Cliff Slade

“Just don't feel like me. Hope that goes away. Kinda liked me, y'know?”

Gender: Male
Age: 26 (Adult)
Race: Human
Height: 6'3” / 1.9m
Weight: 164 lbs / 74 kg
Belief: Atheist
Birth Date: Winter (March 16)
Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Unemployed
Combat Skills: Knifeplay, Firearms & Guerilla Warfare
Practical Skills: Welding, Assembly, Bullet Craft
Birth Place: Einbroch
Theme: Ghost
Voice: Aaron Paul

Personality and Description

Standing at six feet and three inches, Cliff is on the taller side for a human and lanky to match it. He carries a swimmer's build, with just enough muscle to look like he can pull a bit of weight, as well. Alas, the world has not been so kind to him. That shows in his face, as well… Though he usually wears a signature kind of small scowl, there's a certain paleness and vague daze to him. It can be difficult to get his attention at times, as he spaces out with frequency.

Cliff is most often found in his armor, a set of black flexible plates with a similarly colored coat over it. The surface of the coat and accompanying pants seems to warp and shift in an ethereal way, blending in with the background and making him look like a black ghost from a distance. A set of thick steel-toed boots accompanies that, along with leather gloves that fit his long fingers well.

The man can, or could, be a bit of a smart-ass… Though it shines through slightly less as of late. It's likely just a phase, or hopefully anyway, and in time he will recover.



Recent Development

  • Cliff grows ever braver in his exploits, cramming experimental liquids into his veins and reaping the rewards and penalties of such. It culminates in a particularly savage fight with a security robot, and…
  • Cliff dies. There's no other way to explain what he saw and experienced, even if the others are nervous to say it around him. He flounders somewhat, feeling simultaneously like himself and not-quite-himself. This dissonance, among many others, leaves him often dazed and confused.

Friends and Foes


  • Atlas :: “Need something to cling to. So don't go anywhere… For a while.” :: A girl to whom he's very attached. At the hip, as of now, it seems! He often leans on her, though hardly seems to need the physical support…

Good Friends

  • Colt :: “A good man and a good friend. Reminds me a little of my brother, but… Better.” :: Though he's more hesitant to toy with his own life now, Cliff would still take a bullet for this one - And he's certain that goes both ways.
  • Gabi :: “Zero-tolerance for stupidity, but that's not a downside. A friend.” :: All work and no play makes Gabrielle a dull girl… In theory. There's more to her than that, though, and he recognizes as much now.


  • Aja :: “Thinks it's her fault I… Y'know. More mine, though, shouldn't have pushed my body like that.” :: She'll probably be worried for a while, but he doesn't… Blame her, or even care. Which is a bit weird, even to him.
  • Rhiann :: “Pinkie. She's cute, a nice dose of optimism in this mess… One hell of a crack shot, too.” :: He'd call her a friend, by now. Rhiann is a little eccentric, but that's endearing in its own right.
  • Lain :: “He can be a jerk, but also a goof-off. Nice guy underneath, probably.” :: They haven't had the chance to work together at great length, but he did give Cliff a shotgun and Train Gun, though the latter is broken. That makes him OK in any book.
  • Tetra :: “Getting better with the Common. Staying just as crazy with the blade, too.” :: Definitely an impressive fighter, but he's still in the dark on just where she learned to do what she does. Probably natural talent, or a lot of practice, now that the implant's out.
  • Will :: “Quiet dude, easily embarrassed. Has the firepower to make anything a scorch mark on the ground, though.” :: This guy's coming out of his shell more lately, and is a fair bit less shy for it. Pretty close to Colt, which is fine.

Mixed Feelings

  • Marie Sokolov :: “Of all the people, man… Not even a 'that sucks'. You got time for anyone, anymore?” :: Technically owes her his life, but he's one down on that debt now. As far as he's concerned, it's paid.

Art by Koonjan! Don't steal.

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