**Chloe Lombardi**

Gender: Female
Age: 31
Race: Human
Height: 5 feet 1 inches
Weight: 131 lbs
Hair Colour: Light Blonde
Eye Colour: Left eye - Pale, Icy Blue; Right eye - Pale Gold with Dark Gold Flecks
Belief: Non-Religious
Birth Date: August 10th
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Alchemy Assistant, Adventurer, Doctor
Skills: Playing the Saxophone, First Aid, Sign Language
Birth Place: Einbech
Current Residence: Heidelburg
Theme: Pending

Personality and Description

To be re-written.

Bear Related Behaviors:

* Hunter: Chloe finds new joy in killing and eating her own food, whether that's in the form of prowling the forest or a more casual activity like a fishing. Seeing as she didn't particularly enjoy meat before, she has been picking up a taste for it and craving it much more.

* At Home in Nature: Chloe starts enjoying the outdoors much more than she does already. The sights and smells of everything outside her front door is much more appealing and you can find her on her front step often if she's not around the city.

* Stocking Up: Chloe feels more inclined to stock up on supplies, especially food… It might be especially severe come winter-time! Additionally, Chloe's appetite rises and she eats much more than she used to. Omnomnom.

Special Personal Items:

* Wedding Earring - Worn on her left ear, the thick black hoop earring is studded with diamonds and has tribal-like designs etched into it. Since Erebus can't wear rings, they opted for single earrings instead.


To say Chloe was a planned child wouldn't be correct in any sense of the words. Born to an already strained family struggling to make ends meet with twin toddlers, Chloe's mother wasn't able to get the care she needed during her pregnancy with Chloe; that and environmental factors leading to Chloe being a month and a half premature. Her father took to protecting her as if she were the most fragile thing he had ever seen; it leading to her becoming a bit spoiled when it came to getting attention.

A few years after she was born, her father managed to land a job within Lighthalzen with the police force there, getting away from his factory job in Einbech and away from the living conditions there as well. They could only afford a very small house, though this factored into the family being as close as they are today.

Chloe had troubles through school, her finding it hard to concentrate when she was the target of bullying throughout her elementary years. A lot of this bullying stemmed from her not having the clothes and things others in her class had, as well as Chloe having a bad stutter when she tried to talk. Even when the bullying was attempted to be fixed, it wouldn't truly stop and Chloe barely managed to pass elementary school.

Finding their daughter socially awkward to the point of crying whenever she had to go to school, Chloe's mother kept her home in the middle school grades for home schooling. Her grades still didn't improve much in this time. Hoping to inspire a creative side to her, Chloe's parents scraped together what little extra money they had and bought her a saxophone. Clinging to the only possession she had of much worth, she quickly became talented in playing it.

High school wasn't much better for her. She was still socially awkward, though her grades did start to improve. Chloe only had one friend in high school, but has long since lost touch with her. Through high school, Chloe would somehow end up with numerous boyfriends, most of them claiming to have been attracted to her shy personality. She still had the stutter, it apparently being cute. Some of these boyfriends ended up just dating her out of bets or another type of bullying, though no matter the reason, they all left in the end.

Her longest lasting relationship was with a man about 5 years older than her named Jason. She hopped into University right after high school, having dedicated herself to studying to get into Lighthalzen's top medical university to become a doctor. She made it in with numerous grants and scholarships, finally finding something she was good at and loved. This had also spurred her to learn sign language to speak with some of the patients. Her schooling strained the relationship with Jason, leaving him for someone who was a bit more open. Sadly, she would eventually go back to him, Jason becoming a controlling man once he got her back. He caused her to go through many different kinds of physical and emotional pain; some of those things persisting even to this day in her daily life.

After one last straw and Chloe almost losing her life during a small university graduation party between the two, the woman fled the country with the help of her father. She now finds herself trying to get herself a place in the world away from the bad luck of her past.

Recent Development ( Most Recent on Top)

* Taking Shale and Redoran with her, the three of them set off to find the Philosopher's Stone with clues from Sand. They make it and find the spot… but someone else got there first. After heated arguments and Chloe getting insulted over it more than once, she eventually gives up what she came for to the person in exchange for the help she needs and money. Despite getting the help she needs for her husband and money Redoran asked for, she considers the venture a bit of a failure as she returned home empty handed. She seems bummed out as of late, even if she got what she actually needed in the end.
* Erebus and Chloe get married on Halloween eve! It ended up being a costume wedding and party afterward.
* Chloe joins the Battle Royale! She mostly goes to get back into the swing of things and ends up winning the Warrior's Prize. While it was a great day, nothing topped going home to a very proud family.
* As if it were meant to be, Chloe ends up giving birth to her first child the day after her parents arrive in Heidelburg. It's a boy! (Occurred Sep 1st)
* A surprise comes to Chloe's door at the end of August. Unexpectedly, it's her mother and father. She's not sure how they got out of the Republic, but they seem safe– other than her father missing his right arm from what she could only assume a work related incident. The last of her worries seemed to just wash away the moment she saw their faces and was told her brothers and their families are fine and relocated to Hugel to get away from the main city. (Occurred Aug 31st)

