Colton West

“I let my hands do the talking.”

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Human
Height: 6'1“
Weight: 200 lbs
Belief: Atheist
Birth Date: Spring (May 14)
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Ex-Underground Fighter
Combat Skills: Punching (Melee Combat)
Practical Skills: Heavy Lifting
Birth Place: Einbroch
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

In an attempt to overcome his low social standing and to survive the streets, Colton tries to come off as brutish, exaggerating his big build in his gait and preserving an uncaring expression in public.

However, it's not impossible to get through to him nor is he, in simple terms, a douche. In fact, as soon as he deems you trustworthy enough—which is quite fast—he sheds his act. Regardless, because his manner of carrying himself is so ingrained within his person, one cannot ever be sure if he would ever be able to shed it entirely.

Once befriended, Colton becomes an affectionate buddy and effectively calls others buddies, as well. He expects reciprocal comradery and ensures he has the other party's back, providing that his own back is covered.

Colton's affection is very physical, draping his arms around friends, punching people in the arms and even slapping butts. He does this all with a cheery countenance and a rich laugh, something that is hard to see when he adheres to the traditional male role.

Even though he was reared in a poor household, Colton doesn't get jealous. Instead, he uses his potential envy to motivate himself to reach high. He always roots for the underdog because of this. Lowly beginnings will never be foreign to him.

The events in the Tri-Optimum Facility have allowed him to break free of his stoic shell, but time can only tell when he will be forced to readopt his cold exterior when he leaves…


For all of his life, the word “money” dominated the vocabulary of his household. Fragile family dinners were conducted over shaky dialogues of their meager finances and their equally meager meals. Although his parents were lucky to found some work, their unfaithful, almost-scavenged salaries were not enough.

And Colton had enough. His parents didn’t want their children to work, but Colton was determined to find some. And so, he did-secretly. He was a strong young man: a good fit for the cheap physical labour that was available. However, he didn't trust the factories. He didn't trust Rekkenber. Their creation of “splicing” trend was enough to keep him away.

Consequently, he was at a loss of what to do. Colton was close to giving up but of course, his stubborn resolve refused to. One night, while searching the streets for “hiring” signs, he stumbled upon a secluded establishment in the gritty alleyways. A thin strip of light from a slightly ajar door led him to a crowded arena. People formed a grimy, aggressive circle around two fighters like bees. In the musty air, Colton could make out one scent. The scent of money.

That was all it took for Colton to find himself in the middle of the ring. Fighters were paid behind the scenes, more if the crowd was large, even more if they won. He came back home late at night, hoping to mask his bruises and cuts in the darkness. But every injury was worth it. Every injury was money.

He became a successful fighter, the blonde’s fists making a name for themselves in the underground ring. However, with every battered knuckle, he realized he wouldn't be able to keep this up for too long.

The operation was illegal. The police could have raided the place at any minute and the people involved were notorious, part of the “destructive gangs” the government condemned. But for now though, he has no intention of stopping. Not until his last punch has been thrown.

Recent Developments

  • Returning from Arunafeltz, Colton has finally discovered a phrase to describe the justifying force behind his struggles, both past and present. It is “for the greater whole.”

Friends and Foes


  • Mom, Dad and baby Brother - Colton routinely sends them letters and money, and maintains the connection religiously.

The Other Family

  • Marie Sokolov - “You'll be all right.” - Emboldened by everyone's efforts to get her out alive, Colton also wants to return the favor. Thinking about Marie makes Colton homesick which is not necessarily a bad thing. The kindness Marie has given to everyone reminds him of a real family: something the Tri-Op Family has been for him in substitute for his own blood.
  • Aja Rahal - “Gonna miss ya… for sure.” - Colton and Aja get along very well. Their outgoing, boisterous personalities jive rather than clash and Colton's glad to have found another person who can jab and uppercut like the best of them. He'll be sad when they have to part ways; she's like a long lost twin, a bosom friend: much like Pepe.
  • Atlas Finnigan - “Might've stomped my game piece into nothin', but I'm gonna miss that…” - After feeling horribly guilty about her scar, Colton continues to admire the girl. Touched if not entirely moved by her drive to save Marie, Colton is convinced Atlas and her passion will bring her to do great things… She has a chance out there, he knows it, believes it.
  • Cliff Slade - “Not gonna have you go through it again.” - Despite his tough exterior, Colton finds more and more things to admire in the guy; he reminds him of the small circle of friends he had on the streets. Cliff's constant support from the sides has allowed Colton some breathers on the front lines, which he is always thankful for. Recently, he's been teaching him how to throw punches, but for now, they're taking it easy. Cliff's recent brush with death has emboldened him to make sure he gets out in one piece. Someone needs him to be, after all.
  • Gabrielle DeAngelis - “Don't get hurt. Please…” - Colton has opened up to Gabrielle, to his own surprise. He envies her for her smarts and promising future, going to one of the best academies around is no joke, after all. Colton has taken to mothering her, scolding her in his clouds of concern. Gabrielle has recently admitted to being friends with him, something Colton never imagined would have happened. Grateful if not touched, the fighter never knew he was capable of making friends with one of the “smart ones.”
  • Lain Strauss - “Careful about the eye, yea? Gonna miss ya man…” - Colton has been his sponge bath assistant and has grown fond of the man despite his bad temper at times. While he's worried for his well-being because of the implants, Colton knows that he's self-sufficient enough to trudge through any hardship. He's infinitely grateful to him for his smithing abilities and their buddy-buddy friendship.
  • Will Warlow - “Almost gave me a heart attack, man! S'long as you're okay, I'm okay.” - Heavily identifying with the underdog types, Colton can't help but adore the fire-casting elf from Avicennia. He's glad Will's opened up to him but he remains painfully unaware of the elf's apparent crush. A recent confession has made Colton more protective of the elf if not more inclined to shower him with a chummy affection.
  • Tetra - “Got each other's backs 'cause we're a damn team!” - Colton certainly has got her back and although she may be meek, Tetra and Colton have become fast teammates in the thick of combat. The fighter has a fondness for her as she has been nothing but nice to him. For this reason, he is determined to protect her like before.


  • Rat-soda, lion-esque creatures, nightmares.

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