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 +====== Derek Tanner ======
 +^ Gender: ​   | Male | 
 +^ Age:    | 30s |
 +^ Race:    | Human |  ​
 +^ Height: ​   | 5'​8"​ | 
 +^ Weight: ​   | 154 lbs. | 
 +^ Belief: ​   | ... | 
 +^ Birth Date:    | ... |  ​
 +^ Sign:    | ... |    ​
 +^ Occupation: ​   | Stylist, Assassin |   
 +^ Skills: ​   | Tailoring, Hair-Dressing,​ Knifing people in the throat. | 
 +^ Birth Place: ​   | .... | 
 +**Personality and Description**\\ ​
 +Derek Tanner is pleasant, if foppish, man of a great amount of elegance. Humble, yet proud of himself, Derek carries class and nobility with his up-stuck chin and dainty walk. Amiable and chatty, Derek enjoys calm and refine conversation. He prefers the company of women to brash men, and has an effeminate attitude regarding most things. He loves his silk top hat.
 +Derek Tanner is a hardhearted,​ precise, and relentless murderer. He considers his targets mere dogs that must be put down so he can be paid. Derek'​s keen mind is quick to pick up on details of people, for learning their minds and nature makes the kill easier. Pragmatic and greedy, Derek is never above taking or receiving money in any amount. If he is to survive, someone else must die. And as long as there are people on this world, someone will want someone dead.
 +Derek Tanner has a light frame, and usually garbs himself in loose, elegant clothing to hide his tough, lithe form.
 +**Biography** \\
 +//"A wolf kills the sheep, for they are slow, foolish, and dim-witted. A hunter kills the wolf, because it killed the sheep. I kill the hunter, because someone was jealous of their rifle and paid me to kill them. It's the circle of life."//​
 +Derek presents himself as a hard-working orphan that became a tailor'​s apprentice in Al De Baran. He is not very well known, but those that have met him regarded Derek as either a pleasant fop or a girly man.
 +Underground,​ Derek is referred to as the "​Tailor"​ when discussing contracts for assassination.
 +**Developments and Milestones**\\
 +  * Derek Tanner'​s cover had been blown, and his leg broken by Shale. But, he escaped capture and recovered.
 +  * After several months of laying low, Derek pulled enough strings to once again establish himself as a hired professional once again. The Tailor is back in business.
 +  * Approached by Gwen Nuctros for a unconventional job, Derek accepted. Upon executing the requested service, Derek Tanner finds his client to be nearly insufferable if incredibly childish. Depsite being aware of Gwen's pet, Gucci, being able to produce diamonds, Derek lost his patience and bitterly explained why she was to be married off.
 +  * After being ironically framed as Gwen's kidnapper, Derek saved Gwen with help from Felix. After a twisted misadventure through the wild and underground forest, Gwen was returned in a debilitated state to Glast. He then arranged a doctor to provide her the needed medicine she lacked, if fear she would turn to vampirism to escape death.
 +  * Derek proposed a business proposition to Gwen, in hopes of dissuading her from turning to vampirism to escape the pressure of her sickness and lack of income to supply medicine. Derek, officially, has ceased his alternate business in lieu for **Swan Song's Silks**!
 +  * Derek and Gwen's relationship was shaken by Gwen's boisterous challenging nature, and Derek'​s easily fractured patience. But thanks to a successful Fashion Show, they have reignited their romance.
 +  * Continued work on clothing and less murderous work has softened Derek'​s disposition. Now more relaxed and in near constant good company, Derek faced the challenge of an indecisive and distracted Gwen. Between her desires to succeed in the face of her delicate ego, and her desires for him, Derek endured a painful, extended relationship.
 +  * Not at all by whim, and deceitful meddling upon a certain Mey's part, Derek was placed in a situation that would either forever render him a tool or a lover. Desperate for attention, Derek took a chance. And Gwen's passion took her, and him!
 +  * Completing many orders for outfits from patrons of Swan's Silks!
 +  * His assassin'​s tools continued to be oiled, and practiced with out of habit.
 +  * How he pined, but now he loves!
 +  * **Gwen Nuctros** - //An albino woman, who soars and plummets easily. Soft and smooth as silk, bravely impulsive and passionate with her vocation. His very adapt and eager business partner. Business and pleasure have become mixed, but to falter now would fail her!//
 +  * Count Tanner - //A distant relative I wish remain distant. Ex-Vampires are poor company, regardless how much class they have.//
 +  * Ariessa Richarte - //A fierce woman. Carries a deadly axe of magical nature. Her stature and attitude suggests a warrior of necessity. Lovely hair, despite it all.//
 +  * Felix - //A vulgar martial artist and brute. He is easy to work with, but has little patience for nonsense.//
 +  * Some Butler - //Dealt with. May my mercy not return to cause complications.//​