Evelyn Carmac

“Take control of me, will you?! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”

Gender: Female
Age: 370+
Race: Cubi/Demon
Height: 5'10“ / 1.7m
Weight: 170 lbs / 77 kg
Belief: Live!
Birth Date: Winter (December 17)
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Fairweather Chef
Nicknames: Carmac, Eve, Lynn
Combat Skills: Dark Magic, Melee Combat
Peaceful Skills: Cooking, Dancing, Management, Mixing Drinks, Storytelling
Birth Place: Geffenia
Theme: Dr. Warm-Hearted Miser

Personality and Description

Evelyn is a free spirit with a generally cheerful look to her, rarely worrying about the long-term effects of things that she says and does alike. It's not very hard to be her friend, though it can be difficult to settle into that particular niche with the flirtatious advances that you are bound to invite by trying. This Os is not terribly difficult to deter with straight speech and a blunt approach, but be vague and she will attack relentlessly!

No longer wearing heavy armor everywhere, she chooses a ridiculous outfit that may as well be lingerie. Evelyn claims that it's enchanted wonderfully, but even then… The woman's hair looks as it always has, raven-black, although she often experiments with different styles. Her golden eyes are accentuated by ever-present purple eye-shadow and lipstick to match. The woman's mocha skin completes the look, making her rather attractive by conventional standards… Go figure, considering her heritage.

Evelyn's changes have grown less severe with her shift to Os, leaving her looking like a typical woman save a few very small features. Her muscles are tight and firm, though they don't stretch or bulge in a way that would make her unattractive to the average man, and she carries two sets of horns rather than the customary one. The second set is tiny, sprouting just below a large set that stretches back at a harsh angle.


Evelyn's early life involved adventure and love with her husband Roark, until he was turned into a Vampire thanks to an unfortunate accident and forced to leave her side despite a new child born between them. She raised the boy, dubbed Redoran Carmac, alone… And by the time he had grown old enough to leave home, her taste for adventure had settled into one for the lax and lazy life instead.

She purchased a tavern in the city of Geffenia named The Yellow Berry when its previous owner went to the final sleep, and managed that for a considerable amount of time before tragedy struck the city. The woman was trapped beneath a burning pillar within her establishment during its attack and perished, but found herself unwilling to pass on without knowing that Redoran was aware of her death.

It was there that she fell unwittingly in with a group of hateful Nos from the underground Kingdom of Lusarus. Though she was eventually rescued from their control, she played a large part in stymieing efforts to purify Nosgard… In the process she lost her memories of her son, and most of the rest of her life, though they've just recently returned.

Recent Development

  • Evelyn turns herself in for the safety of the city she calls home, approaching the witch known as Frig with the vague notion that she may not be walking out alive.
  • The unthinkable happens instead, however, and Evelyn finds herself trapped in a body that is most certainly hers but she cannot control. She attacks and injures several of her dear friends against her will…
  • … And will see the one who caused that put to justice. With her memories returned as a result of the procedure, a fire ignites within the woman that she's not felt since she stood at Roark's side so many years ago.

Friends and Foes


  • Little Red :: “I remember! I remember, I remember, I remember! I hope you can forgive me that it's taken this long.” :: Evelyn's son and a good man, at that. She's never felt prouder to be his mother, after all that he's accomplished.
  • Shale Honey :: “My son chose well~! I almost wish I'd gotten to you, first… Sorry, what? Nothing, nothing!” :: Evelyn's daughter-in-law. A good girl with a solid head on her shoulders… Also a fountain of endless optimism! She spends a lot of time with this one.
  • Gil :: “I'm so sorry..! I hope the wound wasn't too severe. You're a precious little thing, you~!” :: Shale's dragon son (NOT a pet!) and therefore technically her grandson..? Evelyn is admittedly frightened by the large dragon, but tries to give him attention and love nonetheless.

Close Friends

  • Tissa Dear :: “You've got 'success' written all over you~! When will I hear your name on the wind, I wonder?” :: Easily regarded as one of her best friends, Tissa is a joy to be around in public and private alike. Though they've not caught up in a long time, Evelyn would cherish the opportunity should they meet again.


  • Frig :: “I'd have almost preferred if you just killed me! I'll be making sure that you get yours…” :: A cold-hearted bitch, and a thief, at that! Evelyn has a special place near the hilt of her sword reserved for this one's throat.

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