Why, thank you! I think I’m rather handsome, too.

Fayvel Vandir

“The roof of a tent is the same as the roof of an inn, if you squint hard enough.”

Gender: Male
Age: 76
Race: Elf
Height: 6'
Weight: 140 lbs
Belief: Spirituality
Birth Date: February 14th
Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Adventurer/Hunter
Nicknames: Fay, Van
Practical Skills: Fletching, cooking, hunting, wood-work
Combat Skills: Aim
Birth Place: Geffenia, Vahk'Sala
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Cheerfully sarcastic and nonchalant. Fay employes a look on the bright-side, laid-back attitude - though he’s more than happy to tell you just how horrible the non-bright-side would be! Always with a jovial expression, he expresses his opinion in ways that might leave some wondering if he’s being serious… That might just be how he prefers it.

His sense of humor generally involves teasing, but again… It’s hard to tell just how serious he’s being with his comments. He doesn’t seem to respond much at all when his own character is brought into question1) either, shrugging it off with apparent ease.

Happiest when he’s on the road and moving, suffering a great deal of wanderlust if cooped up for too long, Fayvel has learned to live frugally; And become a penny pincher, for it, too. Saving money trumps comfort, though he’s conscientious when it comes to replenishing supplies and taking care of his camp– and when it comes to looking after the things he considers important.

Eye candy even by elven standards, Fay is willowy and tall. He has a hunters build, with a decent amount of muscle (for an elf) and a few faint scars here and there. He’s almost never seen without his bow on his person and his quiver at his side… The Rangers life.


Born a twin to the Vandir family of Geffenia. Fayvel was a handful of a child! Fights, adventure, romance– “And it’s all a secret, I’m afraid! Mystery is good, don’t you think?”

Recent Development

  • Travel, travel, travel, for the last two years! The road, the wild, and his wonderful brother as company, Fayvel is currently leading the life of an adventurer. Though Fionn would call them vagabonds at best. Or hobos at worst…!

Friends and Foes


  • Fawn :: ”Mother always wanted a girl. It’s a bit ironic…” The little sister. He’s very protective of her, though he doesn’t seem to talk about her much.
  • Fionn :: ”He’s a like a thorn in your boot… But one that’s been there years.” Fay’s twin brother. They’re arguably very close despite the way they interact with one another - he really does care… Deep down!?

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1) Unless Fionn does it
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