Elijah 'Rush' Callahan

“I think the correct term here yer lookin' fer is 'treasure hunter', pal.”

Real Name: Elijah Richard Callahan
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Human (Wolf Splicer)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180 lb.
Belief: Atheism
Birth Date: October 11th
Arcana: The World
Sign: Libra
Occupation: Sky Captain / Treasure Hunter
Skills: Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Stealth
Birth Place: Comodo, El Quattor
Theme: RPG Maker VX Ace ~ Theme #1
Voice: Peter Quill - Guardians of the Galaxy
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Rush was a prideful yet reserved individual and preferred to keep a subtle, low profile upon his person. As a former thief, every action always comes with a reward, as well as a consequence. Rush is not very proud of the dishonest path he had taken, always having second thoughts of the things he had done. But in the end, he does what he thinks is best for himself and does it for the sole purpose of trying to find ways to get by.

Rush has his own unique code of morals and strictly abides by it. For instance, he will never steal from a helpless person, especially from those who are already poor. He holds some compassion and honor, and he'll only steal from people that he sees fit, usually pompous rich people. Killing is not in his repertoire and prefers to avoid fighting altogether, wanting to go for a quiet and subtle approach when it comes to most situations. However, when pressed into a corner, he won't hesitate to defend himself if necessary.

When pressured into something that he doesn't like, Rush will often find ways to make up excuses for himself. He's also often at times, very indecisive and finicky with his choices, always half-assing and not going the full circle when it comes to certain things. He'd run away from his problems rather than face problems head-on. However, this is something he is trying to mend for himself, improving slowly with each careful step. He is essentially a scoundrel with a heart of gold.

Skilled in the art of thievery, Rush is very adept in stealth, using the shadows to his advantage to avoid detection. He's also proficient in lock-picking and pick-pocketing, being rather agile and confident in his skills. He's a great climber, being able to scale up buildings and rooftops with ease, which is also a good method to avoid getting caught.

Rush stands at five foot eleven, with a build that's just above average. His body is not too muscular, but he does have an agile frame. He has light brown hair which is styled in a coiffed manner, amber eyes, and light skin. His attire at default is a brown leather jacket, with many pockets concealing several items, such as his cassette player to name a few. He wears finger-less leather gloves, beige pants, black shoes and a red handkerchief worn around his neck that he keeps on always.


The middle half-breed of the Callahan brothers, Rush was born in Comodo, where his father decided to have a couple of drinks and have some fun with the local dancers. Afterwards though, his father didn't realize that his mother became pregnant and thus his existence came to be. Back towards a time when the crime rate was very high in Comodo, and not the tourist city it is today, Rush lived a hard life growing up.

His mother unfortunately lived in the poorer side of the city and didn't have the proper income to care for herself and her son. His father was never around for the duration of his early childhood, so mother and son had to fend for themselves. This left Rush incredibly bitter and decided to take matters into his own hands. When his mother didn't have the funds to get what they needed, Rush found another alternative. And thus begins his life of thievery and petty crime. In the meantime, he had earned the nickname 'Rush' as a child, simply because he was very quick on his feet, able to get things done in a timely manner.

Thievery wasn't a choice, it was a necessity to live on and get by through life. He didn't think he'd fit the role of someone that goes through an honest day's work, and he fears he never will. This continued on for many years to come, earning money by becoming a fence for others, pick-pocketing people's belongings without them noticing. And of course, breaking and entering into people's home and taking their things for his own.

Rush's life changed dramatically, however, when he somehow wormed his way into the floating island of Tortuga. There, a series of life-changing events had given him a better perspective on life and how to treat and cherish it properly. Using these changes to better himself for the long term, with some hard work (as well as pulling several strings behind the scenes) Rush is now a captain of his own crew and even owns an airship of his own. With responsibility looming over his shoulder, Rush hopes that a brighter future becomes a better tomorrow.

Recent Development

  • Elijah decides to put a hold on his journey on finding the Waters of Life and focuses his efforts of locating and possibly getting into contact with the Thieves' Guild. While content at living the life of being the captain of his own crew and sailing across the skies like he dreamed of, at the back of his mind, he seemed to miss being a free-spirited rascal and doing whatever he pleases. So far, he's gotten a lead but isn't quite close just yet..


  • Trevor Callahan (Father) - “Yer harsh on me, but I know ya mean wel'.” The father that was never in his life to begin with. They have made amends with one another to a degree, but he still holds a grudge for not being around when he needed him the most.
  • Patricia Callahan (Mother) - “We're not quite there yet.. but in time, it will get better.” The mother that sacrificed everything to provide food and shelter for Elijah, often not looking over her own well-being. Elijah has made it to the point to not have her live through a such an ordeal again, and now, she's living happily with zero worries.
  • David Callahan (Older Half-Brother) - “Big brother, I hope I can see ya again. I'll make sure to visit, I promise..!” His older brother, whom he highly respects , ever since he heard about him. He goes to him for all sorts of advice and he's thankful that's able to reunite with him once more.
  • Flora Callahan (Younger Half-Sister) - “She's so adorable! She's a lil' shy but I think we can git along jus' fine.” His baby sister, who he dotes on constantly and sometimes becomes over-protective. Nevertheless, he cares for her a lot and tries to keep an extra close-eye on her.
  • Fiona Callahan (Younger Half-Sister) - “She's a bit rough and has a very tough exterior. Deep down though, she's a real softie.” The other sister, that has a no-nonsense attitude and a fiery flare to make for it. In truth, she makes sure that everyone is on the same page, which adds more light to her rather big sisterly persona. Elijah appreciates her concerns and cares for her a lot.
  • Richter Callahan (Younger Half-Brother) - “Wow, another brother? I could of sworn that I may or may have seen you?” His younger brother, someone he looks out for as much as he can. While a bit timid and shy, Elijah is eager to lend an ear to his little brother when he's able to.