Friends and Foes and People She Knows

Family And Those Incredibly Close To Her

* Vincent (Father), Annabelle (Mother), Theodore and Nathaniel (Twin Older Brothers) – Her family; people more important to her than almost anything.
* Erebus - “I love you.” - Chloe's fiance. She's looking forward to marrying him and having quite the large family together.
* Lance Lombardi - “I waited so long, but it was worth every moment.” - Chloe and Erebus' first child born September 1st. Chloe finally gets to experience the thing she wanted the most in life; motherhood.
* Chickadee - Her peco! He was given to her by Rory; Chloe ever so thankful that she has a peco to ride around on and carry all her medical supplies. The peco is an odd colour set; sporting white, black and gray feathers. Very gentle in personality.
* Alexandrite - Her Echo! While the Echo can't talk and it doesn't even have a form yet, Chloe feels incredibly close to it due to it being part of her body now. She is looking forward to learning more.

Close Friends

* Xavier Crass - “You haven't changed.” - A friend Chloe finally saw for the first time in some time. Still the same old flirty Xavier.
* Redoran Carmac - “I wonder what other alchemic creations we can create together.” - Chloe's boss/alchemy partner. They both seem to be fairly reckless when it comes to experimenting with alchemy– and she's pretty sure he'd potentially do incredibly stupid things again if they could both find such a thing to do; again.
* Shale Lynn - “You're always there when needed.” - It's been a while since Chloe and Shale adventured together, but Chloe would gladly do it again in a heartbeat.


* Bran and Emeraude - “You're finally free.” - The keepers of the Bear Vault, Chloe's grown close to them both as of late, especially when Bran called her their friend. She's in the midst of teaching them Common so they can wander after they don't have to guard the vault anymore.
* Zoria Brynne - “We'll always have the Bear Vault.” - Chloe doesn't get to speak to Zoria much anymore, but there will always be a bond there due to going through all of the Bear Vault together.
* Irene Landevale - “Oh don't worry so much about me; I'm no delicate flower now!” - Chloe and Irene didn't get along at first, but continuous adventuring together and having mutual friends helped Chloe realize Irene's actually a pretty cute person both in looks and personality. Chloe wishes she'd slow down some days, though.
* Karn Warborn - “You can be a mystery.” - Chloe's former swordsmanship teacher. She mostly sees him while adventuring, but trusts him and is a good person to talk to about things.
* Rhydian Stahl - “Don't go dying. I've seen you almost do it a few times.” - A pirate she knew from a long time ago back in Izlude from one mission. With how he's shown himself recently, Chloe sees him as a loyal man to his friends.
* Lisia Anthus - “You're quite the happy peppy one.” - An Elf and recent move in for Heidelburg. She seems interested in alchemy and is always willing to talk.


* Aravae Selmer - “I hope things go back to normal.” - Chloe's not sure where Aravae went. Perhaps if she ever returns they can build up their friendship again.
* Alexander Crass - “I'm pretty sure you and Xavier are related.” - A young man she's met a few times. He has the same eyes as Xavier, but doesn't seem to know him…
* Lucas Aldair - “You're brimming with confidence.” - A Peco caretaker/vet. He seems to try and help Chloe, but sometimes she's slow on the uptake.
* Sanjiro Cyril“Green as ever. It's good some things don't change.” - She has no clue what Sanjiro's been up to, other than he seems to be doing well for himself.
* Elliot Denali - “I wonder what you're like now.” - A music playing Cubi. He had died once, but apparently has been brought back by Aravae. She has yet to see if this is truly the case.
* Raksha - “I'm glad you're doing well.” - Someone Chloe met in Geffen. She's a dragon! Or can turn into one… or something like that… Chloe's confused, but finds it fascinating.
* Tahni Mayor - “I hope your son is growing up healthy!” - An alchemist that Chloe finds occasional company in. They get along well, having similar interests and wants out of life. Chloe's go to person for things in the area.


* Maruth - “Yet another authority figure in which I don't seem to say what they want to hear.” - The absolute weirdo of a King of Glastheim. Chloe seems to have issues speaking with authority and doesn't get along with him all that well.
* William Alistaire“I may just have to thank you some day. If you didn't leave me, I would have never had what I have now.” - Her ex-boyfriend/partner. They've spoken once since then and she doesn't see them speaking again.
* Vann - “It's a shame.” - Yet another ex. He put his family first; and in the end, Chloe can't fault him for that.

Disliked & Enemies

* Aren Tensard - “We'll never see eye to eye.” - Previous King of Rune. Chloe feels she can never be right around this man, it seems. Too many less than pleasant encounters leaves her disliking the man.
* Jason Blackthorne ( Deceased ) – Her violent ex-fiance. She fled her home country due to him almost killing her on their last interaction together; not a story she tells just about anyone. She took his life in early March out of self defense.

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