Elise Denali

Gender: Female
Age: 128
Race: Elf
Height: 5' 7“
Weight: 165 lbs.
Belief: Materialism
Birth Date: December 1st
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Chief of Engineering of the Barony of Tortuga
Skills: Mechanical Repair and Construction, Gunslinging, Brawling, Sign Language
Birth Place: Geffenia, Vahk’sala
Theme: Lost!
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Elise stands stout and firm, her body showing a light tan and some muscle tone. She has a short mop of thick, curly, unruly ebony hair and greyish-blue eyes. Her face is often plastered with a fairly negative expression, ranging from mild annoyance to utter disdain. Her body has a few scars here and there from past mishaps, but they're not usually visible. She often has the scent of oil and alcohol in her hair and on her clothes.

She often wears lightweight, form-fitting clothing in shades of blue or black, one of Charleston Electric's Professional Attire sets, or a professional-looking mechanic's jumpsuit. She always wears strong leather boots and gloves, especially when working on a device. She also keeps a pair of goggles on her, typically around her neck or on top of her head. She seems to be armed to the teeth most of the time, always carrying a rifle slung over her shoulder as well as a pair of bajinian swords and numerous other objects and devices.


Through her new job and adventuring exploits, Elise has learned to be a bit more extroverted in her relations with other people. However, for the most part, she’s still strongly closed off. She’s reluctant to let anyone in due to only ever being able to rely on herself. She’s also extremely stubborn, and often refuses to see the light until it’s shining right in her face. She abhors physical contact of any kind, and often reacts sharply, sometimes violently, to those that violate her boundaries.

She’s very confident in her repertoire of skills and loves a good drink or two… or five. Those looking for ‘ins’ may find success in playing to her strengths and hobbies. She also likes to start fights, and looks for trouble wherever she can find it. The laws are only a virtue to her when they happen to be on her side.

Those who manage to befriend her find that they’ve made a friend for life. Elise has only abandoned old friends twice, and they were both for very good reasons (in her mind). It’s rare for her to call someone a friend out loud but when she does, she rides or dies for them. Her friendship and care is shown more in her actions than her words, and she believes the same of anyone else.


Elise was the middle child of the Denali family, and ended up stuck in the middle between her gentlemanly older brother and ladylike younger sister. She never really felt like she fit in anywhere in Geffenia, but she never would voice her concerns. Her mother wanted to raise her to be a proper young lady like Eleanor was, and her father tried to teach her magic to no avail. Over the years she became frustrated with the feeling of constant failure, and it festered in the back of her mind.

Her father, Miles, started to teach her about sculpture instead of magic, and this is where she found that she excelled. Building something useful or artistic out of pieces found in his workshop was something that she truly enjoyed. Miles didn't mind, and he even welcomed the help on some of his larger projects, but the more Elise got into building pieces by hand the more she rejected the teachings of her mother. She felt rather alienated from the rest of her family, and as a result she began to wonder if it was worth staying at home after all.

Eventually she ran away from home and from the city of Geffenia completely, wanting to take her own initiative in her life. She never looked back. Of course, it was even harder for her outside of the city than it was trying to adapt to her family, but with hard work she would persevere. She picked up street fighting and brawling to protect herself in the slums of the cities she visited and took to either hunting her own food or stealing it from outdoor vendors. Eventually in her rough-and-tumble trip across the continents she would get herself into some particularly nasty trouble, narrowly avoid arrest, and meet a man named Ciar.

Ciar took her into his home in Rune and cleaned her up himself. He cut off a large majority of her long ebony hair, as it had become a matted, irreparable mess, and over time brought her strength back up from starvation. Ciar was an older military man from Schwartzvalt who had retired some years ago due to his injuries. She got to know the older man quite well, and it was through Ciar that she was introduced to guns. He taught her how to fire a gun properly and for her birthday gave her the two handguns she carries to this day.

