122lbs - 55kg
Belief Friendship
Birth Date Spring
Sign The Wolf
Occupation Builder/Hunter, Leader of the Kobolds 1)
Aliases/Nicknames Fi, Wolf, Puppy
Non-Combat Skills Tracking, Hunting, Carpentry, Brawling, Extreme Fluffiness
Combat Skills Fighting
Residence Kobold Township, Rune
Birth Place Eastern Island, Near Dorado
Battle Sheet
Theme One Theme Two

Personality and Description

Tenacious curiosity fuels this extraterrestrial woman. Reckless and unreserved, with the tendency to act on instinct. She exhibits several unusual characteristics physically, having been mistaken for a Splicer or a mythical Nos on several occasions. Prone to flights of fancy, Fiain is more than happy to run off on an escapade dangled in front of her like a starved animal seeking prey.

An azure gaze takes her down any path of revelry. Fiain's canine nature does not give justice to the loyalty she shares with her closest of companions. Once upon a time she felt nothing but hatred towards mankind but has since softened through experience and gaining knowledge. Now she reaches out a hand to those she sees in need, even if all she can do is be present. Not born with a strong empathy she can easily misunderstand how others would feel.

The puppy-like nature can often camouflage the savage strength she possesses. The immature emotional stability and refinement most earn through proper growth from childhood to adulthood never blessed Fiain’s life. Somehow, she finds deep within a stable sense of self - not one to hide behind masked lies.

Precious Items
Floral Wedding Band A golden ring retailed with a golden flower encasing a bright blue diamond. It once belonged to Simon's deceased mother, now it has been passed on to Fiain. Married on 1/26/19
Golden Flower Pin This hairpin is made of gold, often worn in Fiain's hair to hold back the curly fringe around her face. A gift from Simon, it once belonged to his mother.
Red Scarf Now tattered and old, it was once an accessory she wore at all times. A memory of when Humans came into her life. She keeps it tucked away now.


The sad tale has taken her to Rune, where she has become a new person. Capable of many things, helping the kobolds, a relationship, and a genuine family. She found peace with herself and her life. Eager to see what new challenges she can face.

Recent Development

  • Oracles, strange magic, destiny, and giant beasts. The veiled sun had all of those - yet the most delightful thing about the people she met? How at home she felt, it reminded her of Township in more ways than one.
  • Finding victory in the Trials of Fire, winning two of three bouts. She has found a new connection to the world of magic. That is is far, far stranger than her mind ever conceived.
  • Setting off to uncover the meaning behind her strange dreams, unsure if this is her destiny?
RP Hooks
The Monsterous Wolf Fiain feels at home in her canine form, spending most of her hunting time in it. Though not uncommon for those lost in the wood to spy her. Likely spurring rumors of a monster lurking about!
Hired Muscle Fearless and strong, she hires out her muscles to help adventurers. Less eager for the knowledge she could obtain. It would be wasted on someone as dumb as she, in her opinion. Though she can be a study companion when asked.
Leader of Kobolds What fame she might have as an advocate for Kobold rights is lost to Fiain. She only did what she felt was right by them. Hearing of injustices towards Kobolds sparks the furious motivation to do right by them.

My Pack, My Dream

  • CreatureAre you with me now?
  • Esca DarkpawIf I have a sister- Nah you are my sister!
  • Pachu'a VenomclawSmile my friend! We came so far.
  • Mhambi MoonclawYou saw that coin right?! It was magic!
  • Orange RaincallerPlease make a giant waterslide again!
  • Perma EctypeAm I you now?
  • Shailoh HillStealing is bad.
  • Simon Wallace My partner in life and on this journey. My Egghead.
  • Sorin SotelierThe work never ends.

The Township

  • Pine RaincallerYou give the best of hugs.
  • Vemvane RainbowstrideSmart.. so smart… she is like a book .. but she can talk and breathe!

Friendliest of Friends

  • Alexandra FairweatherIt's okay, I learned -gentle'.
  • Aslan YazdiYou smell like ash.
  • Roark KellionHe's like the best support and believer!
  • Ruth DupreDARKNESS!
  • Rurik YorenguardBest doctor of doctors.

Distant Friends of Different Places

  • Aoki YunoMetal girl is strong!
  • Avi PoirotCan you see me? Can you? I can't see your eyes!
  • Castor WallaceSo shiny.
  • Coral BlackwoodSecret agent? What's that?
  • Elijah "Rush" CallahanYou had a big dream and found it.
  • Freya LeoneSpread your wings and fly, little bird.
  • Irha ItheDestiny seems scary but maybe it's worth more than it seems.
  • Keriana KingsleyDid I break you again..?
  • Nor JinanSmells so strong and so yummy!
  • Norah MonroeYou kinda like being poof-gone? Huh?
  • Poet Vitale-ElleryWorld famous book guardian!
  • Qisma TaziI think you are really brave.
  • Rhydian StahlI can beat you - yeah yeah! Let's play!
  • Sakhr the SolidYou were not solid but you were loud!
  • Samira SabilaHunting with a bow was strange for me! I prefer my teeth, let's do it again.
  • Seiglinde ReichsWhat would you say now, if you saw me?
  • Vela LilorisMore pets please!



Main Art © Cat

1) Not that she thinks so
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