Elliot Denali

Gender: Male
Age: 162
Race: Cubi
Height: 6' 3“
Weight: 186 lbs.
Belief: Spirituality
Birth Date: May 15th
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Theatre Musician of Glastheim
Skills: String Instrument Proficiency; Magic; Soul Linking; Sign Language
Birth Place: Geffenia, Vahk’sala
Theme: (He needs a new one)
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Elliot appears to be a youthful man in his early to mid-twenties with a mop of deep, navy blue hair and bright sky blue eyes. He's rather tall, though not muscular at all; instead his build is more stick-thin and bony. His skin is pale and he seems to bruise rather easily. He often seems fairly pleasant in expression and demeanor. The most distinctive feature about him is his pair of horns; they are mismatched, with the left horn curving up and back (in an s-shape or like a lightning bolt) and the right horn down and forward (in a c-shape or much like a succubus's horn). His left horn, once broken off, has now been 'repaired' in a sense, with a silver cap to restore it to its former shape.

Another very distinctive feature about him is his wings - they are very large and very visible, big enough to enable flight. They have the shape of bat’s wings, but are covered in a thick, soft layer of ebony feathers. Underneath the feathers lie a circular pattern of glowing markings that pulse in tune with his heartbeat. (Those familiar with them will recognize them as Nos runes.) Hidden under his clothes, down his spine, are a set of deep burn scars that look as if someone poured something VERY hot onto his back. He also possesses a set of raised, bumpy white scars that resemble claw marks across his left shoulder and diagonally down his chest.

He often wears somewhat nicer clothing than he used to, as he has come into some money recently, and a very small, localized amount of fame. He carries a fairly ornate and gothic-looking violin with him everywhere he goes, and wears no jewelry or other ornament. He keeps his nails well-manicured and groomed to a slight point. He also keeps a knife with him in a sheath at his hip but it doesn't see much use.


Elliot is a free spirited man with a love for adventure and seeing new places. He loves experiencing things that he's never seen before. Not much surprises him these days, as he’s managed to travel around quite a lot in the past few years and participate in quite a few things. He's friendly and cordial towards other people, though can be a bit tense around strangers. He doesn't find much shame in anything that he does and tends to be a bit concerned over his physical appearance.

He seems to have a knack for finding things that other people have lost, as well as a love for reading. Lately however, with new events coming to light and meeting many other people of different types, Elliot seems to have calmed down significantly. He's still cheerful most of the time, but sometimes he can be seen with an introspective look on his face.

When trouble comes calling, his cheerful nature completely drops. If he isn't around his friends or anyone who seems able to surmount the coming conflict he is very likely to flee instead of bearing through it. He is also quite easily startled into hiding or fleeing if snuck up on. He sees himself as rather weak, physically, and thinks it better to run away and live to fight in the future… with backup… and meatshields… and people willing to do most of the physical work for you.


Elliot was the eldest child born to a Succubus mother and an Elven father in Geffenia. He had a happy and mostly uneventful childhood, and seemed to take to the role of eldest sibling well when his two younger sisters were born. He was always kind and always put them before himself. This was especially important when his youngest sister, Eleanor, was born deaf; special consideration had to be taken to communicate with her and ensure that she was comfortable.

They all lived a peaceful life in Geffenia, with the three siblings taking up their own hobbies. Elliot liked music the most, and often practiced his hands at violin, harp, and guitar-playing. The Denali family was known for its creativity, in fact; Keira was a painter while Miles was a sculptor, and the three siblings seemed to follow in their footsteps. The family would not suffer an upset until Elise, the middle sibling, ran away from home.

Keira was grief-stricken at the loss of her eldest daughter, and passed away several months afterward. Miles retreated within himself, suffering from extreme depression. Elliot was left to take care of his younger sister and the house, happily doing so even after his father passed away many years later and he was made heir to the estate. As dutiful as Elliot was, he longed to leave much like Elise had. He'd spent most of his life in Geffenia, and he wished that he could see what else existed outside the city's walls. He might even find Elise!