The urge to wander still called her, though, and she wished to keep traveling the land and making a name for herself. Ciar understood, and let her know that his home was open to her whenever she returned. She set out once again with her guns at her hips, ready to tackle anything her adventures threw at her.

She found herself in El Quattor Grande after stowing away on a ship (and getting kicked off), and quickly found herself in a spot of trouble once more. She had no idea which island she'd been dropped on and the people here were much more unforgiving than they were in Rune. Thankfully, she’d heard of a crew that was hiring and quickly found herself a job aboard the Eastern Empress, under the ownership of Norah Monroe. Ever since then, her life hasn’t been the same, and she wouldn’t give it up for the world.


  • Keira Denali - ”I do not miss you.” Elise’s late mother was very stern and particular about etiquette and what a ‘proper’ lady should and shouldn’t do. Elise hated her.
  • Miles Denali - ”… but I DO miss you.” Elise’s late father taught her more technical skills than most others had. Of course, for an elf, that wasn’t much anyway.
  • Elliot - ”Take CARE of yourself! Don’t just ignore your own body!” Elise’s older brother is, in her opinion, too kind for his own good. Thankfully, in recent times, he’s toughened up.
  • Eleanor - ”Hope you’re alright.” Elise hasn’t seen her younger sister in several years…


  • Rhydian - ”You’re an idiot… But I still care about you.” Rhydian and Elise have an odd relationship. She’d mostly describe him as a “best friend,” even though at times they appear to butt heads. Through it all, though, she’d fight by his side no matter what.


  • Alecto - “We should spar sometime, I bet it'd be fun.” A duelist with a blade (almost) as fast as Elise's rifle. She finds her easy to talk to, and if she needs an unbiased perspective on something, Alecto is the one to turn to. Their personalities mesh well, as Elise greatly appreciates someone who can take matters seriously when it's called for.
  • Norah - “Take care out there… and don’t stay away too long.” The (former) Captain of the Eastern Empress, and (former) mayor of Tortuga island. Elise's (former) boss. She seems to have gone on an extended ‘vacation’. Elise isn’t really happy with how suddenly she left, and the lack of arrangements made in her place.
  • Westley - “Take it easy on yourself, Wes.” A Mancer, and an associate of Dr. Mobius. The poor human is a bit clumsy, but he shows a level of intelligence and cleverness that makes him an equal in the underground workshop. He often helps Elise with magical issues, as she has no experience or ability to deal with them on her own.


  • Aravae - ”I don’t NEED help. I need to be left alone.”
  • Dawn - ”Calm down. I won’t give you booze.”
  • Myron - ”I still don’t trust you.”
  • Yoko - ”Hope you’re not overworking yourself.”
  • Oliver - ”…… You alright? … No, don’t answer that. I don’t want to know.”
  • Rush - ”She’s a TEENAGER.”
  • Sophie - ”Yeah, I’m TOTALLY injured…. You should treat me…”


  • Aeden - ”Where are you?”


  • Aiveen Inotiyr - ”Good fucking riddance.”
  • Magnus Cross - ”I bet you weasled your way out of it just like everything else. Coward.”
  • Selene - ”I’m glad you aren’t watching me anymore.”


  • Meredith Bloom - ”Don’t think I’ve forgotten.” First Mate of the Dragon Crew, and Elise's only true enemy. She suffered terrible embarrassment at the hands of Meredith Bloom and Elise has decided that the woman must pay. Never before has she felt such need for vengeance until the day Meredith Bloom pulled the wool over her eyes. Soon, very soon, Meredith Bloom will regret ever having met Elise, or rather, her alter ego Daniel Jackson.

Recent Developments

  • Things have calmed down lately, despite Norah’s sudden departure from Tortuga, and Elise has spent most of her time making sure things don’t fall apart when she looks away for five seconds. She’s honestly a little bit bored with things. Thankfully, Myron appears and makes her an offer… She might be stopping by Cabaret in the days to come.

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