Dylan Bannings

“How about taking a hike already, okay? I rather be alone.”

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Human
Height: 6'2'
Weight: 187 lbs.
Belief: Nothing
Birth Date: November 15th
Arcana: The Chariot
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: RDF Private
Skills: Melee Combat
Birth Place: Einbroch, Schwartzvald Republic
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Short-tempered and rebellious to a tee, Dylan has zero patience when it comes to certain things, easily taking offense from even the slightest of comments. Resorting to violence is nothing new to him, often getting into more trouble than he bargains for. He doesn't think twice of the things he says towards others, not thinking of the consequences that come afterwards. He tends to be very blunt about his feelings without showing any hesitation.

Despite his less-than-stellar attitude, Dylan can show rare instances of kindness towards others, a side that's not seen by everyone. Those who are patient enough to know him or bond with him, would see that Dylan is just misguided, filled with unrepentant anger that he keeps boiled up within himself. He aims and strives to become a better person, but finds it difficult because of his inability to work with others, which is a constant struggle he suffers to this day.

Dylan has blonde-dyed hair, with his natural hair color being black. He has fair skin with sky blue eyes, and he's fairly tall, standing at a height of six foot two.


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Recent Development

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  • Reeve Ambrose “Are you ever going to recover? I hear you're a full-blown workaholic..” Dylan's uncle by marriage, though at one point, he was quite close to him. When Reeve lost his wife and daughter, however, he closed himself off from the world, which included other family members. Dylan hasn't seen eye-to-eye with him since, but deep inside, he'd hope to reconnect and repair the relationship they once had some day.

They're alright, I think..

  • Aida Marcus “There's something about her I can't quite understand, but it's weird that she wants to help me out.. I appreciate it though.” Out of all the people he has met, Aida is someone that Dylan can tolerate to a degree. While thankful, her blunt presence can sometimes be off-putting, but it's nevertheless welcoming.

They're weird to hell

  • Elise Denali “Wow, wow, wow, I think you seriously need to lay off the juice because it's definitely making you sick, lady, damn!!” An ungrateful, sickly elf that is far from graceful, Dylan had the unfortunate meeting of crossing paths with her. The fact that she's associated with Tortuga makes it more tense and awkward. He'd hope they wouldn't meet again.
  • Luca Albescu “The lizard lady.. she's a bit weird– stop hitting me with your tail!” Dylan thinks that Luca is someone that's way too out of the norm.. and he isn't talking about her appearance. He also hates it when she keeps swatting him with her tail.
  • Peanut “I know you're staring at me funny, don't think I don't know!!” Aida's pet seeker. He doesn't understand why Aida keeps it around, but so long it keeps her happy (and it keeps his distance), he's cool with it. At least when it's not playing tricks on him.
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