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 ====== Dean Lykke ====== ====== Dean Lykke ======
-//"I am angrier now than I have ever beenAt least there'​s a goal to focus on."//+//"A soldier with no nationNo purposeNo direction. What good is that?"//
-{{ :​world_setting:​characters:​LykkeMuffin.png?​direct&​250|}}+{{ :​world_setting:​characters:​LykkeMuffin.png?​direct&​250|Move that mouse, before I kill it.}}
 ^ Gender: ​   | Male |  ^ Gender: ​   | Male | 
 ^ Age:    | Over 1000 | ^ Age:    | Over 1000 |
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 ^ Birth Date:    | Winter |  ​ ^ Birth Date:    | Winter |  ​
 ^ Sign:    | Capricorn |    ​ ^ Sign:    | Capricorn |    ​
-^ Occupation: ​   | ... |    +^ Occupation: ​   | Former Gladiator, Former Soldier ​|    
-^ Titles: ​   | Criminal |+^ Titles: ​   | Criminal, Usurper King |
 ^ Combat Skills: ​   | Weaponmaster,​ Wind, Dark and Spirit Magic |  ^ Combat Skills: ​   | Weaponmaster,​ Wind, Dark and Spirit Magic | 
-^ Practical Skills: ​   | None +^ Practical Skills: ​   | The Guitar..? ​
 ^ Birth Place: ​   | ... |  ^ Birth Place: ​   | ... | 
-^ Theme: ​  | [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=1x8J-c4cVec|Chaos (Ablaze)]] |+^ Theme: ​  | [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=RR1aKkHhM0E|Cut the Cord]] |
 ^ Voice: ​   | [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=WXT9IZvwi7g|Wham]] | ^ Voice: ​   | [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=WXT9IZvwi7g|Wham]] |
 **Personality and Description**\\ ​ **Personality and Description**\\ ​
 ---- ----
-Though Lykke'​s gaze used to be hard and judgmental at all timesit has become more thoughtful of late. Most of the anger and frustration has been turned inward, it seems, and he's become more quietUnsettling for his friends, perhaps, but it might also be a welcomed ​thing - Given how often he 'spoke his mind' ​in the past. Despite this new quiet, ​his posture ​and mannerisms remain ​the sameLykke stands ​proud and tall, at least in the company ​of others, and prefers to keep his jaw tight and expression intense.+Quiet and reservedLykke carries a certain stubborn seriousness with him wherever ​he goesThe easiest ​thing to notice ​in conversation is his apparent insistence to remain somewhere between stoic and crestfallen,​ despite ​the errant smirk or even snicker that shows otherwiseThough standing ​proud and tall has its place and timeLykke seems to spend most of his recent time slouching or sitting ​in a variety ​of particularly relaxed positions.
-Though ​he comes from the age (and clan) of cold steel and thick leather, Lykke seems to have modernized to some degree! His time in the Republic has been long, and the man has picked up military-styled jacket as well as a few new tools in that timeHe seems particularly adept at Commonmore in the areas of slang. He's cut his hair shortas welldespite favoring ​longer look before - It keeps it out of his eyes, anyway.+Despite this lazy posture, ​he has the build of man who's dedicated his entire life to physical betterment. It makes sense, ​of coursebecause he //​has//​. ​Lykke is sculpted, almost statuesque ​in the proper lighting, and tends to keep at least one hand closed around ​the hilt of one of his blades at all times. Often, though, it's both. 
 +Lykke'​s skin has regained some of its pink color, ​welcome change from the pallid tone he had before, and his dull grey eyes now show the vaguest hint of green in tiny flecks. His hair is white, cut in a haphazard way that suggests he didn't have it done very professionallyIt has a natural wave to it, at leastthat makes it look acceptable despite that. 
 +He doesn't seem to own more than one set of clothing that he laysvery unfittingover what seems like far more archaic leather breastplate. The latter is adorned with jingling chains and trinkets, befitting something more like a shaman, but placed over it is a very modern set of Republican military fatigues. It's a curious look that might cause one to wonder exactly where he comes from. Or what angle he's playing at.
 **Personal Items**\\ **Personal Items**\\
 ---- ----
-Bear War Club A black metallic mace carved from some unknown metalThere's an inscription on the side in an ancient language that's impossible to read. |+ Gypsy Guitar  ​| ... This is his now. It hasn't got the 'oomph' that the splintered memories rammed into his head would like, but it works. |
 **Biography**\\ **Biography**\\
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 **Recent Development**\\ **Recent Development**\\
 ---- ----
-  * After two years of slinking through ​the shadows ​and biding time, it is finally time to act. What should be a happy (or at least enjoyable) time is quickly soured, however... +  * Without the distraction ​of battle and training, Lykke finds himself restless and irritable. Coupled with the new need for proper nourishment ​and sleep, it's more than just overwhelmingIt's incredibly annoying
-  * It is timeas always, to train and to growWhen all is said and donehe will be ready to crush those who are deserving.+  * Self-doubt ​is not something that he has ever known, and yet it's reared its ugly headIn this caseunfortunately,​ a head that cannot ​be lopped off and quickly discarded.
 **Friends and Foes**\\ **Friends and Foes**\\
 ---- ----
 **Companions** **Companions**
-  * **[[world_setting:​characters:​james_renate|Renate]]** :: //"Fate plays a strange handIt would be funnyif were not terrified."// +  * **[[world_setting:​characters:​james_renate|Renate]]** :: //"You are... A curious man. A good partner. The best of us, I think - And not just in skill or wit."// 
-  * **Solar** :: //"You have brought nothing but trouble, ​and a maze of questionsI wish I could hate you."// +  * **Solar** :: //"have grown accustomed to your obnoxious volume ​and cheery demeanorDon't disappoint me now."// 
-  * **[[world_setting:​characters:​Sophie_Hrist|Hrist]]** :: //"Nowmore than ever, it seems we must stick togetherI don'​t ​dislike it, at least."//+  * **[[world_setting:​characters:​Sophie_Hrist|Hrist]]** :: //"Your company is welcomedat arms' lengthPerhaps closer, when your fangs and claws aren'​t ​sharpened and ready. Such times are rare."//
 **Foes** **Foes**
-  * **Sand** :: //"When find you, we will have wordsThen will kill you."//​ +  * **Sand** :: //"Do want to kill you, or do I want to kill anything that I don't understand? This is not a question I would usually askBut, still want to kill you."//​ 
-  * **<del>The Alchemist</​del>​** :: //"You were to blamebut I am no betterFortunately,​ I can despise ​you regardless."//+  * **The Alchemist** :: //"It was youthenAlways ​you. There will not be a trace of you left to cling desperately to, when we are finished."//
 **''​Art is © [[http://​britishmuffin.tumblr.com/​|Muffin E. Goodness]]!''​** **''​Art is © [[http://​britishmuffin.tumblr.com/​|Muffin E. Goodness]]!''​**