“I'll defy fate until it means the end of me.”

Gender: Female
Age: 1000+
Race: Nephilim
Height: 5'6“ / 1.7m
Weight: 136 lbs / 63 kg
Birth Date: January 9th
Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Healer & Housewife
Combat skills: Spirit Magic, Precision
Peaceful skills: Nephilim triage, gardening, house-hold skills
Birth Place:
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

A kind woman with a calming aura. Emeraude has a gentle way about her, quick to take on the role of 'mother hen' in many situations. This isn't a problem, though, as she finds enjoyment in taking care of those nearest to her! Her natural state is a cheerful and relaxed, often coupled with a mischievous nature. Prone to cases of the giggles, she often times falls victim to coming off as 'airy' or someone to be taken with a grain of salt.

When serious or tense, however, she lapses into more of a wistful persona. A small amount of guilt is noticeable in Em when the past is brought up, and she seems to yearn for a time long gone. A mixture of things make it hard for her to identify with the problems of the present – though she attempts understanding the best she can.

Despite being born into the warrior caste of the Nephilim, and raised as such, support is what she's the most skilled with! Em definitely prefers not fighting, opting to find a peaceful resolution when able. When violence and bloodshed becomes a necessity, however, she is no stranger to it and will not balk at the sight of it despite her gentle nature.

Of average height for a human, though considered short for a Nephilim. Despite her 'smaller' frame muscle tone is still evident on her person, and she looks very well sculpted. She prefers to dress with a distinctly feminine style – frilly dresses, ribbons, hats, you name it. She takes good care of herself!

Personal Items

Violet Ribbon: A simple purple-coloured ribbon that Bran had been holding onto for her. On her person at all times, a reminder of home - far away and long ago as that was.


It's Brans story to tell, as much as hers. What matters is they're alive now, and whole.

Recent Development

  • Back in her 'proper' time, now. Emeraude managed what she sent out to do - making sure the spirit of Erukian rests easily. She was lucky enough to form many bonds in the process, and plans on remembering them for the rest of time.
  • This little adventure has made her see how slack she's been with her own training, however, and she vows to remedy that. She was given a second chance to have a body, after all. She won't waste it!
  • Amidst training with her husband and meditating on her own, Em finds herself with a disconcerting amount of free time on her hands. Not one to grow restless she sets her sights on an obtainable goal - tea. The traditional method of making Nephilim tea has been lost to the flow of time… Or has it?! The ingredients won't be identical but Emeraude is certain she can recreate her favourites.
  • Her Tea Shop is set to open, and soon! Money is a very big issue, at this point, but her Bran says he has a way to get them 'out of the hole'. She's wary to be taking favours from anyone, but…

Friends and Foes


  • Bran - ”As long as we're together.“ Husband, best friend, and most trusted companion. Her bear of a man, and she loves him more than words can convey. Em hates to be apart from him, having grown used to being by his side 24/7 during her days as a Marty of the Spoken Word.




  • Aren :: Part of the reason Emeraude has vowed to step up her own training. She's subtly thankful about that.
  • Chloe :: Student of the Bear. Happy for her, regarding her pregnancy, but…
  • Irene :: A frequent diver of the Bear Vault and a recent acquaintance through Goadin. They've shared minor disagreements, but Em finds her easy to get along with and admires her drive.
  • Lisia :: A recent acquaintance through Goadin. A little lacking in 'control', but Emeraude is sure she can work that out with time.
  • Teleris :: Frequently over for tea and gardening. Teleris followed Bran to Goadin in search of her, which is a touching thought. She would be pleased to know her better. Worries for her health 1).


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