Dearest to His Heart

  • Freya Leone ♥ “My beloved songbird and the love of my life. I'll cherish ya forever, you have my word. That's a firm promise.” His girlfriend and lover. An elven girl that he met through a blind date and he ends up falling in love with her, despite the fact their meeting was purely by happenstance. They both share a passion for dreams, supporting one another to the fullest. He's fairly certain that Freya is -the- one for him and wishes nothing more but to spend the rest of his days with the elven girl.


  • Daniel Reinford “Whatever you throw at me, I'll still be standing. No matter how much I fall, I'll just get back right up.” Elijah's supposed rival and bitter enemies perhaps. The other man made it very clear that he doesn't want him around and has gone to great length to taunt him and warned him multiple times that he'll make his life a living hell if Elijah continued to meddle in the trade business. Nevertheless, the wolf splicer doesn't plan on backing down, but hopes that Daniel won't get the upper hand on him.
  • Enya O'hara “Why? Why would you do that to her? I'll make sure you never lay a finger on her again. I swear on it.” Freya's former best friend that has a huge hatred for her. She has gone to great length to even assault Freya out in the open to make her point across, which clearly made Elijah very anxious and protective over Freya. Nevertheless, she dislikes Enya for what she had done and hopes that they never have to cross paths ever again.


  • Fiain “No matter what happens, you always have a place in my heart. I care about you as long as time allows it. I hope you live the rest of your days happy and thriving.” A distant friend, and formerly a love interest. While both of their worlds are entirely different from one another, their bond continued to grow stronger with one another. While in recent times things can be awkward whenever the two meet, he is still glad and happy that they're able to talk again to a certain degree. Rush has grown a lot thanks to her help and he's eternally grateful for that. However, their paths stray and things probably won't be like before anymore, though he wishes the best of whatever life Fiain has chosen.

Best Buds

  • Aja Rahal “One of these days, when there's a competition involved, I'll come out as the winner!” A woman he befriended when he first arrived in Glast. She's bit of a loud mouth but very fun to be around at least!
  • Poet Ellery “'ey bud, ya sure are a pleasure, y'know. Even though ya are older than me.” Old jokes aside, Rush considers him to be a good friend, talking about almost anything when they're in company with one another.

Respectful Folks

  • Cosette Bailey “David's girlfriend! She's very nice and dedicated, her methods, however..” David's elven girlfriend. She seemed very attached to David and Rush admires the fact that his older brother has someone that loves him very much. He's almost envious in a sense..
  • Sorin Sotelier “Thank ya fer takin' care of Fi. I now understand why she means a lot t'ya.” Sorin's caretaker. While they didn't see eye-to-eye at first, he respects Sorin highly because of his nigh amount of reckless bravery.
  • Tahni Mayor Kristelle “A very good tarot card reader, as well as my new recent business partner! She's really nice!” A kind woman that runs an alchemist shop, as well as doing tarot card readings for people. Rush is confident that both of their businesses working together will benefit them for the long haul.

Distant Relations

  • Alecto Della Corte “Such a sassy of a woman. She seems to enjoy tormentin' and teasin' me fer as long as I can remember.” A very haughty woman that has that sass going for her. During his brief time in Tortuga, he seems to like her, but doesn't appreciate the relentless teasing he receives from her sometimes.
  • Elise Denali “I dunno what's her deal with Rhydian and her personal stuffs, but besides that, she's actually not that bad. She does enjoy laughing at my misery though.” A very aloof elf that seems to consider alcohol as her best friend, as far as he can remember. Deep down the contents of her stone cold heart, however, Rush thinks she has a kind heart, even if she doesn't really show it off.
  • Fran Dillinger “The quirky and trendy of the bunch. She's an entertainer and seems to have a knack for adventure.” As far as Rush can remember, Fran really knows what's up, when it comes to having a good time. He misses her greatly and hopes she's doing well, as they have not seen each other since the war occurred.
  • Fritz Geisthund “Where did ya run off to now?” He hasn't seen Fritz since the war and hoped he had survived the horrific ordeals of war. He has a feeling that maybe it had an effect on him, but he isn't too sure.
  • Norah Monroe “Things have changed, but.. I hope fer the best fer ya.” The leader of Tortuga and someone that Rush was able to get along with when he first arrive in Tortuga. Due to recent events though, he decided to leave and pursue his dreams instead, feeling like his future wasn't meant to stay with her and her crew.
  • Rhydian Stahl “The reckless and brave swordsman. Seems to always have a knack for fighting. At the end of the day, it's not something I condone.” A swordsman who seems to favor fighting above all else. They seem to be exact opposites towards one another, as Rush dislikes fighting altogether. However, he still respects him for his battle prowess.
  • Seiglinde Reichs “It was a one time thing. I hope wherever ya are, yer safe n' well.” A one time crush that Rush was attracted to, though, realizing at the end that his feelings weren't really reciprocated. He finally has gotten over her, but he's still very bitter on why she left suddenly and probably will never know why.

Art is © Flora

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