Thankfully, Eleanor agreed to take care of the estate so that Elliot could do what he truly dreamed to. After making sure she would be perfectly okay at home alone, Elliot left her to begin traveling around the continent and play music for other people. It wasn't as glamorous of a life as he had in Geffenia, but he didn't mind; bringing happiness and smiles to other people was his true passion.


  • Anyone is free to know about these IC, whether they’re a new character or old!
  • Elliot was present in the group that razed Geffenia a couple of years ago, bringing the kingdom of Vahk'sala to its knees in an attempt to dethrone Octavian Goldwing.
  • Elliot was a member of one of the parties that fought against the spirit of the orc king Hraedon! However, he was also one of the two that perished, during that challenge.
  • Elliot spent over a year in service to the Judge of Nifflheim, as a magical researcher and psychopomp. This contract was ended by helping the Judge restore the cycle of souls to Nosgard.
  • Elliot was present during the final confrontation with Vah'duk, and assisted in his defeat, securing the safety of what remained of Nosgard. Additionally, he helped the Nos merchant Napusto in salvaging the last remnants of the citizens of the Kingdom of Ihrs.
  • Elliot now spends a majority of his time playing violin for the Glastheim theatre, in both solo and ensemble shows.


  • Keira Denali - ”I wish you’d listened to her…” Elliot’s mother was very much a “proper lady.” It was unfortunately her fault that Elise left home, and she died from that grief.
  • Miles Denali - ”I miss you… We all miss you.” Elliot’s father was a ‘black sheep’ amongst elves, delving more into the technical aspects of magic and artificing. He got Elliot started in that field, too!
  • Elise Denali - ”It’s not just me that needs to take care of themself!” Though they reconnected only recently, Elliot considers himself very close to his middle sister, and supports her in her choice to stay far away from the mainland.
  • Eleanor Denali - ”Where are you?” Elliot’s younger sister seems to have disappeared - he hasn’t heard from her in a long time, which is very concerning…


  • Aravae Selmer - ”I’m truly afraid that we won’t be able to reconcile our differences…” An Elven woman who’s served as a medium and spirit guide for as long as Elliot’s known her. Their entire relationship has been rough, but Elliot still considers her a close friend and would pretty much do (almost) anything for her.


  • Alecto - ”You’re probably right… I’m glad I can trust you.”
  • Erebus - ”I hope you’re okay… You can talk to me, you know?”
  • Franz - ”It won’t happen again! I promise!”
  • Helios - ”I’m glad I could help! I’m looking forward to working with you.”
  • Rhydian - ”I hope things are going well for you.”
  • Shale - ”Thank you for always giving me your kind advice.”
  • Wes - ”I always enjoy your company…”
  • William - ”May you always see fair skies.”


  • Alisha - ”It was an honor to serve you.”
  • Dawn - ”You’re very kind… thank you for your help.”
  • Gael - ”I’m sorry to have disappointed you.”
  • Karn - ”I hope you’ve been continuing your heroic exploits.”
  • Marchias Goldwing - ”You were very kind at a time I most needed it. Thank you.”
  • Mel - ”Thank you for listening.”
  • Oliver - ”You’re very strong… hang in there.”
  • Poet - ”As permanent a fixture to the library as its books.”
  • Redoran - ”I appreciate your knowledge and assistance!”
  • Rurik - ”I’m learning at my own pace! I don’t need to jump off any buildings.”
  • Surada, the Soothsayer - ”I hope I can do you proud.”


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Recent Developments

  • Returning from the expedition to The Rise, Elliot has spent most of his time improving himself further, whether through academic studies or his own small adventures. He’s decided to take on a personal project that he’s held off for a few years now, and his first lead brought him to the doorstep of a Nos ‘alchemist’… With a list of ingredients in hand and some ideas on where to find them, Elliot has been researching a number of spells to add to his repertoire as well as gathering a small group of people to assist him in the future…

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