Claudia Schwarzer

“It's okay.. I don't bite, hehehe~”

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (looks to be in her 20s)
Race: Vampire
Height: 5'5'
Weight: 115 lbs.
Belief: Atheist
Birth Date: February 7th
Arcana: The Temperance
Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Painter
Skills: Shadow Magic, Melee Combat, Painting, Blood Sucking
Birth Place: Geffen, Allied-States of Rune
Theme: Copycat - JubyPhonic
Voice: Muffet - Undertale
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Playful and mischievous, Claudia is someone that just enjoys having fun and having a good time. She is very social, no matter who she converses with. While not exactly subtle about her vampiric state, she also doesn't outright announce or state what she actually is to those that are not familiar with her kind. She takes great joy and amusement by giving vague and obvious hints, trying to challenge those to figure out what she is exactly.

Beneath her playful nature though, Claudia is actually a very lonely person. Behind closed doors, she prefers to be in quiet solitude, as she knows deep down that her condition can sometimes rub people the wrong way. Or much worse. Only a select few know about this side, and it's something that is rarely seen.

Like most vampires, Claudia has deathly pale skin, similiar in appearance to what a corpse would look like. Her long, platinum blonde hair makes up for her unnerving features, however, with a black ribbon tied snuggly within the locks of her hair. Lastly she has blood red eyes that sort of give a menacing aura, if one is bold enough to look within them for a long moment.

Claudia is fond of dresses of elegancy and grace. Her usual attire consists of a black and white dress with frills among the skirt, while also wearing fingerless gloves upon her hands and arms.


Claudia is a mixture of tragedy and woe. (I'll update this.)

Recent Development

  • After a successful run within Vil Torum, Claudia mostly keeps to the shadows and does her paintings in silence. Though a sudden voice mail from Tal caused her to become excited, having not spoken with the woman in ages. What they discussed though seemed awfully personal for the both of them..
  • She spends most of her time conversing with Tal via ringer, even though she hopes to see her someday, while moving into a new home. It's small and cozy and has since transformed it into a mini art studio.

Absolute Darlings

  • Tal Cato “Hmhm, my, you are quite the chipper one, aren't you~? I like you a lot, dearie.” Claudia seems to like Tal a lot, not because she is always so cheery, but the fact she can open up about her vampiric nature and still be comfortable about it.
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