Dawn Abigail Elereth

Gender: Female
Age: 293
Race: Light Elf
Height: 5'10'
Weight: 121 lbs
Belief: Money
Birth Date: October 9th
Arcana: The Priestess
Sign: Libra
Occupation: TAU Hospital Doctor
Skills: Medical Expertise, Healing Magic
Birth Place: Geffenia, Vahk'Sala
Theme: Celes' Theme - FF6
Voice: Helena Baring - The Boogie Man
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Gentle, kind and often considerate of others, Dawn is a polite individual that will always lend a helping hand to anyone, no matter who that person is. Her position as a doctor has taught her to offer aid to those that needed more than she does. However, at the same time, this can also be seen as reckless. Dawn tends to not look out for her own well-being when a dire situation arises, often worrying others with this sort of selfless behaviour.

Dawn can also be at times, become very greedy and selfish, always wanting to jump at the opportunity when things like valuable trinkets or money is involved. This often can lead to more trouble than usual, leaving very terrible consequences along the way when she's not being careful. Despite this, Dawn has learned the prospects of appraising things of value, particularly gems as an example.

Dawn stands at five foot ten in height which is considered common among elves. She has a relatively petite frame, with light brown hair that goes past the shoulders, which is occasionally tied into a side ponytail but lately, she lets it flow downward. Lastly, she has light blue eyes that shine and glimmer like the sky if one looks deep into them and relatively fair skin.

Her usual and most common attire would be a doctor's coat worn on her person, with a blouse and skirt and comfortable heels worn underneath. Her hair is held with a golden circlet, which is also a family heirloom in itself, as it was given by her twin sister, so she is never seen without it on.


Dawn was born in the city of Geffenia, when at the time, the folks and citizens of the city she live in did not take outsiders or tourists too kindly, often at times chastising or downright being unkind to those that step foot into Vahk'Sala. Nevertheless, Dawn grew up in a relatively normal life, living in a home with her two parents and her twin sister, Dusk.

Both sisters were taught magic at a very young age, with Dawn learning and having a connection with the ways of Light Magic, while Dusk learned to be more familiar with the likes of Shadow Magic. This was simply the start of Dawn's medical path, as she had learned the basics of magical healing, as well learning to make certain healing herbs and being taught how to do basic first aid. Though, at the back of her mind, she was curious if she could learn more or rather, expand even further with what she knew now with her medical capabilities.

Luck and fate struck fortunately for her, as a passing traveler, who happens to be a traveling doctor, arrived within Geffenia. Dressed in a lab coat, and carrying tools that were unfamiliar and yet intriguing, curiosity got the best of Dawn, when she managed to ask all sorts of questions during a visit at a local bar that he was staying at. The man laughed at Dawn's eagerness and told him that if she wanted to know more, all she had to do was step outside and found out on her own. With this, Dawn had to make a decision.

Getting rather bored and rather unsatisfied with a country that's xenophobic and unwelcoming, she made a bold decision to tell her family of her plans. As expected, her family did not approve of this, especially her twin, who looked rather distraught that she'd leave so suddenly. Though as Dawn was rather serious in going through in leaving, her family albeit with some reluctance gave her their blessing, on one condition. She was not allowed to ever return, and not to bother associating with them. Knowing this, she took what little she could take with her and without looking back, she exited the very home she was once familiar with, to the unknown lands that was awaiting for her.

Dawn ended up wandering towards the city of Alberta, known for its merchandising and such, and luckily found a medical course that was held within. Many, many years of working for odd jobs to pay for her tuitions, and she was able to get the proper learning that she had desired, seeming as hard work and effort were finally paying off. Of course, the thought of sacrificing her entire association with her family was difficult and rather heartbreaking, she had no regrets whatsoever.

Over the next several centuries or so, Dawn followed into the footsteps of that traveling doctor that she had met all those years ago, going around cities and towns, offering her services to those in need.

Recent Development

  • After surviving a near-death encounter with an incident involving Behemoths, Dawn decides that the adventuring life isn't something that's really stable at all. Relieved that she was able to save a life along with others, she realizes that it was probably time to get settled. The first thing she does is possibly find an employment in a clinic - or perhaps, even better, a hospital to work in. She looks at several options, hoping for a better future for herself.
  • Dawn decides to live up in the Republic, already making the decision to live up permanently within Lighthalzen. Not only that, but she manages to get an interview at TAU, the company that's supposedly to be the spiritual successor to Rekkenber. Along with her impressive resume and skills to her assets, the elf managed to become a doctor for the medical wing! In the meantime, she is slowly taking her time to get used to living up North, even taking driving lessons in the meantime!


  • Dusk ElerethNever one without the other. Someday, I'll reunite with you, dear sister.” Dawn's twin sister. She has not seen her in several centuries and hopes they can see each other once more.


  • Oliver ChanceYou always carry that aura of sadness within you.. I want to help you realize there's people that actually care about you. Like me..” A man that carries a lot of weight on his shoulders, always keeping a distant, cold demeanor upon himself. He's someone she's greatly fond of, even more so than she realizes and wishes to help him if she could.
  • Alecto Della CorteI really wish that you'd stop getting ahead of everything before I do. I'm glad we're friends, though, so that's good!” A woman that has a lot of sass and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She likes to think that they're great friends, and wishes they get closer as time goes by!
  • Westley FaolanI wish I knew him better, he seemed to be a very nice person to be around!” Someone she had met during her time in El Quattor. He seemed to be very smart and capable of holding his own.
  • Aravae SelmerShe's able to see spirits of the like and she's really good company! Although, I do question her drinking capabilities..” Another elf that she has gotten close with during her time in the Rise. She thinks she worries and babies every one a bit too much, but she knows that she just cares, which is good.
  • Rhydian StahlYou're very reckless, which isn't really a bad thing. It's great that you help protect everyone you can, however.” A man who seems to always spring into action whenever battle arises. While he finds his behaviour rather reckless, she knows that he tries to do what's best for everyone.
  • Song ShinI never thought nobility and royalty could be so.. intimidating. I feel so small compared to her.” A Ba Jian woman that's capable of dealing with spirits. She's very intrigued by her and her twin sister, however, there's a sense of awkwardness, due to being completely different backgrounds.
  • Song SuyinI feel like she's a lot more feistier than Shin.. it vaguely reminds me of someone I know, haha.” While not really close compared to Shin, she finds her very intriguing and reminds her so much of Dusk in a way. She hopes she gets to know her better when she can.


  • Lisia SunmournVery bubbly and easy to get along with, she even owns a perfume store!” An elf she had met while passing through Glastheim, now an occasional regular at her perfume store.
  • Elise DenaliI.. honestly prefer to keep my distance really..” An elf that doesn't to want to be bothered by anything. She also seems interested in drinking, considering she smells heavily of it often.
  • Elliot DenaliIt's amazing how he's related to Elise. He seems really nice and plays really good music!” A cubi that seems very talented in playing music. He's very kind, compared to his sister, and finds that relieving to an extent.
  • Keiji AraiA very cute, optimistic boy, he seems to be always to be in high spirits.” A Ba Jian boy that wears an adorable panda hat over his head. He's teaching Dawn about Ba Jian customs and appreciates him in doing so, even though he doesn't have to.
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