Castor Wallace

“I will give my life to protect my Kingdom and all of those who inhabit it.”

Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: Human
Belief: Spiritual
Birth Date: August 21st
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Knight of Prontera
Skills: Swordsmanship, Leadership, Diplomacy, Horse Taming
Birth Place: Prontera
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Personality and Description


Recent Development

  • In his quest to find their youngest brother, his younger brother Simon and a woman named Fiain paid him a visit to inquire about any enemies he may have. A disgraced ex-knight by the name of Adler O'Hannagin came to mind and thought Castor didn't think the man capable of kidnapping, he took the two to where he hung out the most. As much as he wanted things to go as smoothly and peacefully as possible, the situation escalated quickly and lead to a fight with Adler's gang the Silver Serpents and he, Simon, and Fiain. Things ended with Simon getting the most hurt and Fiain showing both Wallaces (plus their enemies) her true form. Castor was confused and a little frightened, but grateful she was on their side.
  • With the battle one, Castor returned to the chivalry with a chained Adler and worked on finding the rest of the Serpents but so far, to no avail.


  • Testament Wallace - Brother “Take care of yourself up there. We may be in different countries but he share the same responsibilites.
  • William Wallace - Brother “I hear you're doing movies? That sounds exciting! I hope you stick with it instead of dropping it and wandering off like you always do.
  • Hudson Wallace - Brother “You live a dangerous lifestyle and I really wish you would take yourself more seriously. You promised me.
  • Zephyr Wallace - Brother “Father says your grades are exceptional! That's wonderful! Perhaps you could use the same effort to be friendly with your classmates..?
  • Aoide Wallace - Brother “Father also tells me you are top of your class and student council president! I could not be more proud of you. I hope you have lots of friends as well.
  • Simon Wallace - Brother “There is more to you than you know, Simon. You are strong and capable even if you don't see it, she does.
  • Finn Wallace - Brother “We are working hard on getting you back to us, Finn. I swear to it.


  • Fiain - “I suppose you aren't a splicer? Whatever you are, I am grateful for all you have done to help save Simon. I-I apologize again that what I said bothered you…”“ An odd woman his younger brother Simon seems to be very fond of. She may have misunderstood a reguest of her that he made and he feels completely horrible about it. Still, Castor thinks of her as strong woman with just some cute mannerisms. He thinks she and Simon make good… friends.


  • Adler O'Hannagin - ”You have betrayed what being a knight means and tarnished our creed. It's no wonder you fit so well in the criminal underworld. You were never a knight to begin with.“ Someone Castor once looked up to as a knight but no longer. He worries about the possibilty of Simon making an enemy of him as well and that Adler will come after him again.

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