Dean Lykke

“A soldier with no nation. No purpose. No direction. What good is that?”

Move that mouse, before I kill it.

Gender: Male
Age: Over 1000
Race: Nephilim Vampire
Height: 6'9” / 2m
Weight: 240 lbs / 109 kg
Belief: None
Birth Date: Winter
Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Former Gladiator, Former Soldier
Titles: Criminal, Usurper King
Combat Skills: Weaponmaster, Wind, Dark and Spirit Magic
Practical Skills: The Guitar..?
Birth Place:
Theme: Cut the Cord
Voice: Wham

Personality and Description

Quiet and reserved, Lykke carries a certain stubborn seriousness with him wherever he goes. The easiest thing to notice in conversation is his apparent insistence to remain somewhere between stoic and crestfallen, despite the errant smirk or even snicker that shows otherwise. Though standing proud and tall has its place and time, Lykke seems to spend most of his recent time slouching or sitting in a variety of particularly relaxed positions.

Despite this lazy posture, he has the build of a man who's dedicated his entire life to physical betterment. It makes sense, of course, because he has. Lykke is sculpted, almost statuesque in the proper lighting, and tends to keep at least one hand closed around the hilt of one of his blades at all times. Often, though, it's both.

Lykke's skin has regained some of its pink color, a welcome change from the pallid tone he had before, and his dull grey eyes now show the vaguest hint of green in tiny flecks. His hair is white, cut in a haphazard way that suggests he didn't have it done very professionally. It has a natural wave to it, at least, that makes it look acceptable despite that.

He doesn't seem to own more than one set of clothing that he lays, very unfitting, over what seems like a far more archaic leather breastplate. The latter is adorned with jingling chains and trinkets, befitting something more like a shaman, but placed over it is a very modern set of Republican military fatigues. It's a curious look that might cause one to wonder exactly where he comes from. Or what angle he's playing at.

Personal Items

Gypsy Guitar … This is his now. It hasn't got the 'oomph' that the splintered memories rammed into his head would like, but it works.


It is not for you to know.

Recent Development

  • Without the distraction of battle and training, Lykke finds himself restless and irritable. Coupled with the new need for proper nourishment and sleep, it's more than just overwhelming. It's incredibly annoying.
  • Self-doubt is not something that he has ever known, and yet it's reared its ugly head. In this case, unfortunately, a head that cannot be lopped off and quickly discarded.

Friends and Foes


  • Renate :: “You are… A curious man. A good partner. The best of us, I think - And not just in skill or wit.”
  • Solar :: “I have grown accustomed to your obnoxious volume and cheery demeanor. Don't disappoint me now.”
  • Hrist :: “Your company is welcomed, at arms' length. Perhaps closer, when your fangs and claws aren't sharpened and ready. Such times are rare.”


  • Sand :: “Do I want to kill you, or do I want to kill anything that I don't understand? This is not a question I would usually ask. But, I still want to kill you.”
  • The Alchemist :: “It was you, then. Always you. There will not be a trace of you left to cling desperately to, when we are finished.”

Art is © Muffin E. Goodness!

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